Best Instagram Marketing Agency: Top 5 Choices for 2023


Hiring an Instagram marketing agency can be the best way to transform your social media strategy.

Currently, Instagram stands as one of the most valuable social platforms on the web, attracting a massive 2 billion active monthly followers. Through this channel, companies can connect to customers using emotionally engaging and visual content, from snapshot reels to IGTV videos to simple newsfeed posts.

But this platform only delivers the right results when you know how to take full advantage of its features.

In this post, we’ll give you a curated list of the top Instagram agencies, the benefits you can expect from them, and how to choose the best one for your business goals.


Top 5 Instagram Marketing Firms

Now you know what an Instagram marketing agency can do, and what kind of features and capabilities you should be looking for, we can begin to explore some of the top agencies on the market today. Here are our top five picks.

1) Single Grain

  • Specializes In: Social media marketing, content creation, SEO
  • Top Clients: Amazon, Uber, Salesforce
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Single Grain marketing agency home page

Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a wide range of advertising options for brands. They have the skills and experience to create content for all kinds of social media channels and can work with your business to produce full inbound marketing strategies.

The company offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of marketing agency services available today, and they’ve worked with brands, large and small, all over the world to address everything from PPC to SEO campaign success. Their Instagram experts will work with you to understand your business value proposition, market and position, and build a campaign that makes sense for you.

Part of what makes Single Grain so effective as a marketing partner is their commitment to fully customizable services. You can create the exact inbound strategy you need from scratch and access a host of reports and analytics to highlight the success of your campaigns as you work. The company even offers extensive consulting and educational services.

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2) Disruptive Advertising

  • Specializes In: Paid advertising, website optimization, creative services
  • Top Clients: Klaviyo, Adobe, Deathwish Coffee
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Disruptive Advertising home page

Offering a variety of online advertising services either provided as singular solutions or bundles, Disruptive Advertising helps you to make the right impression online. The company knows how to master all the major social networks, as well as Google Ads, for PPC campaigns. Plus, Disruptive Advertising is an expert at building effective user personas.

If you’re looking for an agency capable of helping you build the perfect online image from scratch across a variety of platforms, Disruptive Advertising has a lot to offer. The agency builds custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram on your behalf.

Disruptive Advertising also believes in the power of split testing and will work with you to develop a wide range of tests to help you learn more about your audience’s preferences. You’ll definitely walk away with a deeper knowledge of your target audience.

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3) FireBelly

  • Specializes In: Instagram advertising, influencer marketing
  • Top Clients: For Dummies, Sony, Cisco,
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

FireBelly marketing home page

FireBelly is an award-winning social media marketing company committed to making companies more likable and engaging on their chosen social platforms. The company focuses exclusively on social media marketing, unlike other agencies which often combine social with inbound advertising.

With FireBelly, you can get expert guidance and support from a team capable of powering your influencer campaigns, Instagram photograph strategy and video creation. The company has even helped to create a number of leading social brands from scratch.

FireBelly’s excellent approach to bespoke customer service has earned it a strong reputation in the social media marketing landscape. The company uses proprietary research methods to learn more about your business and target audience before launching any Instagram campaigns.

4) Kairos Media

  • Specializes In: Social media marketing, content creation, inbound marketing
  • Top Clients: Rovio, Houseparty, JBL
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Kairos Media home page

One of the fastest-growing social and creative agencies in the UK and USA, Kairos Media has won a number of awards for its powerful marketing campaigns. The Kairos Media agency takes a unique approach to advertising, focusing on the perfect blend of creative ideas and scientific data.

Best known for their commitment to working hand-in-hand with their clients to create unique aesthetics on social media and eye-catching campaigns, Kairos Media knows how to make their clients stand out. The company can also provide extensive training resources to teams who want to learn more about social media marketing.

Kairos Media specialists in social media strategies which involve an artistic flair, making them ideal for companies who want to leverage the visual power of Instagram and similar channels. The company can also help with influencer marketing, and social strategy.

