4 SEO Methods That Are Not Worth It

Yes, allowing customers to find you in search rankings is important. But consumers are growing more and more educated about how to find quality information and services online. You don’t just want to be found – you want to be respected. Here are 4 SEO strategies that might improve your search rankings in the short-term, but will end up being detrimental to your website and business.

4. Misspellings

When you have misspellings on your page, your target audience is: people who type the same misspelling into Google and ignore Google’s spelling suggestions. They don’t sound like my ideal clients! Google might not even have your site indexed under the correct spelling of the word. And if you do attract users, once they notice misspellings on your page, they might see you as less of an authority or less trustworthy!

3. Spam

Spam is annoying. Period. You don’t want your business to be seen as annoying by your customers. As far as you’re able, make sure that your website is associated with helpful information.

If you are paying for links to improve your SEO, understand the potential penalties. It is only a matter of time before Google starts cracking down even farther on users of paid links without the nofollow attribute. Remember, this is different than advertising: any ad should have a nofollow attribute, which leaves you free and clear in Google’s eyes.

The nofollow attribute is also used in most comment systems, and Google does not follow nofollow links. So your comment spam is not even improving your SEO (since it definitely isn’t improving your relationships with any owners or readers). Sounds like a lose-lose-lose situation!

2. Plagiarism

Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery on the internet. Copying text from another webpage, even if you wrote it, will probably hurt your search rankings instead of helping them. Even duplicate content on two pages within your website will confuse search engines and could cause the wrong page to be indexed for a given term.

Plagiarism also lowers your reputation online, which leads to our number one SEO strategy to avoid:

1. Get a Bad Reputation

You may have heard about the online glasses salesman last year who intentionally angered and harassed some of his customers. He claimed that their negative reviews of his website, complete with link, helped improve his search ranking. However, the increased rankings come at an extreme cost. The company faces increased stress, legal fees, and a bad reputation online, and the owner was recently arrested. Sound like something you want to avoid? That’s what I thought.

Though there are still people who use all of these SEO strategies, as consumers continue to grow in awareness and search rankings show reviews as well as results, it is clear these strategies have diminishing returns. Don’t let your company be associated with lazy or sloppy tactics!

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