13 Proven Jewelry Advertising Ideas for Boosting Sales

Updated February 2024

Jewelry an incredibly profitable venture. But when more consumers demand more jewelry, the industry sees a lot of competition. These jewelry advertising ideas can inspire your next campaign.

Investing in a conversion-boosting advertising strategy is vital to your success. But where do you begin with your ad strategy? Here are 13 effective ideas for your jewelry ads for all advertising platforms.

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Boost Jewelry Sales

Why Invest in Jewelry Advertising?

There’s a reason why the global digital advertising industry is worth $626.86 billion today (and expected to hit over $835 billion in three years)

Advertising is no longer an option; since your competitors likely invest in online ads, the only way your jewelry store can keep up is if you create an advertising campaign, too.

Coming up with jewelry advertising ideas for your ad campaigns can be daunting. There are numerous channels to use and different ad types you can create. But implementing proven jewelry advertising strategies can help your brand immensely.

That’s why we compiled this list of jewelry advertising ideas. All these ad examples will help you attract more leads and boost sales.

What a Jewelry Marketing Agency Can Do for Your Business

Struggling to sparkle in a saturated market?

Just because you run a business doesn’t necessarily mean you have the same expertise (or bandwidth) to market it via SEO or paid ads. Single Grain’s marketing specialists customize strategies to amplify the allure of fine jewelry, overcome market saturation, and drive exceptional sales performance.

The jewelry market, as you know, is both lucrative and highly competitive, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for businesses operating within this space:


  • High Competition: The jewelry market is saturated with a wide range of players, from artisanal crafters to luxury brands, making it challenging to stand out.
  • Consumer Trust: Jewelry purchases are often significant investments. Building trust with potential customers is crucial, especially for online retailers where buyers cannot physically inspect the products before purchase.
  • Market Trends and Consumer Preferences: Jewelry trends can change rapidly and consumer preferences vary widely across different demographics and regions. Keeping up with these shifts requires agility and innovation.
  • Pricing and Value Perception: Finding the right price point is crucial. It must reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces while remaining competitive and accessible to the target audience.
  • Supply Chain and Production Challenges: The sourcing of materials (like precious metals and gemstones) can be subject to ethical, environmental, and supply chain issues, impacting costs and sustainability efforts.

jewelry advertising ideas - a close-up shot of an exquisite ring displayed in a jewelry store, showcasing the intricate details and sparkling gemstones.


  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing: The rise of online shopping and digital marketing tools offers jewelry brands new ways to reach and engage with a global audience, personalize their marketing efforts, and enhance customer experience.
  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing: There’s a growing demand for ethically sourced and sustainably made jewelry. Brands that prioritize these aspects can differentiate themselves and attract a loyal customer base.
  • Customization and Personalization: Offering personalized jewelry or custom-made pieces can help brands stand out and cater to customers looking for unique or meaningful items.
  • Expanding Markets: Emerging markets and demographics, including younger consumers and men’s jewelry, present untapped opportunities for growth and diversification.

A detailed close-up view of a sophisticated leather bracelet on a man's wrist - jewelry advertising ideas

Understanding these factors is crucial for crafting effective strategies that drive growth and profitability. And addressing these challenges and leveraging the opportunities require a strategic approach, focusing on brand differentiation, customer engagement, innovation and sustainability.

At Single Grain, we don’t just sell jewelry; we sell stories and dreams.

Amidst a lush garden bathed in golden sunlight, a radiant model adorned in exquisite jewelry strikes a pose - jewelry advertising ideas

Leveraging the latest digital strategies and analytics-driven insights, we open a treasure chest of opportunities to place your brand in front of an engaged, luxury-seeking audience.

Envision a future where your brand isn’t just known, but desired. A future where your jewelry isn’t just seen, but remembered and cherished. That’s the future our jewelry marketing consulting team helps create for our clients.