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5) LYFE Marketing

  • Specializes In: Social media marketing, SEO, content creation
  • Top Clients: H-Massage, Cardinal Group Management, Niche Digital Brands
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

Lyfe Marketing home page

LYFE Marketing is a dedicated social media marketing and content creation company specifically dedicated to helping small businesses grow larger through social media. The company has earned the attention of countless organizations over the years for their customized approach to working with each brand on unique advertising efforts.

LYFE can create your content for you from scratch, using extensive knowledge about each social media platform to ensure that every post performs perfectly. The company can also build on your Instagram strategy by connecting it with other inbound marketing campaign efforts.

Aside from assisting you with content creation, LYFE marketing can also offer services like paid social media advertising, analytics and social monitoring in order to help you capture more information about your audience.

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What Is an Instagram Marketing Agency?

An Instagram marketing agency is a firm specifically focused on helping businesses attract and engage the right audience on this social platform, making them ideal for brands looking to connect with their customers on a visual level.

Instagram marketing agencies assist companies with creating and maintaining ad campaigns through a host of tools specific to this social network. You can work with these firms to design comprehensive Instagram Stories, Reels, videos, and even scheduled Instagram posts.

As with most advertising agencies, Instagram-specific ones can take over all your promotional requirements, from designing and placing ads to scheduling your posts, or they can handle more specific tasks.

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook and the two platforms integrate naturally, it’s common to find Instagram marketing professionals who can also offer a multi-channel approach. This is ideal if you’re looking to spread your social strategy across more than one channel.

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What Do Instagram Marketing Agencies Do?

Instagram marketing companies come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different needs when it comes to social media marketing. Some organizations focus exclusively on Instagram campaigns and nothing else, while others can help you build a cross-channel strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

Although the exact services offered by your chosen agency will differ, the majority of them will work with you on focused campaigns to help you connect with your audience, engage followers, build your online presence, and improve conversions. Some of the services you can expect include:

  • Designing ad campaigns: Instagram agencies can create ad campaigns for pay-per-click advertisements and organic advertising strategies on Instagram. This often involves experimenting with a variety of different content types, including short-form videos like Reels, live videos, standard photos for the Instagram news reel and IGTV content:

  • Scheduling and posting content: Your advertising agency will use analytics and Instagram insights to determine the best times to post your content to get the best results. They can then work with you to build and manage publishing schedules, and may also offer suggestions on when to publish different kinds of content (like Stories or photos).
  • Optimizing inbound marketing: Using Instagram as a crucial tool for content creation, agencies can help drive new traffic and leads back to your website through targeted campaigns. This can improve your inbound marketing results and boost conversions.
  • Audience analysis: Most Instagram agencies will help you to develop a deeper understanding of your target audience. They can work with you on improving your targeting strategies based on the information you collect and help with building user profiles.
  • Creating unique content: Agencies create all kinds of unique content, including copy for your Instagram ads, photos, graphics, and other visuals. They might even be able to help you find people who can voice-over your video or create animations for you.
  • Reporting: The majority of marketing agencies will offer analytical reports to show you the benefits of your promotional campaigns and help you to determine which of your strategies have the best result on your audience.

As mentioned above, many marketing agencies can also align your Instagram strategy with other social campaigns, starting with Facebook.

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The Benefits of Hiring an Instagram Advertising Agency

While it’s possible to run Instagram campaigns on your own, it often requires extensive time and investment to really engage and connect with your audience. Hiring an Instagram advertising agency means you can take full advantage of your social media strategy without overwhelming your own marketing team or individual.

By hiring a dedicated Instagram agency, you can leverage these benefits:

  • Help engaging customers: A lot of the work involved with succeeding on Instagram involves actually engaging with your target audience. An agency can help you understand your followers, connect with them through comments and competitions, and build more relevant campaigns:

