Best Inbound Marketing Agency: The Top 6 Choices for 2023


It’s no secret that inbound marketing is the most effective way to convert leads and boost sales:

  • Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead conversion than outbound.
  • SEO-generated inbound leads have a 14.6% close rate.
  • Inbound leads can cost up to 62% less than their outbound counterparts.

Unfortunately, inbound marketing does require quite a bit of work. You need to create content, connect with your audience, and generate strategies for engagement. Not every business will have the time to manage an effective inbound marketing campaign on their own.

That’s where inbound marketing agencies come in. Keep reading for a list of the best inbound marketing agencies.


Top 6 Inbound Marketing Agencies

To get a better idea of what inbound marketing agencies do and what you should be looking for when selecting one, just jump down to the sections below.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top competitors today. We chose these inbound marketing companies for their commitment to excellent service, and their fantastic results.

1) Single Grain

  • Specializes In: Inbound marketing (including content marketing), paid ads, SEO
  • Top Clients: Amazon, Salesforce, Airbnb
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Single Grain marketing agency home page

Single Grain is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing agencies available for business leaders today. Known for their work with some of the most impressive brands around, like Amazon and Uber, Single Grain drives persistent high-ROI growth for all kinds of companies with the inbound methodology.

With this agency, your brand will get access to a customized solution for inbound marketing, built with a focus on your specific needs and goals. You can get help with all aspects of content marketing, planning and execution for your inbound strategy, as well as search engine marketing and conversion optimization.

Our inbound marketing campaign strategy consists of:

  • Content marketing strategy planning and execution
  • Campaign tracking and monitoring
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Demand generation
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search
  • Social ads

This firm can improve your company’s image on virtually every part of the web, from Google to social media, and the company provides consistent insights into your results, so you can clearly see exactly what the teams are doing with your investment. If you’re looking for phenomenal all-in-one marketing support, Single Grain is a great choice.

Kim Cooper
Director of Marketing, Amazon Alexa

Single Grain enables us to increase our impact without increasing our headcount

Convert Leads Effectively


2) Samurai Marketers

  • Specializes In: White hat link-building
  • Top Clients:, Keka HR, Invgate
  • Pricing: $$$

Samurai Marketers specializes in increasing your inbound traffic with backlinks from real, authoritative companies. They have helped clients like Zapier, GetResponse and Mailshake land links in the past. Not only do the links they build send referral traffic, but they also increase your inbound traffic from Google.

And the best part is that you get to customize which pages you want to get backlinks for and from what kind of sites so that you can tailor-make your SEO strategy!

3) SmartBug

  • Specializes In: Inbound marketing, content creation
  • Top Clients: The Arbor Company, True Office Learning, 1st United
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

SmartBug home page

An innovator in the inbound marketing landscape, SmartBug has created quite a reputation for itself in recent years. This leading advertising company has achieved more than 500 5-star review for its fantastic customer service and attention to detail. The team also has over 250 awards and recognitions in total, making it a highly reputable firm to work with.

With SmartBug, you get a dedicated team of marketing professionals to work with your business on creating all kinds of inbound marketing efforts. You can use the team to generate thought leadership content and blogs and develop a more meaningful presence in your industry across social media too.

SmartBug’s inbound marketing solutions also include a 90-day plan, perfect for companies who want to see a rapid change in their online presence. The data-driven approach of the company means you’ll get plenty of helpful insights to show you why your campaigns are successful.

4) New Breed

  • Specializes In: Inbound marketing, revenue optimization
  • Top Clients: SoundCloud, Checkr, Signal
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

New Breed home page

Specializing in both revenue generation and marketing campaigns, New Breed is a business with a heavy focus on the software industry. If you’re looking to improve your presence in the SaaS realm, this company can significantly improve your lead input, as well as helping to strengthen your brand reputation, so you stand out from the crowd.

The New Breed team can work with you on enhancing every aspect of your sales funnel, improving your chances of quick conversions and new customers. You can work with the team on content development, email marketing, conversational marketing, and search engine optimization.

New Breed also offers support for various other forms of sales and marketing, like sales enablement services, paid advertising, and graphic design. Everything comes with the reporting insights you need to make better decisions in future too.

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  • Specializes In: Inbound marketing, website development, paid social
  • Top Clients: Berry Insurance, Yale appliance, Aquila
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

IMPACT home page

One of the better-known inbound marketing companies on the market today, IMPACT is all about delivering amazing results fast. If you’ve struggled to achieve the right inbound marketing results in the past, IMPACT can work with you to understand what went wrong in your previous campaigns and implement a proven framework for future success.

IMPACT takes a custom approach with every client, combining a multitude of different services from HubSpot marketing support to content marketing and sales enablement to help you get the most out of your business presence. The company can even help with things like web design and search engine optimization.

