The Best Social Media Plugins: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

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Why did you pledge allegiance to your favorite browser? For many, the ability to personalize their browser with plugins is a clear reason to prefer one browser over another. Now we're here to make a truce, and show that three different browsers have great social media plugins to offer.

Whether you prefer Safari, Firefox or Chrome, here are some social media plugins to try on for size.


  1. Twitter – the official Twitter extension for Safari works great, and can be paired with a number of other, more specific extensions (like translation or hiding recommendations)
  2. Post to Twitter – specifically for Mac, this allows you to shorten and post your current URL right to Twitter – clean and simple.
  3. Facebook Photo Zoom – by hovering over a photo in your Facebook News Feed, this extension will show you a larger view.
  4. Better Facebook (SFC) – so many options! Tweak Facebook however you want with this
  5. Add to Reader – subscribe to the RSS feed of the site you're on in one click
  6. Google Reader: Snow Leopard – want to see Google Reader as if it has been designed by Apple?
  7. Procrastinate – save long articles to Instapaper, Delicious, Read it Later, and Pinboard, all on one toolbar. Use it with AutoPagerize (also in Firefox and Chrome) to make sure the article is all on one page.
  8. YourVersion – bookmarking and sharing, plus, this extension organizes and categorizes your bookmarks for you.
  9. Fastest Tube – enables the downloading of youTube videos from the youTube page and allows you to select any video format.

Need to keep up with the latest Safari plugins? Check out this Safari Extensions blog or check out the official Safari Extensions page (not a complete list).


  1. Shareaholic – share links to the page you're on – with almost any social network you can think of, including bookmarking sites and email
  2. Social Media for Firefox – one bookmarking tactic is to save links on one service that are already getting popular on another. This plugin helps you by showing how highly voted a page is on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and more.
  3. Smart Digg – see if a page has already been dugg or not, and then submit it as a New Article with one click.
  4. Thumbnail Zoom – hover over a photo anywhere online (including Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter), and the full-size photo will appear
  5. HootSuite Hootlet – if you use HootSuite already, you know how powerful it is to have all of your profiles linked together for easy sharing. Having a toolbar installed makes it even easier!
  6. Amplify – another way to autopost content (including excerpts from pages) on a number of your profiles
  7. Screengrab – want to take a screenshot and share it easily?
  8. Video DownloadHelper – download videos, pictures, and more from a number of sites.
  9. F.B. Purity – clean up spam and other annoying noise on Facebook

If you're still itching for more, here's the Firefox Extensions gallery.


  1. Chromed Bird – check out what's going on in your Twitter account without even giving this extension access to your personal information or password
  2. Ibrii – snip and share content from websites, including video and audio
  3. AddToAny – add the current page to any of your social media or bookmarking sites
  4. SendTo – send the current page to services including IM, social media, URL shorteners, Evernote, or even to print or PDF
  5. Buffer – write and schedule your tweets right from your browser
  6. Stylish – select one of a myriad of themes to add to any site you are viewing. How would Facebook look if it had a dark background?</li
  7. Slideshow – view photos from Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook as a stylish, full-window slideshow.
  8. No YouTube Comments – don't let the hate get you down: block YouTube comments on any YouTube video
  9. FeedSquares – a different way to read feeds from your Google Reader subscriptions

And here's the Chrome Extensions gallery to search for more plugins.

Do you see a plugin that makes you want to switch browsers? Do a little digging and you might discover the extension can be downloaded for other browsers, too!

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