Leveraging the New Facebook Platform

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Do you want access to over twenty four million Facebook members? Can you develop a 3rd party application that is of value?

Through Facebook's Platform API you can now create 3rd part applications and even serve your own ads. This will be a great way to reach a new audience that is tremendously loyal. Facebook users spend a lot of their online time in their community, sharing their thoughts and interests with others.

So, how can you be successful on the new Facebook Platform? You need to make sure that your application is valuable and most importantly, viral. Every time a user adds an application or an update to their Facebook, it notifies all of their friends. Can you imagine anything more viral then that? Get a few hundred people interested in your application and the viral effect is huge. Plus when someone adds your application it basically tells all of their friends that you are endorsing this application and they should as well. The more people that install the application, the more popular it becomes.

Facebook is the ultimate focus group. Facebook users' comments regarding applications will help you create the killer application. Are users speaking positively about an application or are the complaining about it and offering suggestions for improving it. Monitoring comments about applications will allow you to respond with better applications and the ability for free testing.

Do you currently have a blog that you maintain on a blogging platform? You can now import your posts into Facebook Notes. All you do is add your RSS feed into Facebook Notes and it updates every time you post to your blog. Your friends will be instantly updated with your blog posts.

Be careful, the new Facebook platform can become addictive.

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