44 Must-Have Marketing Tools for any Business in 2023

Your business can no longer succeed without doing any marketing, and sooner or later, you will need people on your marketing team who can help you increase your profits.

However, marketing is not an easy task and this is the reason that you need to spend a lot of money on different marketing activities SEO, paid ads, email blasts, etc.  each month. And, needless to say, you definitely want to see good returns on your marketing investment when you’re forking out so much cash.

The best way to ensure that your business has a constant flow of leads with an improved conversion rate is to use tools that make your tasks easier. Yet with the thousands of tools available, it can be really difficult to identify which ones to use and for which task.

But don’t worry! Not only have I created a list of the top 44 must-have marketing tools for 2023, but I’ve broken down this list by these categories:

  • SEO tools
  • Content Marketing tools
  • Growth Hacking tools
  • Email Marketing tools
  • CRM tools
  • SaaS Marketing tools
  • Social Media Management/Influencer Marketing tools
  • PPC tools
  • Marketing Automation tools

Read on to learn the exact tools (some free, some paid) that you need to use to successfully carry out a particular marketing task!

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SEO Tools

SEO is an absolute necessity because it helps you improve your organic business visibility, leading to an increase in traffic, leads and conversions. Here are the top SEO tools you need to use in 2023:

1) SEMrush

It is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools available in the market. Prior to running any SEO campaign, this is the tool you definitely need to accurately audit and perform an array of other search engine optimization activities.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can easily identify your top organic search competitors and find their top-performing keywords or content.
  • You can perform comprehensive keyword research and use that to create useful content for your audience.
  • You can track your competitors’ backlinks and uncover their link-building strategy that is giving them results.
  • You can perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit to improve the on-page SEO.

How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

  • The Pro subscription starts with $99.95/month and you can literally perform each and every SEO task in this plan.
  • For agencies looking to provide branded reports and extended limits, there is a Guru plan that starts at $199.95/month.
  • There is also a business plan starting $399.95/month.

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2) Ahrefs

If you want to dig deeper with your backlink research then Ahrefs offers a much larger historical data. There are also certain features that are unique to Ahrefs, like traffic estimations for all pages ranking in the top 10. If price is not an issue, then I would recommend that you go with both SEMrush and Ahrefs.

image8 1


Why It’s Useful:

  • You can see newly discovered keywords each month and generate keyword ideas across 170 countries.
  • It lets you discover the traffic estimates for the top 10 ranking search results for any search query. This is extremely useful when you are setting your traffic projections for your clients.
  • You can easily monitor your site’s inbound links and outbound links. You can also uncover the link data of your competitors and find the newest links they are acquiring so that you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost?

  • The Lite version is $99/month and you can run 5 campaigns in it.
  • If you have several campaigns to run, then go with the Advanced version which is $399/month.
  • And the Agency version for $999/month allows you to run 25 and 100 campaigns respectively.

3) Google Search Console

This is one of the best tools for every webmaster and search engine optimizer because the data presented in the tool comes directly from Google. Search Console helps you to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in the Google search results.

image2 1


Why It’s Useful:

  • You can see the number of total clicks that your website is receiving.
  • You can easily identify and fix problems related to indexing and crawling.
  • It displays a list of sites that link to your website.
  • You can submit sitemaps to Google to improve crawling.
  • You can check the mobile usability of your site.
  • You also receive direct alerts from Google in case it finds any issues with your site.

How Much Does Google Search Console Cost?

  • The Google Search Console is free to use.

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4) Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you analyze your website traffic at a deep level. It identifies the channels that are sending your site the most traffic, identifies the top-performing content on your site, and helps you create and track your goals.



Why It’s Useful:

  • Site conversions are the most important element of any SEO campaign, and Google Analytics lets you track your goals and measure website conversions easily.
  • With the help of the Audience Reports, you are able to understand about the demographics, geolocation and other insights about your target audience.
  • With the help of Parameter Tracking, you can identify the exact channels that are sending you the maximum traffic or assisting in conversions.

How Much Does Google Analytics Cost?

  • Google Analytics is free to use.

