Kicksta Review: A Legit Way to Automate Your Instagram Growth


Are you looking for a way to increase Instagram followers and automate your Instagram growth without resorting to bots, spam or fake followers?

In this comprehensive Kicksta review, I’ll be looking at an innovative and unique way to boost the organic growth of your Instagram account by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence — plus good, old-fashioned human curiosity.

Below, I’ll outline how Kicksta makes it easy to increase your social media followers, explain why this is one of the best social media tools we’ve used in a long time, and even weigh up the pros and cons to help you decide whether Kicksta is right for you.

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Grow Instagram Automatically


What Is Kicksta and Why Should You Care?

Unless you choose to hire a leading Instagram marketing agency or you’re prepared to risk having your account banned by buying followers, growing your followers and engagement levels on Instagram can take a serious amount of effort.

Typically, you’ll spend hours searching for popular Instagrammers in your niche, liking their photos, and doing your best to engage in conversations in the hope of drawing attention to your own profile.

While that’s certainly a tried-and-tested way to do it, there are probably many other mission-critical tasks that are a better use of your time and energy.

This is where Kicksta comes in.

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool designed to automate growth and increase followers. It leverages artificial intelligence to accurately target users who are interested in your content, allowing you to expand your reach organically.

Kicksta also provides detailed analytics on how well the service is working for you so that you can adjust your strategy as needed.

By taking advantage of the same kind of artificial intelligence used in influencer marketing, this tool helps you engage with Instagram users who follow other high-profile accounts with the aim of getting those users to check out your profile and hit the follow button.

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How Kicksta Works

The whole process of using Kicksta to grow your Instagram account is as simple and intuitive as it could possibly be.

After signing up and picking a pricing plan, you connect your Instagram account to the service.

You can then search for influencers and brands whose content relates to your niche, and then like the posts put out by the people who follow those accounts.

How does this benefit you?

Simple. If you’ve ever had a like or comment on Instagram from a user you don’t recognize, you’ll know all too well how much curiosity can get the better of you and compel you to look at that user’s profile.

Kicksta relies on that very same curiosity that all of us have. When users see that you’ve engaged with their content, some (though not all) of them will head on over to your profile to see what you’re about.

Provided that the profile is full of high-quality content that appeals to those users, they’re likely to hit the follow button to see more of it, and voila! You’ve just gained a new follower.

Repeat this process over and over again and you’ll soon see your follower count start to soar.

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Kicksta Key Features

Now that you know what Kicksta is and how it works, let’s dive into the key features of this tool.

Advanced Targeting

At its core, Kicksta enables you to attract new Instagram followers by targeting those who already follow the accounts that you select. These accounts are known as your Instagram targets.

However, if you’re on one of the two Premium plans, you can expand your targeting even further by using advanced filters. This helps you to get on board with emerging Instagram trends, attract new followers who use certain targeted keywords or even target Instagram users in a specific geographical location.

Instagram Blacklist

While Kicksta may be great for casting your net wide and reeling in all kinds of new followers, there may be some followers you don’t want to attract.

For example, you may wish to avoid having the platform’s AI tools engage with your competitors or with individuals who use certain keywords that are at odds with your brand values and identity.

If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know that Kicksta offers a Blacklist tool so that you can add these “must-avoid” accounts, too. That way, the AI knows not to engage with them and focuses only on those users you’re most interested in attracting.

TSMA Boost

Normally, it would be wrong for any social media growth platform to guarantee that you’ll add a precise number of followers by working with them. After all, most social media marketing success comes down to the quality of your content as well as the popularity of your niche.

Kicksta has found an interesting way around this by partnering with The Social Media Agency, a top-brand agency that represents major Hollywood organizations like the American Film Institute as well as a who’s who of well-known celebrities.

Together, Kicksta and TSMA say they can guarantee you a minimum of at least 850 new followers per month through an add-on called TSMA Growth. This works in a unique way by harnessing the widespread reach of top social media influencers and celebrities.

When you opt in to the plan, TSMA coordinates an exclusive partnership between your brand and a top Instagram user who:

  • has a minimum of 500,000 followers
  • features in the top 1% of the most popular profiles
  • and has a highly engaged audience

Those high-profile social media stars then post a charitable giveaway on their account. To enter, their followers have to follow your account. As an incentive, every user that follows you increases the size of the donation that the influencer makes to a charity while at the same time boosting their chances of winning a lucrative prize.

The company guarantees that if adding you to one giveaway doesn’t land you those 850+ new followers, they’ll simply keep adding you to more giveaways until you reach that number.

24/7 Instagram Growth

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of using a service like Kicksta is that you don’t have to be physically active on the platform for it to work.

Once you’ve connected your account and chosen which Instagram influencers to target, you can turn your device off, go to bed and sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that the platform is still working to generate new followers for you.

If you’re pressed for time or simply have better things to do, you’ll find a lot to like about Kicksta’s impressive approach to marketing automation.