  • Stay on top of trends: Trends on Instagram are constantly changing, along with what your followers expect to see. An agency ensures that you can keep pace with your competition when it comes to producing cutting-edge content that connects with your audience. They can also help you determine which trends you should follow.
  • Explore different marketing strategies: An Instagram agency can give you a behind-the-scenes look at different social media marketing efforts and how they can influence your brand. For instance, they might help you explore the benefits of using live video on this platform or working with influencers and micro-influencers to improve your image.
  • Access to better insights: Most marketing firms have access to a wide range of tools outside of the standard Instagram Insights platform. This means they can provide deeper insights into your target audience and help you to make informed decision about future advertising campaigns.
  • Expert advice and guidance: Many advertising agencies will be able to offer extra advice on how you can expand your digital marketing strategy and improve your chances of success on Instagram and similar channels. They can even guide you on how to link different channels like Instagram and Facebook more effectively.
  • Consistent content creation: Many companies struggle with consistently producing new content to share on this social network. With an agency, this isn’t a problem. Brands can take advantage of their content creation team to constantly produce up-to-date pieces relevant to their target audience.

Instagram marketing companies can even work alongside your existing marketing team, saving them crucial time and ensuring that they have more scope to focus on the parts of their job they do best.

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How to Choose an Instagram Marketing Company

Instagram agencies come in a variety of different flavors, from simple companies who focus exclusively on designing Instagram posts to full-service social media experts. Choosing the right agency for your needs means thinking carefully about the kind of Instagram marketing goals you most want to achieve.

Here are some points to consider when you’re selecting your agency.

Content Creation Skills

Marketing on Instagram often involves the use of a lot of different kinds of content combined to create a specific aesthetic for your brand. The right agency should have a team of experts available that are capable of offering everything from professional photography to graphic design skills.

Make sure your chosen agency can deliver all the content you need to connect with your target audience. This could include video creation specialists, IGTV experts, professionals with a knack for Stories, and even writers who can master your Instagram captions.

Deep Knowledge of the Platform

Perhaps the most obvious thing to look for when choosing an Instagram agency is a clear knowledge of the platform. Instagram has a number of unique features you need to be aware of to get the most out of it, from Instagram Stories to IGTV, and each of these tools require their own distinct strategies.

The right Instagram marketers will know how to leverage multiple content types on the platform to improve your chances of reaching the right audience. They should also be able to help with important extras, like choosing hashtags.

Industry Knowledge

While a deep knowledge of your industry isn’t always crucial to succeeding with Instagram marketing, companies who have worked with brands like yours before can offer additional benefits. If your chosen agency has worked with similar companies in the past, they’ll already have a good idea of what kind of content you need to produce to stand out.

A deeper industry knowledge will help your agency produce the right aesthetic for your brand, capable of highlighting your company as more trustworthy and reputable. They’ll also have more ideas for things like content production and hashtag strategies.

Access to Useful Tools

While many social platforms come with built-in reporting and analytics tools, you can often get deeper insights into your audience and marketplace by using third-party solutions. Most of the top Instagram agencies will have access to powerful tools to help give you the best possible data.

Aside from analytical tools, your agency might also leverage additional software such as Photoshop for enhancing the professional impact of your images, or scheduling software so you can always publish your content at the right time.

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Red Flags to Watch Out For

It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of service you’re going to get from your Instagram marketing agency straight away. However, examining each company carefully can sometimes highlight red flags, which may help you to avoid making the wrong decision. Look out for:

  • Limited reviews or case studies: If your company doesn’t have any background working with other companies on Instagram, they can’t prove themselves to you and your brand. Look for evidence that the agency is already successful.
  • Low quality software: If your agency doesn’t have access to crucial tools for video and photo editing, this can damage the appearance of your brand and make it harder to attract followers in the future.
  • Guarantees of follower growth: While Instagram agencies can help you increase your follower count, they can’t guarantee a certain number of followers in a specific time. If an agency gives you such promises, this could indicate they’re using bots and spam techniques.

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Ready to Hire the Right Instagram Marketing Agency?

Hiring the right Instagram marketing firm is a great way to give your business an edge over the countless other brands striving to stand out on the platform. With a great agency, you’ll be able to strengthen your position online and attract more customers to your store.

When choosing an Instagram marketing agency, remember to:

  • Focus on access to the right tools, like Photoshops and analytics software
  • Look for evidence of previous successes with social media
  • Ask about their skills with different kinds of Instagram content.

You can even consider asking about the company’s knowledge of features like Instagram Shopping, for increasing potential sales.

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