The Ultimate List of Useful Facebook Apps

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Admit it – the first thing that you think of when you hear “Facebook Apps” is Farmville. Though the social game industry has grown along with the selection of Facebook Apps, it is a mistake to confuse the two. Apps about that are useful for internet marketers and their company pages. Here is a curated list of the apps to use to engage your audience and make your Facebook fan page the best it can be.


With so many things going on with different profiles, it's great for people to have a one-stop shop of your activity on the web. Push RSS feeds, videos, slideshows, and more onto your profile every time they are updated.

NetworkedBlogs – Promote your blog and learn about other blogs in this community of bloggers on Facebook.

Facebook Notes – This app is built-in and familiar to many, but don't forget to add the occasional note on behalf of your company instead of making a corporate blog post.

Social RSS – A different way of cross-posting blog posts onto your Facebook fan page.

RSS Graffiti – Reads multiple feeds and pushes the updates to your Facebook page.

Twitter for Pages – Let your corporate Twitter feed be posted on your Facebook page as well.

Facebook Video – Upload videos to Facebook for users to see your company face-to-face.

YouTube Channels – Promote your youTube videos as soon as they're posted.

Video Channel – Another way to post your youTube videos on your profile.

SlideShare – Create interactive slideshows for users to read and learn from.

Photo Showcase – Showcase your company with photos to engage customers and fans.

Menutab for Restaurants – If your restaurant is on Facebook, show off its menu with a separate Menu tab.

Scribd for Pages – Share your documents on Facebook, including .doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, and .txt files.

Customer Interaction

Find creative ways for customers to interact and talk back by adding reviews and badges, letting people sign up for your email list, and running promotions on Facebook.

Reviews – Let your users leave reviews and testimonials on your fan page.

Memorable Web Addresses – Get a Facebook vanity URL, or use this app to get a address.

Facebook Ads – Target your customers exactly.

Facebook Badges – Show off your badges on your homepage, and let your fans show their loyalty.

Fan Appz – Helps fans find brands, and brands attract fans.

Badges – A third-party app that encourages your fans to interact by adding your badges and showing their friends.

Fan Voice – Get feedback from your users.

Email Lists

MailChimp – Link your Facebook page with your MailChimp email newsletter.

Constant Contact Labs – Join My Mailing List – Connect your Constant Contact email newsletter to your fan page.

Contact Me – Add a contact form to your Facebook page.

iContact Email Signup – Another way to have users sign up on your email list.

ShootQ Contact Form – Add a contact form to have leads entered into a ShootQ account you create.


Polls for Pages – A paid app that adds polls to your pages or news feed.

Poll – A free poll app used by millions to create polls for friends and fans.

Sweepstakes – Get your fans involved by offering prizes from a branded sweepstakes page.

Sweepstakes – A different app with the same name (and the same capabilities).

Contests – Launch contests straight from your page.

Easypromos – Create promotions and contests straight from your profile – they're even multilingual!

Demandforce Easy Coupons – Publish promotional offers to your Facebook page.

Group Deals – Branded social coupons for your products right on your fan page.

Getting Work Done

Whether analytics or note-taking, you still have work that needs to get done – so why not connect it to your Facebook account to keep everything in one place?

Calliflower Online Meetings – Help your team work together better by organizing online meetings.

Calendar – Make sure you know what is happening when with a calendar right on your Facebook page. – Get stats about your social media content and outposts.

Sysomos Heartbeat – A social media analytics product suite. – Log into Alexa with Facebook Connect.

SproutSocial – Manage your social presence across a number of channels, including Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare, and more.

Postling – Helping small businesses manage their social media profiles.

fellowup – An automated “executive assistant” dashboard to give you control of information about your network.

Demandforce Easy Scheduler – Let customers request appointments with your business.

Looking Good

Make the right first impressions with custom landing pages and descriptive contact information.

FANBLDR – Build your Facebook page from the ground up, with specific templates for different business types.

iwipa – Create an HTML website inside an iframe on your fan page.

Custom Welcome Page & Tabs – Create your own custom pages, and let this app help you out.

My Tab – Put your Like button anywhere on your landing page for an eye-catching difference! Welcome Tab app – Make your own Welcome Tab – no coding required.

First Impression – Create a simple, beautiful landing page.

FancyFanPages – Choose a template for a basic welcome page.

Add Google Map – Add a Google Map to your page.

Selling Stuff

Your Facebook page can become an outpost for your e-commerce store by just adding a shopping cart – there are several to choose from!

Ecwid – Free E-commerce Shopping Cart – A free shopping cart to mirror on multiple sites, including Facebook, and managed all in one place.

VendorShop – Free e-commerce shopping cart – Another free shopping cart with a fast set-up time.

ShopTab – Create a “Shop” tab on your page so that users can shop without leaving Facebook.

Show and Sell – Show off your products in order to make more sales.

Browse the Facebook App directory to find more apps that might be specifically suited to your business (or more games you want to use to *ahem* find new contacts). And remember: just because you're using them for business doesn't mean Facebook Apps can't be fun!

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