What Is Shop with Google AI and Why Should I Care?
Selena Templeton

Shop with Google AI is a new feature that supercharges personalization by generating AI product images and then suggesting similar, real items.

ChatGPT Gets a Memory: What You Need to Know
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OpenAI just launched an upgrade: ChatGPT memory. This AI bot can now remember user preferences and past interactions. Why should you care?

Our pSEO Playbook: How to Get Started with  Programmatic SEO
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We drive hundreds of MQLs per month and grew our organic traffic by 2X in 6 months by using pSEO. This playbook shows you how we do it.

How Using AI for Digital Marketing Makes Ads Easier for You
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Top 5 AI Marketing Agencies That’ll Transform Your Brand
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These top AI marketing agencies can deliver AI-driven strategies that optimize processes, deliver personalized experiences and maximize ROI.

OpenAI Launches GPT Store (Here’s What to Expect)
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OpenAI just launched the GPT Store, allowing anyone to create their own custom ChatGPT chatbot. Here's what to expect.

Should You Leverage AI in Marketing Instead of Hiring Marketers?
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Success in the age of AI marketing requires brands to harness this technology while preserving human artistry. Here's how to get the best of both.

AI and Writing: Can It Actually Produce High-Quality Content?
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AI tools can help a company’s content marketing and SEO campaigns. But when it comes to AI and writing, is the content high quality?

How Marketers Can Protect Customers’ Personal Data from AI Abuse
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AI technology is a double-edged sword. Learn how to protect your customers' personal data amid a more and more exposed digital climate of AI.

How to Create an AI Marketing Strategy
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From the role of AI in marketing to selecting the right AI tools, here’s how to create an AI marketing strategy for more effective outcomes.

Google Bard YouTube Integration: What Marketers Need to Know
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The new Google Bard YouTube Integration is a game-changer for both creators and users. Here's what marketers need to know.

Voice Search Optimization: 6 Strategies to Achieve Rank Zero
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These six search engine optimization strategies will help you adapt your content to achieve rank zero in SEO for voice search.

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