We’re committed to magnifying the luster of your brand’s identity through exquisite narrative-building with:

  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • Story-driven content marketing
  • SEO enhancements for luxury brands
  • Email marketing with a personal touch
  • PPC advertising with precise targeting

13 Jewelry Advertising Ideas that Work

The right ad can show off your glamorous jewelry, serve as fashion inspiration and educate leads. Here are 13 jewelry advertising ideas and for your ad campaigns to boost your sales and ROAS.

1) Lifestyle Pinterest Ads

70% of Pinterest users discover new jewelry products and brands on the popular social media website, making it one of the best places for jewelry marketing and advertising:

Screenshot of Iphone showing shop from search feature on Pinterest

Pinterest offers different solutions for advertisers, no matter your niche or goal. You can create numerous types of Pinterest ads, including:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Shopping
  • Idea
  • Collections

Pinterest offers its own ads manager, and you can create your ads on your phone without special social media skills. You can better optimize your ads with demographic targeting, automation, keywords and interests, and you can even upload your list of new customers.

As one of the top visual-first social media platforms, jewelry companies should create ads that meet Pinterest’s users’ demands. For most users, this means lifestyle content with captivating visuals.

Lifestyle content looks more authentic since it shows the models or social media influencers doing daily activities. Customers can better picture themselves wearing your jewelry when seeing a lifestyle ad than a professional photo-op.

African jewelry brand MasaisandalsKe did this with their line of brass bracelets. In this photo, the user takes a picture of the bracelets with a cityscape in the background, and it looks authentic, not like a professional photoshoot.

jewelry advertising ideas - Pinterest ads

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2) Yelp Sponsored Results

Don’t forget the power of search engines. Local jewelry brands will want to invest in PPC, especially since 85% of people use search engines to find local businesses.

With PPC ads, you invest in keywords so that your website appears at the top of search engine results. Keyword examples may include “silver jewelry,” “jewelry business” or “jewelry store near me.” You only pay if a lead clicks your ad.

But don’t only put your advertising dollars toward Google; your audience may also use third-party local business directories and other search engines, such as Yelp.

Over 178 million people use Yelp monthly and access the popular directory website on all platforms, including their app.

As you can see, Yelp caters its SERPs to local businesses in certain regions, so your online jewelry store can easily boost website traffic with Yelp PPC:

jewelry advertising ideas on Yelp

Plus, brands will see quicker results with PPC than other jewelry marketing tactics, such as organic search engine optimization (SEO).

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3) Stand-Out Product Photography on Google Shopping Ads

Shopping is a Google service that lists different products on the web. Google will take your listings from your jewelry website and display them as a search engine result. This is convenient since consumers can do online shopping without having to visit different online stores.

quality jewelry images on Google Shop

To top Google Shopping SERPs, you must optimize your products, specifically your images. Use high-quality photos in your jewelry marketing and advertising campaigns, because…

75% of buyers rely on product photos when purchasing items.

But it’s more vital to use great photos for Google Shopping ads. First, Google will host your ad next to other ads, so competition is fierce on Shopping. The right image will help your product stand out, and buyers will choose your jewelry over the competition.

You should also consider the attributes of the product. Is your jewelry high-priced? If so, use your photos to emphasize factors that make them expensive, such as gemstones. Is there a quality about your brand that stands out? Maybe your company specializes in making jewelry out of certain materials or in a niche style. If so, accentuate that in your product photos.

Dive Deeper: The Ultimate Guide to Restructuring Your Google Shopping Campaign

4) User-Generated Ads on Instagram

First, let’s define user-generated content and how it’s used on social media sites.

UGC is any form of content originally posted by customers. Brands can repost this content and use it in their advertising or marketing strategy (with permission, of course).

There’s a reason why 86% of brands post user-generated content. It builds authenticity and trust, converting and retaining more leads. Plus, UGC acts as social proof, securing your reliability as a brand.

There’s another reason why UGC ads are one of the best jewelry promotion ideas: You’ll save time and money. UGC content can be images, video, audio or even text, so you can use this content across all advertising platforms.

