Top 18 Adobe Commerce SEO Plugins for Your E-commerce Site

Adobe Commerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms available in the market: about 194,943 online stores use it. In fact:

  • Adobe Commerce has around 1.9% of the CMS market share
  • Merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster, on average
  • Adobe Commerce powers 1.2% of the Internet, which accounts for 12% of all e-commerce sites

However, Adobe Commerce isn’t the easiest e-commerce platform to work with when it comes to SEO. If you are an e-tail website owner looking to improve the flow of organic traffic to your site, then you should be aware of the best Adobe Commerce plugins that will help you improve your SEO.

QUICK NOTE: As of June 2020, Adobe Commerce will drop support for Magento 1, so it’s a good idea to upgrade to Adobe Commerce now.

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1) ReloadSEO

The most obvious advantage of ReloadSEO is the intuitive dashboard that lets you analyze your SEO metrics as they continue to change:

reloadseo kw tracking 3x

Top Features of ReloadSEO:

  • This plugin displays the number of user sessions, sales, total number of transactions, which items have performed well and by what percent, pages that have been visited most often, most useful keywords, and much more.
  • ReloadSEO uses data it obtains from the backend as well as Google Analytics to show a precise snapshot of your e-commerce store.
  • It allows you to monitor your site rankings over time and check how you have fared against competitors on keywords.
  • It lets you find the estimated cost of using more relevant keywords.
  • It helps to optimize the on-page content quickly and effectively.


  • Starter Plan: $59 monthly – Allows the user to track 30 keywords and synchronize 1,000 SKU.
  • Business Plan: $99 monthly – Allows the user to track 150 keywords and synchronize 5,000 SKU.
  • Professional Plan: $149 monthly – Allows the user to track 400 keywords and synchronize 15,000 SKU
  • An annual subscription provides a 20% discount.

What Users Love Most about ReloadSEO:

  • The content can be optimized directly from ReloadSEO without modifying the web page.
  • Definite improvement in the overall ranking.
  • Easy to use and extremely accurate.
  • Monitors nearly every imaginable SEO parameter.
  • Discover and fix dead links quickly.

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2) SEO Suite Ultimate

Compatible with most versions of Adobe Commerce, SEO Suite Ultimate aims to be an all-in-one extension for your e-commerce store:


Top Features of SEO Suite Ultimate:

  • This plugin provides you with the best templates that are suitable for all of your on-page optimization strategies, such as adding meta descriptions, alt-text and headers.
  • Built to make crawling and indexing easier for search bots, you can generate and add sitemaps in both XML and HTML with one click.
  • All internal pages that relate to each other are automatically linked. High-quality external links are also added.
  • You can create rich snippets to make the page more user-friendly and stand out from the competition in search page results. It is also fully GDPR compliant.
  • Manage SEO activities in a hassle-free manner. Remove dead links, set up redirect pages and add SEO rich text from the console.


  • Community Edition is priced at $299.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $598.
  • Professional installation is $69.
  • Priority support is $99.
  • Advanced SEO configurations is an additional $299.
  • The complete version of Enterprise Edition with these add-ons is $1,065.

What Users Love Most about SEO Suite Ultimate:

  • Ease of use
  • Timely onsite assistance
  • Guaranteed SEO results with the $299 SEO configuration add-on
  • Superb templates that are well optimized

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3) SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images lets you optimize your images in an easy manner.

While Google bots can crawl and index text very effectively, they strike out when it comes to images. But a good description and file name can help Google understand what the image is about.

Instead of uploading an image of, say, a daffodil with the title IMG_2908, it is better to title it Yellow_Daffodils. This helps Google understand the image in a better manner and, thus, boosts your SEO.

This plugin will automatically rename your images to the full, SEO-friendly name of the product, so if you want to attract more customers to your site using Google Images, this plugin is a great option:

seo friendly images admin 2 2

Top Features of SEO Friendly Images:

  • SEO Friendly Images is easy to install with one click.
  • The images are automatically renamed with more descriptive names.
  • It does not alter other attributes of the original image.
  • Available for Community Edition 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.


  • SEO Friendly Images is priced at $25.
  • Optional installation is $29.

What Users Love Most about SEO Friendly Images:

  • Using SEO Friendly Images results in a boost for page rankings. Most stores have hundreds of images, and naming them appropriately improves your overall organic presence.
  • SEO Friendly Images integrates smoothly and does not hamper the functioning of the store at all. The site continues to work without any lag, and there is no interference with the back end Content Management System.
  • Easily affordable and without any recurring fee.
  • Troubleshooting available by email and issues are resolved quickly by the Adobe Commerce user community.

