How to Create Winning Snapchat Clothing Ads

Thinking about taking advantage of Snapchat clothing ads?

Since the platform has grown and expanded, they have started offering more promotional solutions for businesses, specifically Snap Ads. This advertising solution has become especially popular among fashion companies and clothing brands, allowing them to create ads to boost their sales.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create high-converting Snapchat clothing ads, with examples from fashion brands who are slaying the advertising game.

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Elevate Snapchat Fashion Ads

Why Your Fashion Brand Should Invest in Snap Ads

Snapchat has changed drastically since its inception and rise to popularity in 2011. They revolutionized the concept of Story posting, the 24-hour posts available outside your regular feed. Snapchat also popularized video content and made it more accessible to share with others, inspiring other social platforms.

Snapchat has an advertising reach of 575.7 million users.

While this doesn’t compare with social media giant Facebook, it is still an impressively large audience base for your marketing efforts, especially for businesses who identify the platform as popular among their target demographic. Keep in mind:

65% of Snapchat users are in the 18-to-29-year-old category, one of the most significant age groups for fashion consumption.

It is also one of the best advertising platforms for global fashion brands. Most users are in India (144.35 million), with the U.S. in second place (107.9 million). It is also popular in France, the UK and the Middle East (specifically Saudi Arabia).

These aren’t the only reasons the visual-based platform is the perfect outlet for fashion advertising. Compared to rivals such as Instagram, Snapchat offers countless creative advertising options. Fashion companies can advertise with Snapchat lenses, filters, AR, Bitmoji, Stories, native content on the Discover page, and more.

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How to Create Snapchat Ads That Increase Sales

There are many ways to create high-quality ads that will attract leads and increase sales while achieving excellent ROAS. Here are some Snapchat fashion advertising tips that are sure to convert.

Create Story Ads

In October 2013, Snapchat made one of the most significant updates to its app: Stories. Users could post images and short video clips to their Stories, lasting 24 hours. This feature took off, with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok taking their own spin with the Stories concept.

Today, Snapchat Stories has more than 400 million uploads every day.

Since its inception, Snapchat has innovated its Stories platform even more, offering Story Ads. Users can scroll through their Stories and find your ad, providing brands with an effective way to attract new customers.

But you should approach Story Ads differently than other marketing channels:

Since Stories only last 24 hours, use this feature to promote limited edition sales and other exclusive offers.

Certain ad types also work better when posted on all platforms, including Stories. For example, if you’re promoting an appearance at a major event, such as New York Fashion Week, you can post this ad in Stories and Spotlight to widen your reach.

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Get Featured on the Discover Page

The Snapchat Discover Page is one of the app’s most versatile features. Users can see their friends’ stories and other popular content from celebrities, influencers, and brands in one convenient feed.

20% of Snapchat users view the Discover Page daily.

You can advertise on the Discover feed to get your fashion content in front of more prospects. These ads look like native advertisements, blending with organic content and better targeting your audience. Brands have the option to create a branded tile on the Discover page or use Story ads.

Examples of Discover Snapchat ads include new clothing announcements, giving fashion advice and outfit recommendations, uploading visually stunning images and videos, sharing fashion trends, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Collaborate With Influencers

Did you know that 56% of consumers say they purchased something after they saw an influencer use it? This is one of the many reasons why influencer collaborations are worth it, especially in your advertising campaign.

This is especially true for fashion brands – beauty and fashion are the most effective industries for hosting influencer campaigns.

There’s a big reason why fashion influencers are popular: they offer style inspiration, especially to Gen Z. They have a unique style and produce consistent content, allowing them to gain a strong and loyal audience.

Many top fashion influencers are on Snapchat, such as models Imaan Hammam and Bella and Gigi Hadid:

How can fashion brands collaborate with fashion influencers? There are many influencer-fueled advertising ideas. If you’re hosting an event, such as an influencer Snapchat takeover, advertise this to your following in the days leading up to it. If you’re promoting a sale or special offer, you can ask the influencer to announce the sale and advertise this on Snapchat.

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Add a Geofilter

If you own a brick-and-mortar fashion company or attend a location-based event, you’ll want to use geofilters in your Snapchat ads. Geofilters are images or lenses that reflect a location, such as a city or neighborhood. They’re free to use, and anyone can add them to a post, including an ad.

There are many reasons to use a geofilter in your ads. For one, they’re an exceptional local advertising tool. Users in your region can search the Snaps that use the geofilter and find your ad. Since geofilters are free, you’re not paying anything extra to attract a local audience.

In a survey, 96% of respondents said they had seen an ad referencing their location. This makes the free geofilter a valuable feature in your advertising strategy.

Note: Previously, companies were able to sponsor branded filters and geofilters. Now, Snapchat no longer supports this ad type. However, you can still add pre-made geofilters, create your own geofilter and use it as an organic option, or tag your location in your ad:Snapchat location tag for ads

Take Advantage of Events

Snapchat is the perfect place to advertise an upcoming appearance. Whether hosting a fashion event or just making an appearance, you’re sure to convert leads and increase revenue with event advertising.

48% of companies see an ROI of 300-500% with event marketing.

Center your advertising strategy around an upcoming fashion event. Tag your location and collaborate with influencers to boost your reach and entice the local market. You can also create your own filter or lens for your ads. Don’t forget to produce more engaging content, such as behind-the-scenes footage.

You can use these best practices to promote an online event to attract a global audience, such as a virtual runway, an online store opening, and a new product collection. Continue collaborating with influencers and even entice customers to produce UGC.