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5) Moz

Moz is one of the most reputable SEO softwares that takes care of each and every aspect of SEO. It is one of the master tools available on the market and thus is suited for advanced SEO professionals.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of the Keyword Explorer tool, you can target difficult keywords with accurate metrics.
  • You can accurately track your rankings and find out which keywords are working in your campaign with the help of the Search Visibility Score.
  • An advanced set of crawlers crawls each and every page of your site and suggests issues that you need to fix in order to improve your site’s search presence.
  • With the help of the link explorer, you can easily identify tons of relevant link opportunities to improve site credibility.

How Much Does Moz Cost?

  • A Moz Pro subscription starts at $99/month
  • The advanced suite for large SEO enterprises costs $999/month.

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6) Ubersuggest

Most people still assume that Ubersuggest is just a keyword research tool, but it is actually more than that. It displays domain-level metrics like number of backlinks, top content pages, number of referring domains, organic traffic value and many other important metrics.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can discover the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for on Google plus a traffic estimate that the site receives over time.
  • The tool also tracks the number of keywords for which your site ranks out of the top 100. With the help of colorful graphs, you are able to see which keywords have climbed up the rankings over time.
  • You can analyze the top pages on your site for a given time period, which allows you to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

How Much Does Ubersuggest Cost?

  • Ubersuggest is free to use.
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7) Google Keyword Planner

You can’t complete your keyword research without using this tool because the research data comes directly from Google. No matter which keyword research tool you might use to identify the best keywords for your business, you still need to use Keyword Planner for effective analysis.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can easily uncover essential metrics, like the average monthly searches and the competition for every keyword. You can enter up to 3 base keywords for your search.
  • In the Forecasts section, you can check an estimation of the clicks and impressions you will receive for the chosen keywords.
  • You can add question keywords like how, what, when, where in the filter section in order to understand what questions your audience is searching for on Google.

How Much Does Google Keyword Planner Cost?

  • Google Keyword Planner is free, but you will need a Google Ads account to start using this tool.

10) Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a crawler that is trusted by thousands of SEO’s worldwide. It is one of the best crawlers to conduct an SEO audit at an internal level.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can quickly crawl website URLs and fetch key elements to conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit.
  • You can scan any website easily and identify the number of broken links, duplicate content or server errors.
  • You can collect any data from the HTML of the webpage using XPath.
  • This tool also lets you identify redirect chains and loops.

How Much Does Screaming Frog Cost?

  • The free version comes with a crawl limit of 500 URLs.
  • If you want unlimited crawling, the paid version is £149 (roughly $195) per year.

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10) HARO

SEO is incomplete without link building and one of the best ways to acquire links is using the power of media. This is where HARO is so useful because it provides daily opportunities to secure valuable media coverage.

image1 2


Why It’s Useful:

  • You receive three emails daily containing source requests relevant to your industry.
  • Just by helping reporters with specific requests and questions, you are able to gather extensive media coverage for your business.
  • Media links are one of the trusted links. Hence, it is one of the best ways to acquire links for your brand.

How Much Does HARO Cost?

  • You can start using HARO for free.
  • Or, if you want to receive keyword alerts or create your own profile, the subscription starts at $19/month.

11) Optimizely

In SEO, everything revolves around conversions, so you definitely need a tool that can help you with that. This is where Optimizely comes in handy. It lets you conduct A/B tests on your top landing pages to create winning digital experiences for your audiences.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can conduct A/B tests that help you to lower your cart abandonments and increase your sales.
  • You are able to increase the revenue and conversion rates simply by running some tests.
  • It offers one of the easiest ways to edit the content on your pages based on the test results, thus ensuring success.

How Much Does Optimizely Cost?

  • The license fee starts at $49K with annual contracts. The tool is costly and it is for major organizations who are looking to increase conversions at scale.

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Content Marketing Tools

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence. It is a highly useful tool for content marketers because it highlights any grammatical errors while you type your text on documents, Twitter, Gmail, Messenger or any other social sites. It also suggests the correct versions to fix the errors.