But since UGC content is so versatile, it works best on Instagram.

How can you encourage more users to submit UGC content? Ask users to share photos of them with your products. To make it easier to find the content, you can ask customers to use a specific hashtag.

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5) Target Your Audience on Facebook

With 3 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of January 2023, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world.

Thus, jewelry companies should always invest in a Facebook advertising strategy – especially since the average CTR on Facebook is 0.89%.

Source: Zales Facebook Page

Even though Facebook can boost brand awareness, the platform has its issues. Currently, organic reach rates are 4.32%, so even your most loyal customers may not see your posts.

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, you should cater to a specific audience:

  • Men make up 57% of all users on this platform.
  • But in the UK, 53.9% of users are women.
  • North America has the most Facebook users, followed by Latin America and Europe.
  • The millennial age group (25-34) is the most active on social media, especially 25 years-olds:

What do these statistics mean? Jewelry brands will have the most success targeting millennial-aged men in their jewelry ads, though jewelry brands in the UK will want to target women:

Jewelry companies have better luck advertising engagement rings or men’s jewelry.

These demographics are general and may differ between jewelry brands:

jewelry advertising ideas - facebook ads

You can also track metrics on your Facebook business page, such as ad impressions, demographics, location, cost per result, engagements and result rate. These metrics will give you more insight into your audience.

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Boost Jewelry Sales

6) Explainer Videos

There’s no denying that video ads are integral to any advertising campaign.

Viewers retain 95% of information in videos, making this an effective jewelry marketing method.

Explainer videos are some of the most engaging video types; in fact, 77% of viewers will watch an explainer video for up to two minutes.

Explainers videos are any video that communicates how something works. These videos are very simple yet engaging, and you can post these video ads all over your advertising channels.

There are different topics you can use for explainer videos. You can explain something simple, such as how to measure your ring size.

The jewelry company James Allen Rings did this in a 55-second explainer video featuring a DIY way to find your ring size. They show the materials and steps with fun visuals and background music, keeping viewers engaged throughout the video.

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7) Unboxing Videos for TikTok

TikTok’s unique landscape is one of the most effective video advertising mediums, especially for a jewelry business. TikTok revolutionized short-form, educational and entertaining videos, perfect for a jewelry shop that plans on using more video content in its advertising strategy.

Which is the best-performing video type on TikTok? Unboxing videos are the most recommended. TikTok users have viewed the #unboxing hashtag 45.4 billion times, so your jewelry brand can go viral on TikTok with these videos:

jewelry advertising ideas - TikTok unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are especially popular during the interest phase of the sales funnel when customers compare brands. An unboxing video shows everything a customer can expect to receive in their package, and they also get a better view of your jewelry.

Plus, these videos are affordable and easy to create. Send your package to an actor or influencer and have them film the unboxing. Or the jewelry business owner can film the unboxing. Use some basic editing and background music, and you’re set!

Classievu does this perfectly:

Classieve jewelry ad on TikTok

This is a German accessory and jewelry store, and they offer many stylish unboxing and packing videos on their TikTok account.

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8) Show Off Your Strengths on Etsy Ads

If you own a small jewelry business, Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell jewelry. In only two months, Etsy received 377.4 million visits.

They’re one of the biggest platforms for handmade jewelry, and buyers regularly shop on Etsy for products made by small business owners:

Etsy main jewelry page

However, many sellers are on the platform, which creates a lot of competition for a small jewelry store. When investing in an Etsy advertising strategy, you’ll want to show the factors that separate you from the pack.

First, advertise your best-selling products. If you don’t know your best-selling items, focus on the jewelry you won’t find elsewhere. These include personalized items or jewelry in specific niches. Your ad should have a high-res image and a compelling title, complete with plenty of keywords.

9) Special Occasion Ads

Like all e-commerce companies, a jewelry business will have slow and busy seasons, specifically holidays and special occasions. The holiday season is crazy for most e-commerce companies, and a jewelry store also sees more traction around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

To sell even more jewelry pieces, make ads specifically for these seasons. Offer a bonus, such as a percentage off your order or free shipping, to entice more customers to buy from your own website. This is especially true if you tend to sell your most expensive pieces during this period.