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4) Improved Layered Navigation

Navigation is one of the crucial factors that directly impacts the SEO of your site, and Improved Layered Navigation helps improve user experience by allowing people to browse your site in a much easier manner:


Top Features of Improved Layered Navigation:

  • This plugin is an essential tool as it allows shoppers to easily browse through your catalog by using active javascript. Elements are loaded easily and without any need to reload the entire page.
  • Allows users to set filters by product, manufacturer, color, material and price (you can do this with the help of checkboxes).
  • There is an easy-to-use slider for selecting products in a particular price range.
  • Allows secondary filters by High to Low price, New Arrivals, Most Popular, and Reviews
  • Includes Ajax assisted search bar that provides autosuggestions.
  • Possible to set up the webpage for Infinite Scroll and load as many products as the buyer wants to view.
  • Available for Adobe Commerce CE 1.3 – 1.9.X and EE 1.1 – 1.9.X


  • Community Edition is priced at $149.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $349.
  • Installation is an optional extra for both versions at $59.
  • 6-month and 12-month service agreements for both versions are priced at $79 and $99.

What Users Love Most about Improved Layered Navigation:

  • Fast Ajax assist improves the user experience with easy-to-use filters that can pinpoint relevant items in a few seconds.
  • Excellent tech support and maintenance makes it a must-have plugin for all Adobe Commerce store owners.
  • Creates brand-based URLs easily and makes it possible to handle the store’s SEO with canonical URL structure and “nofollow” and “noindex” tags.

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5) Landing Pages

A landing page is crucial to providing a great first impression and is a reliable criterion in a customer’s choice to explore your site and make a purchase.

With the Landing Pages plugin, you can create amazing landing pages for your Adobe Commerce store in minutes:

1 2 5

Top Features of Landing Pages:

  • This plugin allows e-store owners to sort pages in the most suitable way, and the selected product can be easily moved up or down to any position in the listing.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality allows administrators to work faster to get to the desired result.
  • It provides canonical URL functionality and makes it simple to add meta descriptions and product titles.
  • Set up a special promo landing page with discounted products.
  • Create pages with duplicate layouts faster.
  • Export and back up all the landing pages off-site with one click.
  • Create static CMS blocks and add images and text without any hassle.


  • Community Edition costs $169
  • Enterprise Edition costs $469
  • Installation and the first 3 months of tech support are free
  • 6-month and 12-month support at $79 and $99 respectively.
  • If you own multiple sites, you can buy an extension license for each website.

What Users Love Most about Landing Pages:

  • A powerful tool that allows the user to create a superb gateway into their domain, this plugin is essential for anyone who cares about SEO.
  • Excellent tech support from a company that has developed over 230 plugins. With over a decade in the market, Amasty understands the e-commerce business completely.

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6) Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo is a review solution. Leads for online sales are largely driven by peer-to-peer reviews, and Yotpo acts as a catalyst for that process:

Reviews Carousel Admin Screenshot

Top Features of Yotpo Reviews:

  • Collates user reviews, images, opinions and questions in one place.
  • The in-mail form allows reviewers to leave detailed feedback inside the body of the requested email for review.
  • All the features have been developed with smart devices and smaller screens in mind.
  • Yotpo makes it easy to share the best reviews on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Integrates with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and dozens of other popular apps.
  • Ideal tool for online reputation management that brings together all the material in one place.
  • The responsive dashboard notifies you about any mention of your brand online.
  • Compatible with CE and EE versions 2.2.X


  • Freemium model: Free-to-use features include Review Widget, Review Star, Review Request Mail and Comment Moderation.
  • Premium plan is priced at $29 and above per month: Includes Review Carousel, generation of Rich Snippets, upsell emails, and tons more features designed to boost your revenue.

What Users Love Most about Yotpo Reviews:

  • Yotpo is an effortless way to manage brand credibility. The Social Boost feature shares positive reviews instantly.
  • It allows user-generated content to increase sales. The collection of best user reviews and photos have an impact on new customers who are unsure of the site’s reputation.

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7) FAQ and Product Questions

A vital part of product pages is the Frequently Asked Questions section. FAQ and Product Questions make it easy to add an FAQ section to your catalog:


Top Features of FAQ and Product Questions:

  • This plugin allows you to create an FAQ section with a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.
  • Makes it possible to reply to guest queries about size, return policy, etc. quickly and convert them into customers.
  • Also allows you to direct customers to another product that you sell with close resemblance to what they are seeking.
  • Insert custom tags into answers to make them fully searchable (and adds to the product knowledge base).
  • Completely GDPR compliant and protects user privacy.


