7 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blog about your travels. Blog about your goals. Blog about your business. Whatever your reasons for blogging are, if you want your blog to be seen in search engines then keep in mind some of these SEO tips. One thing we know for sure is that if you want to reach Google’s first page: stick with it!

1: Content

The content is the reason you blog, right? Well, constantly creating fresh content impresses search engines, too. As your site grows, your posts will provide a stockpile of keywords and longtail keyword phrases. Your SEO efforts will gradually add up as each of your articles is posted. This is also an argument in support of article consistency: if you write about weight loss, bungee jumping, and SEO, it will be harder for search engines (and readers!) to know what the theme of your site is.

2: Words and phrases

Stop and think about what you’re writing for a second. If people wanted to find that information, what would they search for? What about synonyms, alternate phrasing, or more specific words? Those are your keywords! Use them well – in your titles, in your subheadings, and in your links. Make it clear what you are talking about without being overly redundant.

3: Title tags

It might sound a little confusing, but the titles of our blog posts and the title tag associated with the page the post is on, are two different things. Make sure you set up your blog so that your post’s title is in the title tags of the page it’s on.

Some bloggers make the title the only thing in the title tags; this is better from an SEO strategy because it's not diluting the keywords in your title. However, other bloggers begin or end the title tag with the name of their blog. This can be good for branding reasons to help readers recognize the blog name in the future. If you want the best of both worlds, make sure the post title appears first, followed by the blog name (the first words in the title are recognized more often by search engines).

4: Internal links

Link to your other posts! It might sound a little strange, but the more internal links you have, the “higher” (closer to the homepage) those other articles appear, and the more credit they get with search engines. Imagine all of your pages in a web – you want them all to be bunched up and related to each other, instead of being spread out without any connections.

When you are linking, both to your internal pages and to external sites, use specific words and phrases. Integrate the link into a sentence instead of saying “To find out, click here.”

5: Link to other content

Speaking of linking, go ahead and do it! You want Google to treat you like an authority site, so act like one. Authority sites are not dead ends; think about how many outgoing links sites like Wikipedia have. Just be sure the links make sense in context and that they continue the conversation, instead of surprising the reader by jumping to different subjects.

Authors of blogs will often notice when they are linked to, which becomes an opportunity to grow a relationship. This leads to our next tip:

6: Get links

Both search engines and people, believe word-of-mouth recommendations far above self-promotion. Be sure to get your name out there yourself, but after that, see if you can get links from other sites. The least glamorous and most successful way to start doing this is to write high quality content! Make your article one that people will want to come back to and read again, or recommend to their friends and/or readers.

You can speed up the process by writing courteous, interested comments or e-mails, to bloggers you think might be interested in your site. But don’t forget about content first – any quality site that links to you will want to make sure you have a quality site, too.

7: Get readers!

Don’t give up on nofollow links like those given on Twitter, Facebook, or blog comments. If you have something interesting to add to the conversation, it will naturally lead readers back to your content. And the more readers you have, the more chances there are that something you write will resonate with them enough for them to share it with other potential readers!

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