IMPACT offers a full-featured service for brands, combining conversational marketing and email marketing, with automation, reporting, and paid search and social. It’s a great all-in-one approach for any business leader.

6) Lean Labs

  • Specializes In: Inbound marketing, growth marketing
  • Top Clients: HubSpot, High Fidelity, CampaignDrive
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Lean Labs home page

Lean Labs is an inbound marketing agency with a focus on rapid and sustainable growth. The company provides business leaders with an outsourced team of professionals who can work with them on bespoke advertising campaigns.

Before starting any marketing initiative, Lean Labs gets to know the company its working with to find out as much as they can about the target audience. From there, the organization can build comprehensive strategies for engaging, and converting customers, and scaling your business operations.

The performance-focused approach Lean Labs takes to inbound marketing makes it easy to see how your investment is delivering positive results. The company also frequently provides reports and feedback to show you where your promotional campaigns are heading.

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What Is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business creates high-value content that provides an answer or solution to a potential customer’s problem. In this way, you attract leads to you on their terms, rather than throwing a lot of outbound marketing tactics their way and hoping that they will convert before they get too annoyed.

Examples of inbound marketing include:

  • content marketing (blog posts, videos, podcasts)
  • social media campaigns
  • SEO
  • webinars
  • opt-in email marketing

Examples of outbound marketing include:

  • cold-calling
  • cold-emailing (aka spam)
  • direct mail
  • trade show presentations
  • those people standing on the street handing out fliers that you always try to dash around without making eye contact

An inbound marketing agency is simply a digital marketing firm that builds, implements and optimizes effective inbound campaigns for clients. These companies partner with their clients to align people, platforms and processes in order to attract and engage customers.

Such an agency is guided by the “inbound methodology” for digital advertising, which means they concentrate on growing your brand and increasing your profits by building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

Rather than using “outbound” strategies to reach customers like cold calling and emailing, your inbound marketing agency finds ways of bringing potential clients to you. Fundamentally, inbound marketing agencies focus on three main pillars of promotion:

  • Attract: Capturing the attention of the right people through the creation of valuable content, like videos, blogs, landing pages, and white papers.
  • Engage: Presenting solutions and insights that your customers will be interested in to convince them they want to connect with your brand.
  • Delight: Empowering customers to make better purchasing decisions and delivering information that offers genuine value.

When you create valuable content that engages and delights your audience, it not only improves your reputation as a brand, but also improves your chances of further exposure. Customers can share valuable inbound content with their colleagues and friends, which improves reach. That’s why inbound marketing is one of the best digital marketing solutions.

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Convert Leads Effectively


What Does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do?

The exact work an inbound marketing agency will do for your business depends on a number of factors. Every company takes a different approach to promotional services, but the primary goal of most of these agencies is to generate leads, boost customer relationships, and increase demand for your service or product.

Your inbound marketing agency might help with:

  • Buyer personas: To help you capture the right audience, inbound marketing agencies can analyze your target audience and conduct competitor analysis. This will help you build more customized marketing campaigns.
  • Choosing inbound marketing channels: An agency can help you determine which inbound marketing avenues are most suitable for you. For instance, some companies will use video, while others might use social media, blog posts and press release content.
  • Creating content: An inbound marketing firm will often help with the creation of content for all parts of your marketing funnel. They can create everything from forms and landing pages, to thank you pages, blog posts, e-books and videos.
  • Reporting and analytics: Through reports and insights, an agency can help you to understand which kinds of promotional content your audience responses to best. For instance, you can use website analytical tools like Google Analytics to determine what kind of content generates the most revenue.
  • SEO and PPC: Some inbound marketing companies will also help with search engine marketing campaigns, assisting with SEO and PPC campaigns, and helping you to track the keywords you need to track.
  • Social media marketing: Many inbound marketing companies will offer at least some support with social media marketing services, as social media is rapidly becoming an important part of an effective inbound game plan.

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The Benefits of Hiring an Inbound Advertising Agency

Hiring an agency to assist with your inbound marketing campaigns is no different from hiring an accounting professional to help with taxes. Ultimately, it means you can leverage the expertise and skills of another person or group of individuals to boost your brand presence.