Why It’s Useful:

  • It helps you to eliminate errors in your marketing copy so that you always write perfectly.
  • It spots the words that have been used in the wrong context and suggests the correct variations so that the chances of errors are reduced to nil.
  • It also lets you scan your text for plagiarism.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

  • The basic version is free.
  • If you wish to use the advanced version, which includes extra features like plagiarism detection, then the premium plan starts at $29.95/month.

2) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an awesome tool and I am personally a big fan of its features. BuzzSumo lets you find the best-performing content for any niche and also helps you find key influencers to promote your content.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can develop smarter content strategies by analyzing the best-performing content of your competitors.
  • You can set up content alerts for your keywords, competitors and brand. This helps you to stay on top of your content marketing strategy.
  • BuzzSumo lets you find the most-shared content in your niche and allows you to share it directly with your social media audience. It is one of the best content curation tools available in the market.
  • By analyzing the content reports, you are able to quickly gain deep insights regarding the content formats that receive the maximum traction within a specified time period.
  • The Question Analyzer lets you find the most popular questions in your niche so that you can develop your question keywords optimization strategy.

How Much Does BuzzSumo Cost?

  • The Pro subscription starts at $79/month in which you can run unlimited content searches.
  • If you want to set up a good number of alerts, then you can subscribe to the large plan billed at $239/month.

3) Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool with a simple drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for you to create designs that compliment your content. The tool can be used for both print media and web design.



Why It’s Useful:

  • Even non-designers can create great blog post images, e-book covers and posters.
  • You can create beautiful custom graphs in minutes and share them with your audience across social media.
  • You can turn your ideas into awesome designs with the help of Photo Straightener, Image CROpper or the Rotation effects.
  • You can even print your designs and have them delivered to your doorstep.

How Much Does Canva Cost?

  • The basic version is free.
  • The Canva for work version starts at $9.95/month.

4) Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator application that keeps you updated regarding all the recent happenings related to your niche. It compiles content from a variety of online sources that you can customize and share with others.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can monitor your favorite publications around the web for latest updates that you can share with your audience.
  • Follow the popular blogs within your niche in order to stay updated.
  • Set keyword alerts about your company or your competitors.
  • Discover fresh, authoritative voices in your niche.

How Much Does Feedly Cost?

  • Feedly is free.
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5) Wistia

Your marketing efforts won’t succeed in this Gen Z world unless you use video in your content strategy. Wistia lets you customize your videos, analyze video analytics and generate leads right from your videos.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can customize the video player colors as per your branding color scheme.
  • With a broad range of control features, you can generate leads right from your videos.
  • You can use the power of analytics to better understand which videos are generating the maximum leads and change your strategy accordingly.
  • You can send your video data directly into marketing platforms like Marketo or Pardot.

How Much Does Wistia Cost?

  • You can create up to 3 videos for free.
  • The Pro version costs $99/month and you can create up to 10 videos for free and 25 cents for every additional video.

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Growth Hacking Tools

1) Alexa

Alexa is one of the most powerful growth hacking tools that lets you quickly analyze your competitor’s data and take actionable steps to optimize your marketing strategy. Alexa helps you with site audits, audience analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis and website traffic management.



Why It’s Useful:

  • Alexa lets you improve results from your marketing efforts by pinpointing the gaps in your strategy and translating them into useful growth opportunities.
  • With the help of the Audience Analysis tool, you can identify the content topics that your audience is most interested in.
  • You can use the Audience Overlap tool to identify ways to reach your audience.
  • You can use the Similar Sites feature to find websites based on shared keywords and shared audience.

How Much Does Alexa Cost?

  • The Advanced package starts at $149/month for one user and one site.
  • The Agency package starts at $299/month for 20 users and 35 sites.

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2) Colibri.io

Colibri lets you find direct lead opportunities on search engines and social networks. You can find conversations about your brand or your competitors’ brands and insert yourself into it in order to improve your brand awareness and generate vital leads.



Why It’s Useful:

  • This tool tells you how to get more traffic and customers from SEO.
  • With the help of advanced analytics reports, you can identify the exact keywords that are assisting in conversions.
  • You can easily track all the SEO activities that your competitors are using and find suggestions to outrank them.