Your ad doesn’t have to include any special deals or even holiday-themed pieces. This ad by Brighton is subtle and still catches the eye:

Brighton jewelry holiday guide

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10) Feature Influencers

There’s a reason why the U.S. influencer market is worth $16.4 billion. Your customers trust jewelry influencers more than other brands, making influencer marketing an effective advertising solution.

When choosing an influencer, find one who promotes other products similar to your brand. If you sell jewelry made of diamonds and gemstones, you wouldn’t want to collaborate with an influencer that promotes wood jewelry! Ask them to photograph your product or feature your jewelry in a video. They should give their honest feedback about the jewelry item.

The content they post should match the item and your brand, as well as their brand. If you sell luxury jewelry, the influencer should show the quality of the jewelry item and anything that stands out, such as the gems or engravings.

Then, take this content and post it as a sponsored post. This way, your content not only reaches the influencer’s audience, but you’ll also increase your brand awareness with the boosted sponsored post. Since the influencer is creating the post, you don’t have to do the extra legwork in creating the ad.

A great example is the collaboration that the jewelry store Karen Suen Luxury Jewellry did with jewelry influencer Champagne Gem. Champagne Gem first shows clips of the bracelets, turning them so viewers can see how the sapphires and diamonds sparkle. Then, she shows a clip of her wearing the bracelets:

jewelry advertising ideas - influencer marketing

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11) Mention Brand Ethics

The jewelry industry has many ethical concerns, specifically with diamonds. Sourcing diamonds has many human rights concerns, specifically blood diamonds. Mining diamonds also has environmental problems, such as water pollution and habitat destruction.

Your consumers know these issues and want to ensure that they can support a jewelry business with an excellent reputation. If you’re selling jewelry online, mentioning your brand ethics in your advertising is a key way to build trust.

Vrai did this with their video advertisement, “The Fifth C, Conflict-Free.” In this video, Vrai explains they can trace back the source of every diamond.

Vrai’s diamonds are grown using solar power, which solves many environmental concerns. Their diamond mining process is also free of human rights issues, so consumers can relax knowing their diamond purchase is ethical.

Just want someone to do all the work for you? Single Grain’s jewelry marketing experts can help.👇

Boost Jewelry Sales

12) Capture Emotions

It’s easy to capture emotions in a jewelry advertisement. After all, jewelry is the perfect gift for sentimental times!

Engagements are the perfect example. An engagement ring is more than a luxurious jewelry piece, it’s a promise to be together forever. When advertising your engagement rings, capture the “big moment” and inspire an emotional response from your viewers to boost jewelry sales.

Jewelry online store Blue Nile has a YouTube series called “Blue Nile Love Stories,” where they interview real couples who participated in their love campaign:

jewelry advertising ideas - Blue Nile ad featuring emotional story

The videos are all very short – about 15 seconds – and feature many shots of the couple and their engagement ring.

13) Advertise to Every Sales Funnel Stage

One of the last jewelry advertising ideas in this list is a bit broader.

While jewelry businesses may focus on growth in advertising campaigns, understand that leads are at a different phase in the marketing funnel. To truly expand as a business, you should focus on nurturing your target audience down the sales funnel. The best way to do this is to advertise your jewelry products to attract different leads.

Certain advertising tactics work better for each stage of the sales funnel:

  • Awareness: educational advertising (such as explainer videos)
  • Interest: social media advertising
  • Desire: emotional advertising
  • Action: encouraging them to make a sale, such as promoting a discount
  • Loyalty: retargeting advertising

Marketing-Funnel_AIDA Stages

Jewelry companies should run these ads across social media and Google to ensure they target as many leads as possible.

Dive Deeper: What’s the Right Content for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel?

