Simple Infographic Tips for Creating Images with AI

I’m going to share the formula we’ve been using to generate elegant assets with a few key infographics tips.

When it comes to whipping up content, AI tools have become the rockstars stealing the spotlight, making the creative process a breeze. We’re always looking for the newest ways to improve both the output quality and the time it takes to produce great infographics.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to leverage some of the popular tools out there to get the branded infographics you need.

Kim Cooper
Director of Marketing, Amazon Alexa

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Elevate Brand Storytelling with AI

The Magic Trio for Graphic Design

Lately, our team has been correlating a really powerful synergy between three well-known platforms:

  • ChatGPT – for the prompt
  • DALL-E – for the image creation
  • Canva – for the image/text editing

Inspired by the YouTube channel “Income Stream Surfers,” we’ve been borrowing their technique, and it’s been yielding fruitful results with our infographic creation process.


Canva, like Photoshop but arguably more user-friendly, is the raster software many people use for design. DALL-E, OpenAI’s image generator, takes care of the image. And we use ChatGPT to inform the process the whole way through. Let’s go through some infographic tips that we use.

Start with ChatGPT/DALL-E

Note: You must have ChatGPT-4 to access DALL-E 3 (go straight to Canva to use DALL-E).

ChatGPT-4 with DALL-E

In one case, we were using ChatGPT to create an infographic about women’s business attire. Literally, I just typed into ChatGPT: “Create an infographic on business attire for women.”

The initial output, thanks to DALL-E, was super quick, but more cartoony than we wanted. Plus, the text looks like a child pretending to write in English:

An infographic on business attire for women

That’s because DALL-E (in its current form) isn’t capable of producing polished text within an image. So this is where Canva comes into the picture.

2) Fix the Graphic with Canva

Note: You need Canva Pro, not the free version, to access the following feature.

So, here’s another example of a graphic that DALL-E (via ChatGPT) produced:

infographic tips - DALL·E bad text

To fix this, you just upload your graphic to Canva and click Edit photo:

infographic tips - Canva edit photo feature

Then on the left-hand side, a new sidebar will pop up. Click on the Grab Text icon:

Canva Grab Text feature

Once the text fields open up (shown with a square around the text), just edit all those goofy words!

Canva improvement on DALL-E

Why this is exciting is because of the democratization of design. Now, non-designers can create professional-looking infographics at a fraction of the traditional cost (and in less time than it used to take).

There’s More Than Meets the Eye with Canva

More infographic tips for you: Canva offers eight AI image generation apps to let users create unique visuals from text descriptions. Find them on the left menu of Canva under “Apps”:

Canva apps

Three of the best are:

French bulldog created with Canva's Magic Media

  • DALL-E by OpenAI (note: DALL·E 3 is built natively on ChatGPT)

A portrait of a French Bulldog at the beach, captured with a camera set to 85mm and an aperture of f/2.8. The image focuses sharply on the dog, with a creamy bokeh effect in the background that blurs the beach scene. The French Bulldog appears happy and relaxed, with its ears perked up, looking slightly to the side as if it's observing something interesting. The lighting is soft and warm, suggesting it's either early morning or late afternoon. The colors are vibrant yet natural, with the blue of the sky and the sea contrasting beautifully against the sandy beach.

Sample generated image in the Imagen console

These tools help overcome creative blocks and empower diverse users, from content creators to business owners. They seamlessly integrate with the Canva platform for a complete design workflow.

Canva prioritizes responsible AI development, focusing on safety and inclusivity. It employs safety measures like automated reviews and user feedback loops to prevent harmful content generation and bias. Partnering with leading brands ensures adherence to ethical AI practices. Canva actively contributes to responsible technology discussions and aims to bring safe, equitable, and magical design tools to everyone.

So, Canva isn’t the minimalistic Photoshop solution that many people might think. It’s a deeper, more robust platform than you might realize, with a lot of integrative functionality that marketers of all different levels can make good use of.

Balancing Act: AI for Data, Human for Design

AI’s strength lies in its ability to process vast amounts of data, churn out insights, and lay the groundwork for infographic creation. It’s like having a talented choreographer who lays out the basic steps.

But remember: AI tools still require the human touch (especially when your computer screen is backwards).

An image illustrating a human and an AI bot working together, captured as though with an 85mm lens at an aperture of f/2.8. The scene is set in a modern, well-lit workspace, with the human typing on a computer and the AI bot displaying data on a screen integrated into its body. Both the human and the AI bot are focused on the task, symbolizing collaboration and intelligence sharing. The background features subtle office elements, blurred by a soft bokeh effect, emphasizing the interaction between the human and the AI bot. The lighting is natural, suggesting a productive atmosphere.

A human touch brings creativity, intuition and an understanding of aesthetics to the forefront – not to mention proper spelling! AI will only get you so far, but actual human input is where you’ll get the best and most original content.

Wrapping Up Our Infographic Tips

At the end of the day, the fusion of ChatGPT, DALL-E and Canva is immensely powerful when it comes to infographic creation. The journey is not without its challenges, but the trajectory is clear – toward a future where AI augments human creativity, revolutionizing the way we craft visually compelling content.

If you’re ready to level up your brand’s images, Single Grain’s AI-generated content experts can help!👇

Elevate Brand Storytelling with AI


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