How Much Does Colibri Cost?

  • The Premium package starts at $45/month for one website.
  • The Standard package costs $95/month for three websites.
  • The Large package costs $295/month for five websites.

3) Amplitude

Amplitude is a product analytics software that lets you better understand your users and improve your overall product experience. It’s revolutionary growth engine helps you analyze your customer behavior across the interaction layer and rapidly learn from it.

image7 1


Why It’s Useful:

  • You can generate a high-impact hypothesis with a 360-degree view of your customer behavior.
  • You can run experiments at any stage of your customer journey so that you can implement the key takeaways of your experiments and improve your conversions.
  • With the help of the behavioral cohorts, you can drive targeted traffic to your marketing campaigns.

How Much Does Amplitude Cost?

  • Access to the core analytics is free.
  • For advanced behavioral reports and predictive analytics, you need to directly contact the Amplitude team for the price.

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4) Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a no-nonsense marketing software that lets you understand what’s working in your marketing strategy and what’s not. You can use heatmaps, A/B testing and other tools to further optimize your website for better conversions.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of Snapshots, you can view detailed reports for every single page on your site and determine the visitor engagement.
  • You can use heatmaps to determine which elements on your webpage receive the maximum attention so that you can use the data to improve the user experience.
  • You can use the A/B testing feature to run tests on two variations of your webpages and see which one works the best.
  • With the help of the Scrollmap feature, you can see how far down your webpages users are scrolling.

How Much Does Crazy Egg Cost?

  • All plans are free for the first 30 days.
  • The Basic package starts at $24/month and you can track around 30,000 page views.
  • The Standard plan is $49/month and you can track around 75,000 page views.
  • The Plus package is priced at $99/month where you can track 150,000 page views a month.
  • The Pro plan is $249/month and you can track around 500,000 page views.

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Email Marketing Tools

1) Constant Contact

If you are looking for modern, mobile-optimized and effective email marketing software, then Constant Contact is the best solution.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can easily create mobile-responsive emails that are customized for every device.
  • You can trigger a series of emails based on customer behavior.
  • You can automatically resend emails to non-openers.
  • With the help of the powerful email list building tools, you can easily create your email list using data from Facebook, your website or other channels.

How Much Does Constant Contact Cost?

  • The basic plan starts at $20/month where you can send unlimited emails.
  • If you are looking to gain access to more advanced features, then you need to subscribe to the Plus version that costs $45/month.

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2) MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the easiest email marketing platforms to work with. It lets you create branded and professional-looking emails that convert better.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can to create powerful emails that are designed to grow your business.
  • The easy-to-use email designer lets you create professional-looking emails within minutes.
  • With the help of email automation, you can gain more output with less effort.
  • You can connect your e-commerce store to MailChimp and send product recommendations to your customers.
  • With the help of the mobile app, you can create and send emails from anywhere.

How Much Does MailChimp Cost?

  • With the free version, you can send 12,000 emails/month.
  • If you need to send more emails, then you can use the paid version for as little as $10/month.

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3) Get Response

Get Response is a powerful email marketing software that enables you to create a valuable list of prospects with whom you can build a solid relationship and ultimately convert them to customers.

image6 1


Why It’s Useful:

  • This powerful email creator lets you create and send beautiful emails within minutes.
  • The platform has a huge library of 500 email templates that you can easily choose and customize as per your needs.
  • You can send personalized emails depending on the preferences of your customers. This is made possible with the help of ‘Smart HTML’ which contains dynamic content that gets updated for every customer.
  • With the help of the Perfect Timing Delivery, your messages reach the prospect when they are most active.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

  • The Beginner package starts at $15/month in which you can send emails to 1,000 subscribers a month.
  • Under the Pro package, you can send emails to 5,000 subscribers a month for $49/month.
  • With the Max package, you can send emails to 10,000 subscribers a month for $165/month.

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4) Aweber

Aweber is one of the best platforms for email marketing that lets you deliver professionally designed emails on a strict schedule.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can easily create and deliver a sequence of messages to new subscribers.
  • You can create subscriber segments based on open and click engagement.
  • You can easily keep track of subscriber growth using Aweber stats.
  • You can automate and segment your email campaigns in just a single click.