3 Real-World Examples of Brands Successfully Using Jewelry Ads

I hope these 13 jewelry advertising ideas kickstarted your creativity! Now find additional inspiration from these three brands who used effective jewelry ad campaigns to attract more customers, and then keep reading for 13 ideas for your own jewelry ads.

  • David Yurman is a high-end jewelry brand that has successfully used social media to market its products. The brand’s Instagram account has 587K followers, and its posts often feature stunning visuals of its jewelry paired with aspirational lifestyle images. David Yurman also partners with influencers to promote its products, and these partnerships have been very successful in driving traffic to the brand’s website.David Yearman - real-life jewelry advertising ideas
  • Van Cleef & Arpels is another high-end jewelry brand that has had success with digital marketing. The brand’s website features a beautiful and interactive experience that allows users to explore its collections in detail. Van Cleef & Arpels also uses video content to tell the stories behind its jewelry, and these videos have been very popular on social media.

  • Bulgari is a luxury jewelry brand that has used a variety of digital marketing channels to reach its target audience, including eBay. The brand has run successful social media campaigns, as well as print and online advertising campaigns. Bulgari also partners with celebrities and influencers to promote its products.2007 Magazine AD BULGARI Fine Jewelry ELISIA , Stunning blonde model ! 092222 - Picture 1 of 1

These are just a few examples of brands that have successfully used jewelry ads. By using a variety of channels and targeting their ads to the right audience, these brands have been able to reach their target customers and drive sales.

Key lessons from these examples of jewelry advertising ideas:

  • Use high-quality visuals. Jewelry is all about the image, so visual branding in jewelry marketing via high-quality images and videos is key.
  • Tell a story. People are more likely to connect with your brand if you implement brand storytelling in jewelry ads. This could be the story of the design, the materials used, or the person who inspired the piece.
  • Target your ads. Not everyone is interested in high-end jewelry. Make sure you target your ads to the right audience so you’re not wasting your money.
  • Partner with influencers. Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach a new audience and generate buzz for your brand.

Use These Jewelry Advertising Ideas in Your Next Campaign

Jewelry is a timeless gift and a great way to spoil yourself. That’s why jewelry brands have so many advertising options. Use any of these jewelry advertising ideas to convert leads and increase sales.

As a jewelry brand, you’ll want to advertise on different social media platforms and get creative in your campaign, and there may come a time when you’ll need help from a professional.

If you’re ready to grow your jewelry businessSingle Grain’s jewelry marketing experts can help.👇

Boost Jewelry Sales

Jewelry Advertising Ideas FAQs

  • How do I advertise my Jewellery?

    Advertising your jewelry effectively requires a strategic approach to showcase your products to a targeted audience and generate sales. In can be hard to come up with jewelry advertising ideas, but here are the basic steps to help you market your jewelry:

    • Identify Your Target Audience
    • Create High-Quality Visuals
    • Build an Online Presence
    • Optimize Your Website
    • Leverage Social Media
    • Email Marketing
    • Collaborate with Influencers
    • Run Paid Advertising Campaigns
    • Utilize SEO
    • Participate in Jewelry Shows and Exhibitions
    • Offer Promotions and Discounts
    • Engage with Customer Reviews
    • Tell Your Brand Story
    • Measure and Analyze
  • How do you attract customers to jewelry?

    Attracting customers to your jewelry business hinges on a multifaceted approach that combines online and offline strategies:

    • Firstly, establish a captivating online presence by creating a visually appealing website that showcases your jewelry collections with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
    • Leverage social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to engage with potential customers, sharing your jewelry pieces regularly and interacting with your audience.
    • Invest in paid advertising campaigns on these platforms to expand your reach and target those interested in jewelry.
    • Consider content marketing for jewelry to position your brand as an authority in your niche. Blog about jewelry trends, care tips, and style guides to engage and educate your audience.
    • Collaborating with fashion or jewelry influencers can also help you reach a wider demographic.
    • In the physical realm, attend local events and craft fairs, or collaborate with complementary businesses to broaden your customer base.
  • What do you say when selling jewelry?