  • Community Edition is priced at $199. Priority Support is $99 extra.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $499. Priority Support is free.
  • Installation is at no additional cost.
  • 3 months of tech support is included in the price.
  • 6-month and 12-month support can be purchased for $79 and $99, respectively.

What Users Love Most about FAQ and Product Questions:

  • FAQ and Product Questions helps increase site optimization for voice search queries that are mostly question based.
  • Offers dependable tech support for a very thoughtfully designed product. Possible to edit meta titles and descriptions as well as avoid duplicate content.

8) HTML Site Map

A sitemap is an integral part of any website, more so in the case of an online store due to the significant number of categories and pages it contains. Site maps help both search engines and users identify the overall hierarchy of the website:


Top Features of HTML Site Map:

  • This plugin makes it possible to improve SEO through an easy and accurate site map.
  • Allows precise redirects.
  • Generates rich snippets in search results.
  • Possible to generate meta tags automatically (and allows editing metadata with little effort).
  • Makes internal and external linking easy to accomplish.
  • Compatible with all versions of Adobe Commerce.


  • Community Edition is priced at $99.
  • Priority Support for CE is $99 extra.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $399.
  • Priority Support for EE is free.
  • Installation is $59 extra.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and 90-day free support for both plans.
  • 6-month and 12-month support can be purchased for $79 and $99, respectively.

What Users Love Most about HTML Site Map:

  • Able to create an XML and HTML sitemap with the same tool. It can easily handle thousands of web pages without any glitch.
  • Offers keyword tracing and seamless Google Analytics integration.
  • An easy option to ensure that search engines crawl the whole site correctly.

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9) Store and Currency Auto Switcher

If you are looking to reach out internationally with your e-commerce store, you need to send those visitors to a local store where prices are displayed in the local currency. The Store and Currency Auto Switcher plugin makes this changeover smooth and flawless.

As cross border e-commerce increases and products originating from one country are sold at another, this is a must-have plugin:


Top Features of Store and Currency Auto Switcher:

  • GDPR-compliant plugin that sends customers to a local online store or allows them to stay on the international site.
  • Possible to track the geographical origin of customers and plan inventory accordingly.
  • Adds to the effort of integrating global and local SEO.
  • Store and Currency Auto Switcher makes it possible for the user to enter a local address and pin code from the drop-down at checkout.
  • Optimizes logistics costs across countries and makes exports easy to handle.


  • Community Edition is priced at $99.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $198.
  • Installation charges for both plans are $49 extra.
  • Priority Support costs $99.
  • Full price of the EE is $346, with all options included.

What Users Love Most about Store and Currency Auto Switcher:

  • Easy to work with and makes global footprint extremely manageable. Possible to use over 70 currencies at the latest conversion rates.
  • Store and Currency Auto Switcher’s IP tracking feature collects all the data about visits, sales and popular products from a unique geographical region and presents it as a compact visual.

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10) Adobe Commerce SEO Toolkit for Adobe Commerce

The SEO Toolkit for Adobe Commerce extension comes with many powerful options and settings that make the platform more SEO-friendly. Simple and user-friendly, these SEO tools are perfect for non-professionals who want to make a difference in their search engine optimization process.

It provides the rich functionality of seven different modules in one convenient SEO suite:

pasted image 0 3

Top Features of SEO Toolkit for Adobe Commerce 1:

  • This plugin gets your URLs correctly indexed by the search engines.
  • Generates proper meta tags quickly.
  • Optimizes the content of your pages.
  • Develops a complete Google sitemap.
  • Adds customer reviews to your product pages.
  • Adds location-specific tags to your content using hreflang.
  • Helps improve your CTR.


  • Community Edition is priced at $249.
  • Priority Support and the Personal Product Manager is $99
  • Installation is $59 extra.
  • Enterprise Edition costs $449, but you get installation and support for free.

What Users Love Most about SEO Toolkit for Adobe Commerce 1:

  • Able to create comprehensive sitemaps and easily create short, catchy URLs.
  • Users appreciate the quick and efficient support and the ability to quickly import and export product tags.

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11) Advanced SEO Suite for Adobe Commerce

The Advanced SEO Suite extension for Adobe Commerce is ideal for users interested in optimizing specific product pages and categories for specific search terms on a template, which improves e-commerce store performance considerably in different search engines:

pasted image 0

Top Features of Advanced SEO Suite for Adobe Commerce:

  • This plugin sets up search-engine friendly descriptions, H1 headings and meta tags for all products, categories and layered navigation results on the template.
  • Optimizes URLs by generating product URL keys and single product URLs for the entire store.
  • Adds friendly URLs for layered navigation, product comments and product images.
  • Corrects canonical links and sets cross-domain canonical URLs.
  • Optimizes frontend sitemap and Google sitemap.
  • Generates product images ALT by template and provides support for Google rich snippets and Open Graph.
  • Get automatic internal links and support for various third-party plugins.


