14 Ways to Kickstart Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

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People prefer reading email on their mobile devices.

These stats are astonishing and if you are still relying on an old-style desktop email marketing strategy, you seriously need to rethink it!



That said, here are 14 ways to kickstart your mobile email marketing campaign:

1) Optimize Your Subject Lines for Mobile

Subject lines are the first thing that a recipient notices, so it should be bang-on target!

pre-header mobile email


Here's how:

  • Keep the subject lines at 35 characters or less.
  • Leverage pre-header text and make it catchy so that it reinforces the main subject message.
  • Follow the KISS approach and Keep It (the message) Simple, Stupid!
  • Use the 2-2-2 principle:
    • 2 seconds is all you have to get the attention of your customer
    • the first 2 words in the message subject line will decide whether the customer will read your message or not
    • and the last 2 stands for “today” which creates a sense of urgency and helps the customer take action immediately
  • To spark the curiosity factor, you can ask the potential customer a question. This also helps raise CTRs.
  • Make use of merge tags to personalize the subject lines with the reader’s name and location.
  • Add seasonal slogans and leverage the power of festivity.

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Here are some examples of optimized subject lines and pre-headers:

Subject line: Flat 50% Off

Pre-header: Free Shipping – No Minimum

Subject line: Exclusively for you

Pre-header: Love partying? Choose from 50+ offers near you

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2) Create Short Yet Compelling Email Copy

In order to write email copy that converts, you need to find out the “motivational factor” that will persuade the reader to take an action. You need to assume that you are the customer and start thinking from their point of view:

  • Who is sending me the message?
  • Why are they sending me this message?
  • Do I really need their services or products?
  • When do I need it?
  • Can I trust them?



Here are some great tips to get started:

  • Always match the subject line with your email copy (click-bait may work once, but only once).
  • Make a promise and don’t break it!
  • Be sure to sound genuine and trustworthy, so do not overly promote your products or services.
  • Be consistent in your messaging (from message to message, but also as a brand).
  • Match your target landing page cohesively.
  • Make use of powerful action words like “get,” “act,” “grab,” “join,” “build,” “care,” “cause,” “celebrate,” “activate,” etc. so that it motivates the customers to click on your CTA.
  • Keep the main points bulleted.
  • Bold the important words and underline or italicize the action words.
  • Make the email body easy to scan.

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3) Use Mobile-Ready Templates

Popular email marketing services like GetResponse offers mobile-ready newsletter templates that you can customize in a few minutes.

  • Using ready-made templates is easy and saves you time.
  • You don’t need to pay a designer every time you need to change your template.
  • You have the options to choose from a variety of templates that relates to your industry.
  • It is important to give your emails a new look and mobile-ready templates are a great way to innovate your design.
  • Create professional emails that encourage engagement.



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4) Keep CTA Buttons to About 44×44 Pixels

The CTA button is undoubtedly the most important element of your entire email marketing campaign.

  • Your CTA should be visually striking with the main email copy.
  • A CTA button that is about the size of an average human finger works best for mobile email marketing campaigns, hence the optimal size should be 44×44 pixels.
  • The CTA should be located easily within the main content.
  • Buttons initiate clicks and conversions so have a CTA with powerful text and logical placement in order to get conversions.



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5) Match the “From” Name with Your Audience’s Expectations

Your audience should be aware of the brand who is sending them the emails, so you need to make sure that the “From” name is a trustworthy one and properly highlighted.

As IBM Marketing Cloud points out, the sender name has become more important because: “People aren't less interested in email, they're simply spending less time on irrelevant email.”

With so much email rapidly filling up people's email inboxes on a daily basis, users are more likely to scan first the “From” line and then the subject line. And that's it. With mobile devices cutting off the subject line after about 10 characters, the “From” name becomes even more relevant. Additionally, junk mail filters have become less forgiving and users can easily relegate any email sender who is not in their contacts to the spam folder.

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