Connecting With Readers Through Social Networking

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Think about this: A sales person and a friend both hand you the same piece of literature; which one are you most likely to read? Most people would answer the one that came from their friend. That is why social networking plays such an important role when marketing your site.

Lets face it. Ninety percent of people that start a blog or web site, have done so to make money. Regardless of how they may choose to monetize their site, the end result is the same. So why wouldn't you want to take the high road and give yourself the best chance of success, right out of the gate.

Remember the question above? Friends are more likely to buy from friends than strangers. They are also more likely to stick around and read everything you have written, raising your monthly page views and essentially making your site more appealing to advertisers. It works better all the way around.

Now that you know what you need to be successful, how do you add that to your marketing plans?  Social Networking.  Social networking is the fastest and easiest way to turn complete strangers into friends and of course loyal readers, in a very short amount of time.  With so many sites like MyBlogLog and Facebook it can be difficult to choose a good starting point.  Many people turn their efforts directly to, I am not one of them.  MySpace is a great place for marketing if your a rockstar or an actor, but not for the average blog or web site.

MyBlogLog, as mentioned above, is an excellent community to get started with.  I see more and more sites popping up with their MyBlogLog friends list in the sidebar, some of these sites are in the Technorati Top 100 list.  MyBlogLog has a large following of community members and making friends typically comes very easily.  You can add your blog, build your own neighborhood and let others join.

Facebook is one of the largest and fastest growing social networking sites on the internet.  Sign-up, create a profile and add people to your friends list, your network and get involved.  Share your thoughts, interests and most importantly your blog with all of your friends.  Take the time to look at other peoples blogs and add comments, this will often return a reciprocal visit to your site.

, well known for the Digg effect, crashing servers worldwide.  Many reports have been made of traffic spikes in 20,000 to 40,000 people range within hours of hitting the Digg homepage.  My suggestion for getting dugg.  Sign-up for the site and start digging others articles.  This adds you to the list allowing people to see what you have recently dugg.  And of course the most recent thing you dugg is your own post, wink wink.  This is a great way build additional interest to your articles.  Another tip, digg other bloggers posts that have links to you.  If they were to hit the homepage on that particular article, you would receive some overflow traffic from the link in the post.

Never overlook an opportunity to market your site. 
Always keep an open mind when you are developing your marketing strategies.  There is a million plus opportunities on the web today and social networking is one of the best.  Business has thrived around communities since the very beginning.  Business on the web is no different, a strong community builds a strong presence and that is your ticket to success.

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