Is Facebook Right for Your Business?

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Most of us know Facebook as a social network to connect with our college friends. Now that Facebook is open to everyone, how can businesses benefit?

Is Facebook is succeeding as entertainment and as rolodex for your friends, or is it serving a useful business purpose? Business users are joining it because it is the hot new platform and everyone is talking about it. So, how do you leverage it for business?

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business

  • You can create applications using the Facebook Platform. This is a great viral marketing platform and proves very effective for 1-to-1 marketing.
  • You can use Facebook as a focus group to evaluate ideas and to your Facebook applications. Also Facebook groups allow you to create groups for your organization.
  • If you rely on access to people, Facebook is for you. You can build your network and leverage your friends network.
  • A blog is a business card whereby Facebook is a rolodex. Did you meet a prospect at an event or social gathering and then add them as a friend? Now you can see what their interests are, and more importantly, see a picture of them so next time you meet them you will be able to recognize the face and the name. You will also be able to get introduced to new prospects via your friends.
  • One to one marketing is possible on Facebook. You will know your friends demographic as well as psychographic information.
  • Do you have a business blog? You can now import your posts directly into Facebook via Facebook Notes
  • But, I think the best business feature is market research. Following the interests of your friends and the groups that you join, allows you to spot trends. Ask questions and tap into the collective intelligence of Facebook.

So, if you are not using Facebook for business now is the time to start.

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