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DAO Marketing Agency Focused on Generating & Nurturing Warm Leads at Scale

Single Grain offers a full-service marketing strategy for your decentralized autonomous organization to attract more investors, grow your funding and achieve your core objectives.

Maybe you’re a freelancer network pooling funds to pay for software subscriptions. Or a group of venture capitalists. Or a charitable organization making member-approved donations.

Either way, your goal is clear: to increase your access to funds by growing your membership, thereby giving you greater resources to achieve the shared goals of your community.

To make that happen, you need the support of a DAO marketing agency with the expertise to deliver your objectives. We’ve worked with blockchain companies like Bittrex, Polymath and Blockgeeks, we’ve worked with NFT brands (and created our own), we’ve driven profit-driven crypto marketing strategies to promote crypto projects.

Our knowledge, experience and command of this cutting-edge technology and the companies who’ve mastered it gives our clients a major advantage over their competition.

Our Focus: Growing Your DAO, Hitting Your Goals

Whatever the goals of your decentralized autonomous organization, our focus is to help you achieve them by leveraging the multidisciplinary talents of our world-class marketing team.

DAOs have unique needs — needs that can’t be fulfilled by a bunch of generalists. Unlike other marketing agencies, our team is made up of bona fide experts in their discipline, whether SEO, paid media, conversion optimization, or another marketing tactic.

You need to work with an agency that understands DAOs. Your future-proof, bottom-up decision-making structure presents challenges that simply don’t exist in a traditional client-agency relationship. At Single Grain, we have the expertise to turn those challenges into opportunities.

Our DAO marketing agency strategy comprises a wealth of tactics, including:

  • Paid ads (PPC, Google, display, LinkedIn, podcast, Amazon, YouTube)
  • Organic media (SEO, content marketing)
  • Strategy (marketing funnels, conversion optimization, marketing consulting)
  • Creative (video production, content creators for all content formats)

We Specialize in High-ROI DAO Marketing Campaigns

Delivering high-impact DAO marketing campaigns requires crystal-clear focus and simplicity of communication.

Decentralized autonomous organizations are ego-free environments. They aren’t interested in flattering the CEO or pandering to the board, because the C-suite doesn’t exist.

That means no fluff. Just meaningful actions that deliver the highest return for your investors.

We also don’t expect you to be satisfied with vague metrics. We will focus on the data that truly matters to inform our every conversation and decision, constantly testing, tweaking and optimizing to ensure that every opportunity is realized and not a single penny is wasted.

DAO Marketing FAQs

What is DAO marketing?

The aim of DAO marketing is no different from any other type of marketing strategy. Your organization has goals: to attract new investors and gather more funding, which help you reach the shared goals of your stakeholders.

But while the target is the same, the specifics can be very different. With no overarching leadership structure, decentralized autonomous organizations are 100% democratized. This creates opportunities for innovation and challenges for communication.

Why is Single Grain the right choice as your DAO marketing agency?

Whereas most marketing agencies are full of generalists, Single Grain’s team of world-class marketing experts has unparalleled knowledge and experience in their specific field — whether that’s paid media, organic search, content marketing, PR agency tactics, or many other disciplines.

We also have extensive experience with current technologies required by blockchain, NFT, crypto and DAO marketing. This makes us a truly full-service digital marketing company that is better equipped to deliver high-ROI marketing campaigns for your DAO. Typically, we schedule weekly strategy calls so that we ensure that we’re delivering on your goals, and you can ask us any questions you may have.

Which channels are most relevant for DAO marketing?

The most appropriate channels for your DAO marketing strategy will naturally depend on the specific goals you are looking to achieve.

By drilling into your marketing objectives, we can build a fully customized campaign to match your budget and needs. If you want to grow your network, we’ll be looking at top-of-the-funnel, awareness-driving channels, and tactics. If you’re a group of venture capitalists, we might focus on demonstrating your expertise and building your credibility through middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel activities.

Whatever approach is right for your decentralized autonomous organization, we have the skills and experience to execute it.

How much should I expect to pay per month for effective DAO marketing?

DAOs have diverse goals, so no two DAO marketing strategies will be alike. Instead, we build your strategy from the ground up, starting with a customized proposal outlining our approach and how much money we think you need to spend to hit your goals.

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