    Whether you’re selling jewelry in person in a store or via a digital ad, these are the types of things you can say to a potential customer:

    • Welcome the customer and ask how you can help them.
    • Introduce yourself and your knowledge of jewelry.
    • Ask the customer what they are looking for in a piece of jewelry.
    • Show the customer a variety of pieces that fit their criteria.
    • Explain the different qualities of the jewelry, such as the materials used, the craftsmanship, and the value.
    • Help the customer choose the perfect piece of jewelry.
    • Ask the customer if they would like to purchase the jewelry.
    • Thank the customer for their purchase and offer them a complimentary gift.

    And here are some specific phrases you can use:

    • “What can I help you find today?”
    • “I’m here to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.”
    • “What occasion are you shopping for?”
    • “What kind of style are you looking for?”
    • “What’s your budget?”
    • “This necklace is made with 14k gold and features a beautiful diamond. It’s perfect for a special occasion.”
    • “This bracelet is made with sterling silver and features handcrafted beads. It’s a great everyday piece.”
    • “This ring is made with recycled gold and features a unique design. It’s a statement piece that’s sure to turn heads.”
    • “I’m happy to gift wrap your purchase for you.”
    • “Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy your new jewelry.”

    It’s also important to be genuine and enthusiastic when selling jewelry. People can tell when you’re not interested in helping them, so make sure you’re genuinely excited about the jewelry you’re selling.

  • How do I make my jewelry brand stand out?

    Making your jewelry brand stand out in a competitive market requires a combination of unique strategies and a strong brand identity. Here are some effective steps to help your jewelry brand distinguish itself:

    • Define Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    • Create a Memorable Brand Identity
    • Tell a Compelling Brand Story
    • Focus on Quality and Craftsmanship
    • Unique Design Aesthetic
    • Ethical and Sustainable Practices
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Engage on Social Media
    • Leverage User-Generated Content
    • Collaborate and Partner
    • Host Events and Workshops
    • Invest in Packaging and Presentation
    • Customer Feedback and Adaptation
    • Online and Offline Presence
  • How do I introduce my jewelry business?

    Here are a few ideas to introduce your jewelry business to the world:

    • Craft a Compelling Brand Story: Share the inspiration behind your jewelry, the story of how you started, and what makes your pieces unique. This can be shared on your website, social media, and during in-person events.
    • Launch Event: Host a launch event or pop-up shop to introduce your jewelry to the market. Invite local fashion influencers, potential customers, and press.
    • Press Releases: Send out press releases to local magazines, newspapers, and fashion bloggers when you have a new collection or a story worth sharing.
    • Networking: Attend industry events, trade shows, and craft fairs to network with other professionals and introduce your brand to a wider audience.
  • What is a nice quote about jewelry?

    One timeless quote about jewelry that captures its essence is by Elizabeth Taylor: “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” This quote emphasizes the personal and transformative nature of jewelry, highlighting its ability to express individuality.

  • How do I attract customers to my Jewellery shop?

    Read the article above about jewelry advertising ideas!

    Implementing these strategies requires time and effort, but they can significantly impact your jewelry business’s visibility and success. Tailor these approaches to fit your brand’s unique voice and audience for the best results:

    • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Identify and highlight what makes your jewelry shop stand out. Whether it’s custom designs, ethical sourcing, or unique materials, make sure your USP is clear to your potential customers.
    • Exceptional Customer Service: Offer personalized services such as custom designs, jewelry repair, or styling advice. A memorable shopping experience can turn first-time visitors into repeat customers.
    • Loyalty Programs: Create a loyalty program to encourage repeat business. Offer rewards, discounts, or exclusive access to new collections for returning customers.
    • Community Engagement: Participate in community events, sponsor local activities, or collaborate with other local businesses to increase your shop’s visibility.
    • Attractive Window Displays and In-Store Experience: Create eye-catching window displays and ensure your store is inviting. The in-store experience should reflect your brand and make customers feel welcome and inspired.
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