Blogging 101: Introduction to Blogging

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What Is a Blog?

A Blog is an abbreviation of the term “weblog”. A weblog is a website that is a chronological order of information provided by the author, similar to an online diary. The most recent posts are at the top of the page.

Blogs can range from covering someone's personal life to highlighting a business's new products or services. Blogs are interactive as readers can post their comments and feedback relating to the blog entry. At the time of this post, is reporting over 70,000,000 blogs.

Where Should You Blog?

There are many different blog service providers. The most popular include:, and Most blog services are free or have a minimal monthly charge. It is best to visit a few providers to see which one best fits your needs as some of them are more flexible with designs, editing HTML and adding widgets.

What Should You Blog About?

The first question you need to as yourself is – what is your purpose for starting a blog? Do you want to sell a product or service, promote your expertise, build a community around your passion, broadcast news to the world, or keep your family and friends up-do-date on your activities?

Most blogs fall into the following categories: personal, organizational or business. Personal blogs are basically online diaries. Organizational blogs facilitate communication with internal and external readers. Business blogs promote products or services for profit.

Do You Need to Know Computer Programming Language?

You don't need a computer science degree or any programming knowledge to start a blog. Most blog service providers provide point and click updating with editors similar to a word processing program. You can start a blog in about 5 minutes, it's that easy.

Start Blogging and Keep It Updated

For every blog that gets started there is one that has not been updated for months. If you are going to start a blog and attract readership, then you will need to keep your blog updated. Most blogs are updated at least once a week, while others are updated many times a day. Write and post regularly so your blog doesn't get stale. Beware, blogging is addictive.

Good Luck and Have Fun blogging!

Update: If you choose to use WordPress here is a quick start guide to hosting and installation with WordPress

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