  • Community Edition is priced at $149.
  • Enterprise Edition is priced at $248.
  • Installation costs an extra $49.

What Users Love Most about Advanced SEO Suite for Adobe Commerce:

  • Cost-effective method for correctly performing Adobe Commerce platform search engine optimization.
  • Solves common store-related SEO issues through new features and automates repetitive manual activities to reduce workload.
  • Saves developer’s time and improves store visibility in search engines.

12) Extended Rich Snippets

The Extended Rich Snippets extension for Adobe Commerce platform allows e-commerce store owners to provide social media feeds and search results with certain details about their product categories, offerings, merchant details, etc. You can draw people to your storage pages on Google, Twitter and Facebook with pricing, images, ratings and other information:


Top Features of Extended Rich Snippets:

  • This plugin highlights product pages in social media feeds and search engines by including essential details that make your offers more informative and appealing.
  • Automatically adds titles, short descriptions and images to social posts about product offerings for more social media exposure.
  • Improves brand awareness with business details like website name, logo, social media profiles and contact information in search results.


  • Open Source Community Edition of this extension costs $99.
  • Enterprise Edition costs $198.
  • Installation is an extra $69.

What Users Love Most about Extended Rich Snippets:

  • Extended Rich Snippets makes social posts and search results more appealing by providing exhaustive information about the offers to customers.
  • Users enjoy better SERP visibility with this extension and it drives targeted search traffic to the store by giving shoppers an idea what the pages are all about.

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13) Unique Product URL

The Unique Product URL extension for Adobe Commerce is useful for creating unique product URLs to prevent your products from having multiple links. You can choose your preferred URL depth level for optimizing the paths to your store’s product pages and make them search engine-friendly:


Top Features of Unique Product URL:

  • This plugin uses a long or short path in the product URLs, and you can choose a path based on your URL depth level or the sum of characters.
  • Ignores specific categories in your product links.
  • Redirects the secondary URLs automatically to the main page.
  • Customizes breadcrumbs based on category or URL.


  • Community Edition costs $49.
  • Installation is $59 extra.
  • Support services will cost extra:
    • A 6-month service agreement will set you back by $49.
    • A 12-month service agreement will cost you $69.
    • A 3-month service agreement is also available free of cost.

What Users Love Most about Unique Product URL:

  • Users love how this module efficiently prevents unnecessary waste of budget through meaningful SEO improvements and the prevention of duplicate web store content that damages rankings.
  • Makes it easier for customers to browse the store due to customized breadcrumbs.
  • Improves web store ranking without deep SEO knowledge. Users can simply click through the drop-downs and the module handles the rest.

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14) SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Adobe Commerce 2

The SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Adobe Commerce 2 is a leading advanced SEO plugin that drastically enhances out-of-the-box SEO features provided by core Adobe Commerce. This powerful SEO plugin is precisely what e-commerce stores need to make their platform rock-solid:

pasted image 0 8

Top Features of SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Adobe Commerce 2:

  • Resolution of duplicate content problems.
  • Advanced breadcrumbs.
  • Support for optimization of individual pages.
  • Sophisticated indexation and crawling settings.
  • SEO redirects.
  • CROss links available for internal linking structure.
  • Support for Hreflang tags.
  • SEO for layered navigation pages.
  • Extended rich snippet.
  • Improved XML sitemaps and HTML sitemap.
  • Optimized meta data with the help of 11 SEO templates


  • Community Edition costs $299.
  • Enterprise Edition costs $598.
  • Professional installation costs an extra $69.
  • Priority support is $99.
  • Advanced SEO configuration is an additional $299.

What Users Love Most about SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Adobe Commerce 2?

  • E-commerce store owners love this extension since it lets them boost their store rankings by optimizing meta titles, meta descriptions and meta tags for search engines like Google.
  • Support for advanced Adobe Commerce rich snippets, SEO for layered navigation pages and elimination of duplicate content problems without hassle.

15) Adobe Commerce 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce

Support is a crucial factor when working with any Adobe Commerce extension. BSS Commerce provides excellent support to e-commerce store owners who wish to install, configure and troubleshoot Adobe Commerce 2 SEO Extension and boost their rankings and traffic. The well-coded extension is simple and straightforward, and features a host of important SEO tools:

pasted image 0 2

Top Features of Adobe Commerce 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce:

  • Add different rich snippets to land higher SERPs.
  • Create advanced HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Generate image ALT tags and name templates along with meta tag templates for categories and products.
  • Support external links and 301 redirects.
  • Integrates smart SEO report along with an SEO analysis toolbar.
  • Eliminates duplicate content through the use of Hreflang tags and Canonical tags.


