Beginners guide to SEO: getting started with blogs and articles

Are you struggling to find the right strategies to make popular articles? In this beginners guide to SEO we'll share some great marketing tactics and strategies to write articles that generate...

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Eric Siu: In this video we're going to talk about the beginner's guide to SEO, how you can start with blogs and content. My name is Eric Siu and I'm here to help you grow your business. Let's jump right into it.
The first thing that you need to understand is the concept of the skyscraper content, which is developed from our friend Brian Dean who's well known in the world of SEO. We're looking at one of his blog posts right here, and it talks about how he increased his search traffic by 110% in 14 days.
You can see the skyscraper content, what he means by that is basically looking at the number one or number two piece of content out there, and then figuring out how you can outdo it by 10x or 20x. This entire case study right here, he basically pioneered this term. Here's another tactic you can use. When you come up with the term skyscraper content and people start looking for it, that almost because is its own brand in itself, so that's what Brian Dean did a good job with. Skyscraper content can be longer form, it can be more well-researched, it can be better designed, and I'll show you an example of what that looks like.
Let's think about this. When I google the keyword online marketing, the number one organic result that pops up that's a non-ad is Neil Patel's beginner's guide to online marketing. When we click it, you can see that this in itself is a skyscraper piece of content because, well, here's the thing. It's really well designed, and then also it has a bunch of chapters in it. In itself it's already, we're talking could be 40,000, 50,000, 60,000 words. He's paying $30,000 or more for a piece of content. You can listen to my podcast interview with him on Growth Everywhere where we talk about why he pays the $30,000 per piece of content and he gives it away.
Now the second point is the hub and spoke model. This is actually a really good example, but if we look at the hub and spoke content strategy here's how it works. You have a main piece of content, so you have a landing page for example, people land on it. Let's say it's the beginner's guide to online marketing. Then you have a bunch of other chapters that are tied to it and are interlinking to each other. You can see that right here. Basically we have the main page and then everything is kind of linking to other pages and those pages are interlinking to each other. That way everything is building on itself. It's good for SEO when you internal link to each other, you're giving signals to the search engines, and it's also a good user experience as well.
If we come back to the post right here on the beginner's guide to online marketing, this is also a hub and spoke piece because he links to different chapters. You see he's linking to chapter five, chapter six, chapter seven as well, and then those are all linking to each other and they're linking to the main page. That's a hub and spoke model. It's good for when you look at googling things like conversion rate optimization as well other types of content, the hub and spoke model really helps.
The most important thing by far when it comes to content, people think content marketing is a really short term thing. They think it's maybe they do it for six months and they stop doing it. The reality is when it comes to content marketing, we're talking it's a 12 to 18 month journey to even start to see results. So consistency is really important. Whether you're publishing once a week, once every day, whatever it is exactly, you have to make sure you're consistent. The consistent ones are the ones that succeed in the long term. It's not even just around content marketing. It's around business as well. So you have to make sure that you're consistent and you don't give up too easily. It's those people that give up too easily that can't go through the pain, those are the ones that don't end up succeeding.
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