Facebook News Feed: More Crucial Than Your Fan Page?

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When you are trying to capture the attention of your customers you want to be seen and to be heard. You want to be seen initially, catching someone's interest, but you also want to be heard and payed attention to as you build an ongoing relationship.

Facebook has turned into a great tool to fulfill both of those requirements. Though there has been a lot written about optimizing your fan page for that initial visit, how do you continue the conversation? Facebook users are so inundated with data that they seldom return to the same page more than once. So how can you continue the conversation? Through the news feed!

You might wonder how Facebook chooses the stories that appear in the “Top News” section of a person's news feed. It involves a formula known as the EdgeRank of a particular update.

The [EdgeRank] formula is based on three factors:

  • how often two people interact on Facebook
  • how many comments and likes a particular post has and
  • how old the post is.

In Facebook lingo, these three qualifications are termed affinityedge and decay, respectively.

Clearly, you can't prevent the post from aging – but you can help ensure that the affinity and edge are maintained as long as possible.

To improve your affinity

Make it easy for people to find you. Include “Like” buttons on your website and links to your profile on other social media profiles, your e-mail footer, or wherever else you are seen online.

If someone reaches out, via a comment, wall post, or other contact, be sure to reciprocate! Comment back or like what they had to say. Don't let a conversation go unanswered!

However, be mindful of breeching trust. Don't assume you have more of a relationship than you do, especially when commenting as the fan page. Commenting on pictures of families or jumping into conversations between friends is often seen as tasteless and could tarnish your reputation more than improve it.

If you are talking about someone specific (linking to a post of theirs, for example), get their attention by tagging them in the mention. This will show up in their notifications and on their wall, and could lead both them and their friends and contacts back to your page.

To improve your edge

Encourage people to interact with each and every post. Make sure headings and meta tags are engaging, and experiment to see what works for your audience. Using a teaser might catch some people who click out of curiosity, but others will only click on a link if they feel the information they will get is worth the effort.

Request “likes” and comments, especially by asking a question. Make sure you vary the wording so you don't sound like a drone, and interact with the answers you hear.

Multimedia is a huge draw on Facebook – use photos and videos to engage your audience. You can even show a photo beside any article link you post, as long as that photo is also in your article itself. But make sure the picture isn't always your corporate logo – that makes the posting seem very mechanical and people could be less inclined to interact.

Combine multiple tips from above. If you ask a question and post a link, people who answer the question without visiting the link will still help bump the link up into the news feeds of others who might click it.

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