Google AdWords: Campaign Optimizer Tools Available

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Recently, Google released a feature in the Google AdWords members area that allows you to “optimize campaigns”. While search engine marketing firms claim to have been optimizing paid campaigns for years now – Google's stepping up and providing the service to advertisers at no cost.

Of course, if you optimize your AdWords campaigns – you'll end up spending more money, so Google's happy to help out there.

Just what does this new optimization tool allow you to do though?

Optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns allows you as an advertiser to more easily reach your goals. Whether you're out to improve your ROI, increase you click through rate – or simply get more clicks – Google is providing a seven step process for you to use in your AdWords campaigns.

Furthermore, the Campaign Optimizer tool makes proactive suggestions such as changing your daily budget, adding new keywords, changing current keywords, configuring matching options, altering the max CPC and finally revising your actual ads. All of these options could apply and help you out, but in some cases – they just don't make sense.

Remember too, the Google AdWords Campaign Optimizer is a free tool that is being made available to you by Google. Taken with a grain of salt, these suggestions may do little more than help you burn through your allocated ad spend.

Finally, please consider Google's recommendations on using these tools. On their site and in their help files, they offer the following information:

You can use the Campaign Optimizer as often as you wish. However, to receive an optimal proposal for your campaign, we recommend using it no more than once every two weeks. This allows the Campaign Optimizer to draw upon two full weeks of your campaign performance.

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