The State of Wikipedia [Infographic]

  • This infographic effectively tells the story of Wikipedia’s sustainability and longevity as a trusted online reference. Couple of perpetual misunderstandings are “any user can edit article” and it’s unreliable data. Editing an article and creating an article are different activities. The strong Wikipedia community applies consensus to enforce the quality of articles. Novice editors can easily be discouraged by the malleable process that requires Wikipedia guideline compliance and negotiation.

    When STELLARESULTS counsels corporate clients on Wikipedia management, our clients are curious to better understand how to participate in Wikipedia’s collective intelligence. Corporate marketing influence is automatically rejected so our clients value us as trusted advisors in Wikipedia conflict resolution and neutral point of view (NPOV) compliance.

    This infographic proves the power of collective intelligence and consensus. Self-correcting and self-regulating, Wikipedia can have realitime relevance that does not compete with last generation’s Encyclopaedia Britannica. Knowledge powers decision making.

  • Rahimanuddin Shaik

    I think wikipedia is 5th most visited website.

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