How Much Does Aweber Cost?

  • The Basic plan starts at $19/month for 500 subscribers and $149/month for 10,000 subscribers.
  • If you need to send emails to more than 25,000 subscribers, then you should contact the company for a custom quote.

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Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Tools

1) Zoho

Zoho lets you manage, connect and automate all your business processes together to provide a better output. It is a cloud software suite that helps you close more business deals in less time.



Why It’s Useful:

  • Zoho offers multi-channel support so that you can reach people via phone, chat, social media or in person.
  • You can leverage the power of email analytics and visitor tracking to know how your customers engage with your brand.
  • Zoho CRM lets you automate repetitive tasks so that your sales team is able to close more leads.
  • You can easily customize the CRM interface as per the needs of your business.
  • You can get real-time reports and insights to increase conversions.

How Much Does Zoho Cost?

  • Try Zoho CRM free for 15 days.
  • Upgrade to Standard for $12/user/month.
  • Upgrade to Professional for $20/user/month.
  • Upgrade to Enterprise for $35/user/month.

2) Salesforce

Salesforce lets you track and manage customer information in an easy-to-use interface. You can intelligently capture customer emails and automate repetitive tasks to generate more sales.



Why It’s Useful:

  • Salesforce lets you find more leads and close more deals so that your business keeps growing.
  • You can closely monitor all your conversions in real time.
  • It automatically collects data and lets you create adaptive weekly forecasts for an organized sales flow.
  • The platform determines sales opportunities and lets you prioritize them according to their importance.
  • It helps you to develop more effective sales cycles.

How Much Does Salesforce Cost?

  • The Sales Essential plan starts at $25/month.
  • The Lightning Professional plan starts at $75/month.

3) Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM powered by artificial intelligence with a neat and clean interface that assists you in increasing the flow of your leads and close more deals.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of built-in email and phone right in the dashboard, you can make more calls and get in touch with your prospects in just one click.
  • With the help of lead scoring, you can identify your high-potential leads in order to generate more sales.
  • You can receive real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks and more so that you always remain connected to your customer.
  • You can easily track the progress of your deals with the help of a visual sales pipeline. You can add tasks, set up meetings and send emails right from the deal card.

How Much Does Freshsales Cost?

  • Freshsales offers a 30-day free trial.
  • The Blossom plan starts at $12/month.
  • The Garden plan starts at $25/month.
  • The Estate plan starts at $49/month.
  • he Forest plan starts at $79/month.

4) Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales CRM that requires minimal input but offers maximum output. The interface is simple and all progress is tracked automatically so that you can focus on lead conversion.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You have a single view of your sales process.
  • You can send and receive emails in your sales dashboard so that you stay on top of every communication.
  • You can set automatic alerts for activity reminders and mobile notifications.
  • The Sales Forecast report lets you have a look at your projected revenue and helps you focus on the deals that are most likely to close.
  • You can sync all your activities with Google Calendar.

How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

  • The Silver plan starts at $12.50/month.
  • The Gold plan starts at $24.20/month.
  • The Platinum plan starts at $49.17/month.

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SaaS Marketing Tools

1) HubSpot

HubSpot is a great tool for early-stage SaaS companies. It solves the problem of attracting new customers, nurturing customers, increasing conversion rates, retaining customers and up-selling customers to increase customer lifetime value.

HubSpot reports


Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of the Make My Persona tool, you can create your buyer persona in seconds.
  • With the help of the Content Strategy Tool, you can get the right content in front of the right audience at the right time.
  • You can create your own responsive website without any coding and attract traffic to your target landing pages.
  • Companies who use HubSpot typically spend $135 per lead as opposed to the industry average of $346 per lead.

How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

  • The Starter package is priced at $35/month.
  • The Professional package costs $800/month.
  • The Enterprise package costs $3,200/month.

2) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the perfect tool to generate conversions for B2B businesses. Sales Navigator lets you target the right buyers, understand key insights and reach individual prospects with a personalized message.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can conduct a direct search on the LinkedIn platform to find the right prospects and decision makers. Searches are saved and the platform informs you when new matches are found.
  • With the help of InMail, you can send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn, which is a great way to get in touch with relevant prospects.
  • Get useful sales insights and stay updated about your leads so that it becomes easier for you to turn your prospects into customers.

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

  • The Professional plan is priced at $64.99/month.
  • The Team plan is priced at $99.99/month.
Click here to download it for free right now!

3) Hunter.io

Hunter lets you find the email address of anyone in seconds. This is such a useful tool when you are trying to connect with decision makers of a company but don’t have their email.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of Domain Search, you can find all email addresses associated with a particular organization (searched with the help of domain name).
  • The Email Finder lets you find the email address of any individual simply by entering his/her name and the associated domain name.
  • With the help of the Email Verifier, you can verify the deliverability of any email address.

How Much Does Hunter.io Cost?

  • You can conduct 50 searches for free.
  • If you want more searches each month, then you have to pay $34/month for 1,000 searches
  • $69/month for 5,000 searches
  • $139/month for 20,000 searches
  • $279/month for 50,000 searches

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Social Media Management/Influencer Marketing Tools

1) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular software for finding, scheduling, managing and reporting social media content. It is used by some of the top companies of the world.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can automatically schedule hundreds of social media posts at once so that your business account remains active 24×7.
  • Content curation is super easy with Hootsuite. You can discover new content to post and organize all your content in a shared content library.
  • You can easily filter posts with the help of keywords and hashtags across multiple languages.
  • You can measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns through robust reporting. You can create custom reports with over 200 metrics and export them to prove your social ROI.

How Much Does Hootsuite Cost?

  • The Professional version costs $29/month.
  • The Team version costs $129/month.
  • The Business version costs $599/month.

2) Eclincher

Eclincher is an all-in-one social media management platform that has lots of robust features. This tool will definitely enable your campaigns to become more effective and return maximum ROI.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of the Smart Calendar feature, you can easily post and schedule content. The process is fully automated and it lets you reschedule your older posts or view your future posting schedule.
  • With the help of the auto post option, you can recycle your evergreen content, post content just once or recycle your content until a specified end date.
  • The Social Media Inbox feature lets you access all your social media conversations, messages and comments in one place. You can also engage or respond to them using a single dashboard.

How Much Does Eclincher Cost?

  • The Basic package starts at $49/month.
  • The Premier package costs $99/month.
  • The Agency package costs $199/month.

3) Upfluence

Upfluence is one of the best influencer marketing tools that lets you find relevant micro/macro influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Upfluence demographics


Why It’s Useful:

  • A simple search lets you find influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • You can filter influencers on the basis of location, language, activity level, etc.
  • You can easily define your campaign goals, set your budget and run an influencer marketing campaign to drive better ROI.
  • Payments can be sent to the influencers directly from the dashboard.

How Much Does Upfluence Cost?

The Startup plan starts at $795/month with one user account, one social listening stream and you can send emails to 500 influencers. Basic training and support will be provided.

4) Sendible

Sendible is similar to Hootsuite where you can easily find and schedule your posts.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can queue your best-performing content so that it gives you the best ROI.
  • The content recommendations engine lets you find the best content in order to generate the maximum social shares.
  • You can generate reports within minutes instead of hours by customizing it with 250 predesigned reporting templates.
  • The collaboration-friendly interface lets you share only the content that is approved by you. Instead of sharing what’s available, you are able to share content that’s important.

How Much Does Sendible Cost?

  • The micro package starts at $25/month.
  • The medium plan costs $210/month.

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PPC Tools

1) iSpionage

iSpionage helps you drive targeted traffic, generate leads and increase sales. The tool helps you learn how other competitors are grouping their keywords and landing pages. It is one of the best PPC tools that you must definitely use.



Why It’s Useful:

  • The proprietary keyword effectiveness index lets you identify your competitors’ most profitable keyword terms.
  • With the help of monthly traffic estimates, you can find out which ads receive the most traffic.
  • It lets you understand the offers displayed on the landing pages of your competitors so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • This tool allows you to download white label competitor reports.