  • Community Edition costs $119.
  • Enterprise Edition costs $269.
  • Installation is free.

What Users Love Most about Adobe Commerce 2 SEO Extension by BSS Commerce:

  • A complete all-in-one SEO extension that eliminates duplicate content with canonical URLs and supports advanced SEO breadcrumbs for improved navigation.
  • Supports detailed indexation via robots.txt file settings and enhanced SERPs display with rich snippets.
  • Eliminates 301 and 302 redirect problems.

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16) SEO Meta Templates

The SEO Meta Templates extension for Adobe Commerce provides access to eleven unique SEO templates that help e-commerce store owners optimize the necessary meta elements. If your web store has a large amount of metadata, this extension is a fast, effective solution for the platform:

pasted image 0 7

Top Features of SEO Meta Templates:

  • Optimize important meta elements like keywords, product descriptions, URL keys, meta titles and H1 tags to improve the CTR for your pages.
  • Generate templates automatically with Adobe Commerce CROn.
  • Control the length of descriptions and meta titles.
  • Generate templates of all server configurations.
  • Use Adobe Commerce CLI to launch templates by IP.
  • Apply your templates to all store views at the same time or individually.
  • Compatible with all Adobe Commerce security patches.
  • Track registry-related actions taken by users easily.


  • Open Source Community Edition is priced at $99.
  • Enterprise Edition costs $198.
  • Professional installation is an extra $49
  • Priority support is $99.

What Users Love Most about SEO Meta Templates:

  • Users appreciate how the SEO Meta Templates extension streamlines the optimization process considerably.
  • Instantly makes category and product page meta titles, URL keys, keywords and descriptions search engine-friendly.

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17) Social Suite

The Adobe Commerce Social Suite extension allows users to auto-post products on their social media pages, login from social networking accounts, and send and share messages on social media. It is a powerful extension that is easily manageable from the Adobe Commerce backend:

pasted image 0 5

Top Features of Social Suite:

  • Install easily and enjoy unlimited auto share/post on social media.
  • Send messages to friend groups on social networking websites.
  • Share your wish lists and pages on social media.
  • Display login button to easily access social media.
  • Use the admin panel to auto-post and edit products.
  • Flexibility to add code anywhere on the page thanks to XML layout updates and template tags.
  • Easy registration process for new customers.
  • Share Reward feature helps users get discounts.
  • Supports user comments on the product pages.


  • Open Source edition has a reasonable price point of $145.

What Users Love Most about Social Suite:

  • Users love how the extension uses social media library classes to prevent conflicts with other Adobe Commerce extensions.
  • It offers separate modules to avoid unnecessary changes during Adobe Commerce or theme updates.
  • There is freedom to post, share and send numerous messages across different social media channels.

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18) Trustpilot Reviews

Consumers check reviews on online stores or forums before purchasing a product, so if your site lacks reviews or testimonials, you stand to miss out on a sizable audience. The Trustpilot Reviews extension supports seamless integration of your Adobe Commerce store with your Trustpilot account to manage product reviews efficiently:

pasted image 0 1

Top Features of Trustpilot Reviews:

  • Allow more customers to find your business and invite up to 100 customers every month to leave reviews.
  • Boost your traffic and reduce customer acquisition costs by qualifying for seller rating extensions on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Display your star rating and TrustScore on marketing campaigns and the platform to minimize bounce rates and increase conversions.
  • Share customer reviews on social media.
  • Increase customer engagement by analyzing review data statistics.


  • This Adobe Commerce extension lets you sign up for free during installation. Trustpilot payments must be paid annually but the plugin itself does not incur any charges.
  • Free version at no cost.
  • Lite version costs $349 per month.
  • Pro version starts at $549 per month.
  • Custom Enterprise plans can be tailored to your business requirements.

What Users Love Most about Trustpilot Reviews:

  • Users appreciate how the plugin lets them lean on the email support team and online support center in order to continuously optimize their review strategy.
  • Seamlessly integrates Trustpilot into other operations and offers business insights depending on the scale of business.

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Final Thoughts

The right SEO plugins can empower your Adobe Commerce website and breathe new life into your operations. Use these top 18 Adobe Commerce plugins to increase your ROI and show off the natural appeal your store needs to stay at the top of the organic search results for a long time.

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