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring an inbound marketing company:

  • Reduce costs: Hiring an agency instead of an in-house professional helps you keep costs as low as possible for your marketing campaigns. You can use just the services you need when you need them, rather than paying for a full-time employee (plus benefits, sick days, new computer, etc.).
  • Improved lead generation: Inbound marketing professionals can help you pinpoint the exact types of customers most likely to convert with your brand and build content assets to attract those customers. With inbound agencies, you can even work to attract leads across a range of platforms, from social media to forums to your own website.
  • Inbound expertise: Working with an inbound marketing agency means accessing the skills and expertise of professionals committed to staying ahead of the promotional landscape. An inbound marketing company will ensure that you always have access to the latest tools, strategies and solutions to make your marketing strategies far more effective.
  • Better ROI: An inbound marketing company is dedicated to building more revenue opportunities for your brand. With a focus on advertising, you often end up with higher-quality leads. What’s more, you can get access to a range of reports and analytics to help you decide where you should be spending your marketing budget.
  • Increased productivity: With a specialist team focusing solely on your marketing campaigns, the other employees in your business can focus on what they do best. Hiring an inbound agency can stop you from having to spread your existing talent too thin in your organization.

An inbound marketing agency can even work hand-in-hand with your sales team to build a strategy for aligning sales and marketing. This can improve your chances of increasing conversions and strengthening your relationship with your target audience over time.

How to Choose an Inbound Marketing Agency

When it comes to choosing the perfect agency, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. As companies continue to seek specialist help with their promotional strategies, there are all kinds of advertising agency options to choose from.

While the right pick will depend on what you want to achieve with your inbound marketing strategy, here are some top points to consider.

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Services

As mentioned above, inbound marketing is a broad umbrella term used to refer to a wide range of marketing strategies intended to draw customers to your brand. Different inbound marketing agencies usually specialize in offering specific services and solutions for the inbound market.

For instance, your inbound marketing strategist might focus specifically on social media and building your impact across various platforms. Others have a good eye for content marketing and search engine optimization, as well as improving your connection with other like-minded brands.

Think about what kind of inbound marketing efforts you’re likely to be using when choosing your inbound marketing specialist.

Flexibility and Bespoke Support

Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing concept. The marketing strategies that work best for your business won’t be the same as the campaigns that drive the best results for other brands. A good inbound marketing agency should be able to work with you to build a campaign that makes sense for your business goals.

At the same time, you’ll also want to ensure that an agency can pay attention to reports and analytics and optimize their strategy over time. A good agency should be able to show you which inbound campaigns are driving the best outcomes for your company, then adapt their marketing campaigns accordingly.

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Excellent Reputation

A great reputation is crucial when you’re looking for an inbound marketing agency. This company should be relatively well-known (if they’re using inbound strategies effectively themselves!). The agency you choose should also have a history of working with brands similar to yours, so make sure you check out their list of their notable clients.

Your inbound marketing agency is responsible for building and enhancing your reputation online, so be careful to avoid anyone who might not have the best reviews and testimonials linked to their name. You can look for reviews online or even ask your agency for references.

A good inbound marketing agency might even be able to give you case studies to show you how their strategies have helped other companies in the past.

Great Communication Skills

A good inbound marketing firm should be able to work with you to understand and interpret the metrics of various inbound campaigns over time. Look for an agency committed to regular communication, feedback and reporting, so you know you’ll be kept in the loop of what’s happening with your advertising strategy.

If you find it difficult to get in touch with your marketing professional during the initial stages of searching for an agency, this is a good sign you might be left frustrated if anything goes wrong with your marketing campaigns in the future.

🚩 Red Flags to Watch Out For 🚩

It’s difficult to know for certain whether an inbound marketing agency is going to deliver the exact results you’re looking for. However, you can watch out for some potential red flags which indicate that there may be a problem waiting for you in the future.

Watch out for:

  • One-size-fits-all services: While it’s fine for a marketing agency to have a set of specialist skills, they shouldn’t try to sell you a one-size-fits-all approach to making your brand stand out online. Every business is different and deserves a tailored campaign.
  • Poor listening skills: If your inbound agency refuses to take your preferences and insights into account, there’s a good chance you’ll end up disagreeing on future campaigns.
  • Limited reporting: Lack of access to reports and analytics will make it difficult for you to determine whether your investments in inbound marketing are actually paying off, and where you should be focusing in the future.
  • Unclear services: You should be 100% clear on what your inbound marketing specialist can do for your business before you agree to any contracts. If they urge you to sign a contract first before they provide a detailed plan, walk away.

Ready to Hire the Right Agency?

Hiring the best inbound agency can take a little time. You’ll need to think carefully about what kind of marketing strategies you want to use to attract customers to your company and look for an inbound agency with the right experience.

When choosing the best company, make sure you:

  • Check the reputation of the brand, to ensure that they can deliver the right results
  • Consider the various inbound marketing strategies and tools the company can use
  • Interact with the brand to see if you can communicate effectively

If you want to partner with an top inbound marketing agency, Single Grain can take your brand to the next level. 👇

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Or learn more about what we can do for you here 👉  Inbound Marketing Agency

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