Google Ads Audit Template: A Comprehensive Checklist (+ Free Template!)
Joydeep Bhattacharya

Maximize ad ROAS by identifying and optimizing inefficiencies in this step-by-step audit guide. Free Google Ads audit template included!

Navigating the Google Video Mode Update (for Better Ranking!)
Eric Siu

The Google Video Mode update marks a shift for content creators. These strategies will help you adapt to the new video content guidelines.

Improving Site Ranking After the Google Core Update (Nov. 2023)
Eric Siu

If the recent Google Core Update affected your site ranking, here's how to improve your SEO — and which common mistakes to avoid in future!

7 Core Advantages of Google Ads Automated Bidding
Joydeep Bhattacharya

These seven core benefits of Google Ads automated bidding can enhance your campaign performance by saving time and increasing efficiency.

Google Ads Transparency: A New Tool to Spy on Your Competitors
Eric Siu

A step-by-step guide on how to use the free tool Google Ads Transparency to gain invaluable insights into your competitors' ad strategies.

The Future of SEO & Paid Ads: Google Project Magi Explained
Eric Siu

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how Google Project Magi is changing search, and learn new strategies for SEO and paid ad campaigns.

Google Ads Strategies That Will Increase Conversions and Improve Your ROI
Stephanie Jensen

Investing in an ad campaign is great for brand awareness, but using these Google Ads strategies will increase conversions and ROI.

10 Best Google Ads Bidding Strategies Used by PPC Experts
Joydeep Bhattacharya

In this guide to Google Ads bidding strategies, you'll learn top bidding tactics used by PPC experts to optimize clicks and conversions.

10 Benefits of Google Ads to Skyrocket Your Business Growth
Stephanie Jensen

Investing in a Google Ads strategy is an effective way to capitalize on search engine results. Here are the benefits of Google Ads.

Decreased Website Traffic: Is Google Sending You Fewer Clicks?
Eric Siu

Recent data suggests that Google is sending fewer clicks to sites. Is this true? If so, then how do you increase your website traffic?

7 Tried-and-True Ways to Bolster Your Google Ad Words Marketing
Sam Pak

Learn about the most overlooked features of Google Ad Words marketing that can help pivot a middling account into a powerful lead generator.

Google Ads Enterprise Audits: Strategies and Tools to Boost Your ROAS
David Borgogni

Maximize ROI & improve your ad performance with this guide to a Google Ads enterprise audit. Includes top strategies and auditing software.

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