How Much Does iSpionage Cost?

  • The starter pack is priced at $59/month, which lets you carry out limited research.
  • If you want more features like keyword alerts, then you can sign up for the professional plan for $99/month.

2) Wordtracker

Wordtracker is the most trusted PPC keyword research tool that contains a vast amount of keyword data better even than what Google Ads offers. You are able to get 10,000 keywords per search, meaning that you can optimize your landing pages for a number of related keywords in order to outrank your competition.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can filter your keywords via state so that you can raise the quality score of your ads and increase conversions.
  • With the help of the Wordtracker Chrome Extension, you can create a list of keywords from any web page.
  • You can filter keywords with the help of Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) so that you are able to target keywords having higher search volume and lower competition.

How Much Does Wordtracker Cost?

  • The Bronze package starts at $27/month where you can see the top 1,000 keyword results.
  • The Silver plan offers you 5,000 keyword results and costs $69/month.
  • The Gold plan has 10,000 keywords results for $99/month.

3) Optmyzr

Optmyzr is one of the few enterprise-grade PPC tools that lets you to create and optimize your campaigns intelligently.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can quickly optimize your campaigns using the latest data based on the target keywords and A/B test results. There is no need to pull your campaign data from Google Ads. With one-click optimization, Optmyzr helps apply changes to all your campaigns.
  • The tool offers automatic ad improvement and campaign performance enhancement suggestions that you can directly implement in your campaigns.
  • With the help of the Shopping Campaign builder, you can build thousands of product groups in minutes.
  • You can leverage the power of pre-written PPC scripts and update in your main settings.

How Much Does Optmyzr Cost?

  • The Regular version costs $299/month.
  • The Pro version costs $499/month.

4) AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a digital advertising software powered by Hootsuite. You can easily create, manage and analyze your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You can manage different ad campaigns scattered across various digital channels using a single dashboard.
  • The platform lets you test hundreds of Facebook, Google and Instagram ads in minutes instead of hours.
  • You have a better control over your ad placements, pricing and timing which ultimately leads to higher conversions.
  • AdEspresso enables you to view the most important metrics that can have a direct impact on the performance of your campaigns.
  • With the help of the Optimization Rules tool, you can set custom rules and apply them across your campaigns.
  • You can create stunning PDF reports for your clients in minutes so that you don’t have to waste your time preparing reports in Excel.

How Much Does AdEspresso Cost?

  • The Base version costs $49/month and comes with access to all the essential features but with an ad spend cap of $3,000/month.
  • The Premium version costs $149/month with an ad spend cap of $10,000/month.

5) SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the most powerful PPC tools that enables you to download your competitor’s most profitable search keywords.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool, you can see which keyword groups are generating the maximum profit for your competitors.
  • You can view and download your competitors entire AdWords (now Google Ads) history.
  • You can quickly identify negative keywords for which your competitors have already spent a lot of money so that you don’t use them in your campaigns.
  • The PPC Ad Rank Tracker lets you track your ad rank across the important keyword groups.

How Much Does SpyFu Cost?

  • The Basic plan starts at $39/month.
  • The Professional plan starts at $39 for the first month and $78/month thereafter.
  • The Team Plan starts at $299/month.

Learn more about PPC:

Marketing Automation Tools

1) Active Campaign

Active Campaign lets you automate your email follow up and find your most engaging contacts. It ensures that you send the right information to the right people at the right time in order to improve the chances of conversions.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of site tracking, you know which products or services your prospects are most interested in so that you can initiate a follow up.
  • With the help of event tracking you can identify the buttons that people are clicking on or the videos they are watching. When you have such information in your dashboard, it becomes easier for you to convert leads.
  • You can set automatic goals, segment users and see how long it takes for the user to move to the next stage of the funnel.
  • You can easily identify the bottlenecks in your customer journey and fix them.

How Much Does Active Campaign Cost?

  • The Basic version starts at $9/month.
  • The Enterprise version costs $229/month.

Dive Deeper: 5 Trends that Will Define the New Vision of Marketing Automation

Click here to download it for free right now!

2) Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation software by Salesforce. It helps you find and nurture leads so that you are able to generate more sales easily.



Why It’s Useful:

  • You are able to create the exact customer experience that you want with the help of a powerful and flexible builder.
  • You can create multifaceted campaigns and transfer the sales data from CRM for optimizing campaign activity.
  • You can simplify the entire lead management process.
  • With smarter analytics and campaign tools, you are able to better understand your campaign performance.

How Much Does Pardot Cost?

  • You can sign up for a free trial to understand its usage, but you won’t get all the features.
  • Subscribe to the Growth plan for $1,250/month.

3) Marketo

Marketo, which is part of Adobe, is one of the most popular marketing automation software available on the market today. From customer acquisition to customer advocacy, this software has features that lets you drive measurable campaign results.



Why It’s Useful:

  • It offers various modules like lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing and mobile marketing.
  • Marketo is completely optimized for mobile devices so you don’t need to worry about the conversion requirements of Gen Z audiences.
  • The A/B testing module lets you test multiple subject lines in order to drive better results.
  • With the help of the Marketo Engagement Engine, marketers can take note of prospects’ engagement behavior so that they can better nurture their leads.
  • You can personalize your web pages according to the user persona and geo location.

How Much Does Marketo Cost?

  • The Basic Marketo subscription costs $895/month.
  • The Elite subscription costs $3,195/month.

4) Eloqua

Eloqua is one of the top-ranked marketing automation software powered by Oracle. It lets you accelerate sales by optimizing the entire customer journey and also helps in customer retention.



Why It’s Useful:

  • The robust database of Eloqua lets you store customer data so that you can use it at a later stage, depending on the needs of your marketing strategy.
  • With the help of the website monitoring system, you can track visitor activity and trigger actions based on events.
  • The Eloqua email program lets you automate your entire email campaigns in a hassle-free manner. Just feed the email data of your subscribers into the system and it can mail them automatically at a specified date, send follow-up emails, identify emails of those who turned up for the event and feed all the data into the CRM.
  • The software assigns a score to each and every lead so that you know exactly when the prospect is ready for a conversion.

How Much Does Eloqua Cost?

  • The Basic subscription is $2,000 per month.
  • The Standard Plan costs $4,000 per month.

5) Leadsquared

Leadsquared helps to increase the sales velocity of your business by generating relevant leads and assisting in sales automation by leveraging the power of machine learning.



Why It’s Useful:

  • With the help of lead scoring, you can identify prospects who are ready for a sale.
  • Irrelevant leads are automatically filtered out and your sales team is presented with leads that match your ideal customer persona.
  • You can pull your leads faster into the sales funnel by setting automatic triggers at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • You can create inter-dependent workflows to simplify and automate complex business processes.

How Much Does Leadsquared Cost?

  • Leadsquared offers a 15-day free trial.
  • The Essential plan starts at $150/month for up to 10,000 contacts.
  • The Basic plan starts at $400/month for up to 10,000 contacts.
  • The Standard Plan starts at $1,200/month for up to 50,000 contacts.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $2,500/month for up to 200,000 contacts.

BONUS – Eric’s Favorite Marketing Tool

Hello Bar

If you’re interested in driving more Facebook likes or collecting more e-mails, Hello Bar is going to have a bar across the top of your website or you can have a takeover show up on specific pages on your website.

Hello Bar

There is a paid version, but you can do almost everything with the free version. I think barely anyone pays for it, because there’s not that much difference between the paid plan and free plan. For a cheapo like me, I like not paying for it! I loved using Hello Bar. It’s very simple to install and if you looking for more e-mails at the end of the day, this is a great tool.

How Much Does Hello Bar Cost?

  • The Starter plan is free.
  • The Growth plan is $29/month.
  • The Elite plan is $99/month.
Click here to download it for free right now!

Final Thoughts

Automation is the key to marketing success and tools have always been the savior for savvy marketers. Your marketing strategy won’t be successful unless you take advantage of the right tools for you to ease your tasks and increase your productivity. Make use of the above marketing tools to boost your business presence in 2023 and beyond!

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