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Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most budget-friendly forms of advertising, ensuring that you reach your target audience while improving your ROAS. Not only is it budget-friendly, but this form of advertising also improves purchase intent, increasing sales even more.

Since SnapChatters are twice as likely to share their purchase compared to non-SnapChat users, this is a great opportunity to engage your customers:

Snapchatters more likely to share their purchase

Gen Z is also more likely to share UGC.

There are other reasons why this type of content is effective for an advertising campaign. It creates social proof, enhancing your brand awareness and trust among consumers:

Keds social media post based around user-generated content

To find content to share with your audience, search your brand mentions or hashtags on Snapchat. Remake the content into a Snapchat ad (with consent from your customer, of course). Examples of UGC image and video ads that convert include unboxings and hauls.

There are some best practices when creating UGC ads. If targeting a particular region, tag your location or use a geofilter. You can edit the content slightly, including your branded filter or adding captions to a video. But don’t edit too much – you want the content to remain as authentic as possible.

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Invest in Bitmoji Fashion

More fashion brands are investing in Bitmoji, a custom emoji offering many personalization features. This includes notable fashion brands like Ralph Lauren:

Users can dress their Bitmojis in virtual designer clothing, inspiring them to buy these same pieces IRL.

While this feature is still under development, fashion companies should invest in Bitmoji fashion to stay competitive and entice customers in a new way. In the future, Snapchat is expected to expand to sponsored collections – they’re already hosting collaborations with brands such as Carhartt.

Can you use Bitmojis in your ads? There are possible legal repercussions to this. In the fine print, you must seek approval from Snapchat before using Bitmoji IP (including avatars) in your product promotions. Unless you feel it’s necessary, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not include any Bitmojis when creating advertisements.

Elevate Snapchat Fashion Ads

Leverage AR

Out of all the examples of social augmented reality (AR), most people are familiar with Snapchat lenses. To stay competitive with Instagram’s Shopping features, they are expanding their beauty and fashion AR to draw consumers away from other social platforms:

Snapchat boosts AR tryon tools Farfetch Prada dive in

With fashion AR, users can try on clothes and wear accessories from the app. The advanced AR features can detect body movements and facial expressions, making the virtual try-on look realistic.

There are plans to expand this feature and integrate with online stores, so users can shop for the items they try on in the app. Major brands like Prada are already adapting these new tools.

This is an excellent advertising and promotion opportunity for fashion brands. While Snapchat restricts sponsored filters, companies can use AR lenses in ads. While these advanced fashion AR tools are still in the beginning stages, clothing companies should plan to include them in their future Snapchat advertising campaigns.

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Don’t Forget Personalization

If you host personalized advertising campaigns, Snapchat is one of the social media platforms that power crucial data in their ads, allowing you to speak to your audience directly. Since 40.5% of consumers want to see ads that target their interests, investing in personalization is key to attracting more leads.

How do you run personalized ads? First, use the correct data. Fortunately, Snapchat helps companies out with this. They collect data about user behavior, interests, and demographics.

When creating content for your Snapchat ads, use the Audience section to refine your target audience by demographics and interests. You can also create custom audience segments based on data, ensuring you reach your exact market.

Snapchat uses AI to power your personalization ads and ensure they deliver relevant content to their audience at the best times.

Many features we mentioned already will make your ads more personable. This includes fashion AR, specifically virtual clothing try-on tools, and Bitmoji fashion. Geofilters will target local users, increasing in-store sales and event attendance.

Clothing companies can also get personable with their Stories ads. You can use customer data and buying behaviors to recommend data-driven outfits and clothing suggestions. Interactive content, such as polls and quizzes, is engaging and personable.

3 Brands That Take Snapchat Clothing Ads to a New Level

Do you need some inspiration for your Snapchat paid strategy? Some brands have mastered the advertising game, using these features and tools to capture their target audience. Here are some effective examples of fashion advertising on the platform.


Currently, Shein is the most popular fashion brand in the world. Their market capitalization is worth $47 billion USD, and they have a 40% market share in the U.S..

There are many reasons why the brand is such a success – their low prices and convenient app shopping are among the biggest. They also target Gen Z consumers globally.

But Shein also converts serious leads with its Snapchat campaigns. Since they target Gen Z, their ads appear all over social media. They advertise their clothing and accessories on Snapchat’s Discover page, using compelling images and clips in their video ads.

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Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga started as a prestigious yoga apparel company, but it expanded its line to include other items, such as dresses and jackets. On their Snapchat, they offer a VR try-on tool for their coats:

They have two coat options: a black and tan coat. After trying on the coat, users can select “Shop Now,” where Snapchat will redirect them to the Alo Yoga website. This easy-to-navigate purchase journey boost conversions and drives sales.


Fashion brand ASOS was one of the first companies to use Snapchat’s Promoted Stories:

They ran their first campaign for Black Friday, where they showed “night-out worthy looks” for the upcoming holiday season. ASOS added captions such as “Dress to Impress,” followed by a 20% off coupon.

Convert Leads With Snapchat Clothing Ads

Snapchat is among the most popular social media apps, especially among the younger demographic.

More app users want to interact with fashion brands and buy products on the platform. That’s why the platform offers more advertising features and is releasing serious collaboration opportunities for fashion companies.

Brands can advertise on Stories or the Discovery feed and use more innovative features, such as Bitmoji fashion and virtual clothing try-on tools, to elevate their ads and improve their marketing efforts. Use these features and tools as inspiration for your Snapchat clothing ads.

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Elevate Snapchat Fashion Ads

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