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Engagement Rate Calculator

Once you’re logged into the service, you’ll have a lot of tools and search filters at your disposal to help you find the right Instagram accounts to target. But if you already have a few key influencers in mind, you can use the handy free engagement rate calculator to see whether their followers are worth targeting:

Kicksta's Instagram Engagement Calculator

To use it, simply enter the username of any Instagram account. The platform uses a simple equation (dividing the total number of your posts and comments by your number of followers, dividing that number by 10, and multiplying that by 100) to determine their engagement rate.

This can not only help you determine which accounts are the best ones to follow, but can also prove invaluable for determining your own engagement rate, too.

Grow Instagram Automatically


Is Kicksta Safe and Legitimate?

The big concern about using social media tools like Kicksta is that using automation for likes, comments, and followers is a violation of most terms and conditions. This usually applies to accounts that use such tools to flood Instagram with a wealth of activity in a short space of time.

Kicksta simply doesn’t do this.

The service targets a small number of profiles at a time which may mean it takes longer to grow your account with this service than with others. But, according to Kicksta, this means you’re less likely to get banned from Instagram for shady behavior.

Of course, as with using any third-party tool, there’s always the risk that Instagram could see things differently and choose to block your account, so it’s worth exercising caution with these types of tools.

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Kicksta Pricing

One thing that disappoints me about Kicksta is that the company does not offer a free trial for you to give their service a test run.  Instead, they offer a 14-day, money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not right for you.

On the plus side, there are no contracts involved here. Although the company charges you on a monthly basis, you can cancel any time you like with no penalties and no fuss.

If you do decide to stick with the service, you can choose from one of the following three plans:

Kicksta Standard Plan – $49/month

Equivalent to $1.63 per day, this plan includes:

  • Target the followers of 10 Instagram accounts
  • Moderate follower growth
  • Free onboarding courses to help you make the most of the service

Kicksta Premium Plan – $99/month

Equivalent to $3.30 per day, the Premium plan includes everything in the standard plan plus:

  • Target the followers of up to 40 Instagram accounts
  • Maximum follower growth rate
  • Blacklist
  • Advanced targeting
  • VIP support via email

Kicksta Premium + TSMA Boost Plan – $218/month

The Boost plan works out to $7.27 per day and includes everything in the Premium plan plus:

  • Guaranteed 850 new followers per month
  • No Instagram login required
  • Premium support via text message (Monday-Friday).

Standard and Premium users can also choose to add the TSMA boost to their plan at any time for $119 per month. Just like the plans themselves, this option can be canceled at any time, making it ideal for accelerating your growth during those months when you have extra budget to play with.

Pros and Cons of Kicksta


  • The intuitive, beginner-friendly interface makes it easy to set your Instagram growth on autopilot.
  • Kicksta takes data privacy and account security seriously, so there’s little to no risk of your Instagram account being compromised.
  • The service offers a safer, more legitimate way to grow your Instagram presence without wasting money on paid followers who won’t engage with you and may get you banned.


  • Kicksta’s slow-but-steady approach may keep your account on the right side of Instagram’s terms and conditions, but it also means you’ll have to wait a while to start seeing significant results.
  • There is no free trial available.

What Customer Support Is Available?

Although there’s a lot to like about Kicksta, the company’s customer support options certainly aren’t among them.

Standard users only have email support available and it often takes longer than 24 hours to get a response. If your problem isn’t solved at the first point of contact, it could easily take up to a week to get it resolved.

Premium users can access live chat support, though this is only available Monday through Friday, meaning you’ll have to wait until the next work day if a problem arises on the weekend.

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Final Verdict: Is Kicksta Worth It?

Having put this popular Instagram growth tool through its paces, I can firmly conclude that Kicksta is certainly a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enjoy maximum follower growth with minimal effort.

The platform offers an excellent, beginner-friendly user experience, and does get results, even if it takes a little while to do so.

Whether you’re a would-be influencer who is struggling to grow or a business owner with limited time to spend on building up an Instagram following, the effectiveness and ease of use combined with affordable pricing make it worth giving Kicksta a try.

That said, although the company promises that they go to great lengths to stay on Instagram’s good side, using any kind of third-party automation tool to boost your social media presence always comes with at least some small risk that you may get booted from the service for policy violations.

If you’d rather not take that risk but you’re still eager to take advantage of Instagram as a means of boosting your online visibility, check out our guide to using influencer marketing instead.

Grow Instagram Automatically


FAQs About Kicksta

Will Instagram ban me for using Kicksta?

Kicksta has been very careful to ensure that their AI tools only target a small number of posts each day. While that does mean it sometimes takes a while to see significant growth, it also means that their service doesn’t fall foul of Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Are Kicksta followers real?

Yes. Unlike some social media growth platforms that rely on bots, spam accounts and other fake followers, Kicksta targets real users who actively engage on Instagram.

How long does Kicksta take to work?

Kicksta takes 24 hours to authorize setting up your account, after which it begins driving new followers to your account right away. That said, you may need to give it a few weeks to see any significant follower growth.

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