5 SEO Tips You Might Not Know

There’s a lot of  “best practice” SEO information out there, much of it overlapping. You can find the same thing repeated and then repeated again, with a little different language and a minor detail changed here or there. This post is about providing you five hard and fast SEO tips that you can’t find everywhere, but you can use immediately to improve your SEO campaigns.

1. Using domain names in anchor text. Google’s “brand update” a long time ago brought some of the more established names on the web higher in the SERPs. How did Google do this? Did they hand pick all of these brands? Unlikely.  It is more probable that Google attached a metric to the number of domain-name instances in anchor text, a strong indicator of brand strength.

How often do you see “Pepsi soda” linked to as only “soda”? Not that often – Pepsi’s superior brand causes people to refer to them in their anchor text. While you may never be able to get as many links with targeted anchor text as Pepsi does, it can’t hurt to include your domain/brand name in a lot of your links. It is Single Grain’s suggestion that you include your targeted keywords in there whenever possible as well – such as “Single Grain SEO” or “SEO Company Single Grain”. At worst, it helps maintain a healthy, natural link profile. At best, it will spring you higher in the SERPs.

2. Using Synonyms in anchor text. Google’s search algorithms have evolved to the point where they have begun to pick up the intricacies of language – noticing when a change of plural to singular can dramatically change the meaning of the word, or when you use a synonym of similar meaning, that it is a positive indicator that the page is for the former keyword.

By knowing when our changes in anchor text dramatically change the meaning of the word, and also when synonym opportunities exist, we can maximize the anchor text value we receive for our targeted keywords.

3. Crunchbase. Is your company or SEO clients on Crunchbase? Use Crunchbase to get another company profile on the web, and a followed link back to your website. Although Crunchbase is specifically aimed at tech companies, they will almost always approve your company profile. Feel free to build it out with company information as a resource for consumers, shareholders or whoever else is interested in the company.

4. Checking your link acquisition target for full indexation. Most SEOs will look first level to see if a page is ranking for its own name and/or title tag, a strong indicator that it has the ability to pass link juice. Even if this is true, it’s important to assess whether or not the sub-pages of the domain are getting crawled as well. If your link is on a fourth-level resources page that isn’t indexed, why waste the time sending out a link request?

When checking Google for this level of indexation, check details like cache date, too. If a spider hasn’t been there for six months, what level of real link value can it pass, and if it does pass any, will you still be alive to realize its benefits?

5. Content writers. Do you manually write up content for SEO purposes? Use cheap writing services like Textbroker, or outsource your writing on Odesk or Elance to create content for you at a low cost. 300 word articles can run for as little as $3 on some services. Scaling with services such as this allow you to create great content for your websites and/or article directories without having to waste time training/hiring an intern, or manually writing them yourself.

There are layers upon layers of link sources, applications and productivity resources to make your SEO campaign more effective. Fully assessing and utilizing everything available to you is the only way you can assure your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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