Social Media Fact and Fiction

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When devising a social media strategy, you need to examine how it can and cannot work for you or your business. Sorting through fact and fiction is imperative to evaluate the worth social media can and cannot intensify the purpose of its use.

This article will provide appropriate data to aid your quest separating the two so you can generate a robust case amongst your strategy.

Social Media Facts:

  1. Since 2009, the Internet has grown 14% ( via InternetWorldStats)
  2. There are over 152 Million Blogs worldwide (via BlogPulse)
  3. Facebook has outranked Google (via Hitwise)
  4. 175 Million Facebook users login every day (via Hitwise)
  5. 30 billion pieces of shared content happens on Facebook each month.
  6. Micro-­blogging (i.e. Twitter) is now the most widely adopted social media tactic, used by 78% of company respondents. (via econsultancy)
  7. In 2010, 250 Billion tweets occurred from Twitter.
  8. Three Thousand photos are uploaded to Flick per minute.
  9. In the U.S, more than 84% of people watch videos online (via comscore)
  10. 2 Billion Videos are viewed on YouTube every day.
  11. LinkedIn currently has 50 million users worldwide.
  12. If the Facebook community were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world.
  13. In the U.S Social media accounts for 25% of all time spent online over 35 minutes per hour  (via Nielsen)
  14. 906 million hours a month are spent on Social Networks and Blogs. (via Nielson)
  15. Number of videos watched on Facebook is higher than YouTube (Approximately 2.5 Billion/day.)
  16. 64% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook (via ExactTarget)
  17. By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account – ( via TIME (12/7-1/3 edition)
  18. 43% of Facebook users who “unlike” a brand do so because of too much push marketing (via Exact Target)
  19. 25% of social media users are more likely to look into a brand advertising on social media  and 15% of these users are more likely to purchase from social media advertisers (via Adology)
  20. 71% of community members say they are more likely to purchase from brand (via Universal McCann)

Social Media Fiction:

Although data shows Social Media’s popularity, there are still myth’s that have tampered some people’s thoughts on using it for businesses. Here are some of the Social Media fiction that are floating out there.

  1. Twitter is for kids (via socialmediatoday)
  2. Facebook is not for businesses, only LinkedIn is.
  3. Targeted demographics are not using the social networking scene (via Mashable)
  4. Social media has no value.
  5. Social media is experimental (via Brandweek)
  6. Don’t have time to manage social media (via socialmediaexaminer)
  7. Social media is too much of a liability for negative comments
  8. You can make a BIG splash in a short time. (via buisnessweek)
  9. You can take care of all your social networks alone.
  10. You can’t measure social media results.
  11. You can increase Google page rank using social media (via dailybloggr)
  12. You can’t sell using social media.
  13. You cannot keep track of friends if you follow too many.
  14. Social media is a great way to display inventory.
  15. You need to be on every social networking site. (via dngraham)
  16. Twitter is for telling what you had for breakfast.
  17. Social media should be assigned to one person.
  18. Social media is not for small businesses
  19. Social media is a fad.
  20. Facebook and Twitter are the only social sites you should use.

There many reasons you can find to excuse your business from using social media. However, it is an industry integrated in everything consumers are doing and they want more.

You need to look at the facts to resolve any issues you are currently struggling with when it comes to using social media as a marketing platform, and then find out where you targeted audience spends most of their time. You then need to dismiss the fiction and begin properly implementing a social media strategy that will encompass your business for the better.

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