12 Free SEO Report Templates That Will Save You Time & Effort

A good SEO report distinguishes a reputed SEO agency from a mediocre one.

These reports are a great way to analyze the progress of your SEO campaigns on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis. However, preparing an SEO report is not an easy task. It is time-consuming, and this is where SEO report templates are so helpful.

If you are an SEO agency owner or a freelance SEO consultant looking to prepare a professional, data-driven and value-adding report for your clients, then this article is for you.

I have listed the top SEO report templates that you can use to showcase website SEO health to your clients in a faster and efficient manner than by creating your own reports from scratch.


What Is an SEO Report?

An SEO report is a short and concise data-driven document that provides an overview of the organic performance of a website in the search engines. Your clients won’t pay you for your services unless you show them the value that you offer to their business.

The report is a way to measure the search engine optimization efforts, and it contains the following metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Organic traffic
  • Organic clicks
  • Impressions
  • Top landing pages
  • Top converting pages
  • CTR
  • Conversion rate
  • Top ranking keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Site authority

Apart from offering a summary of the website’s performance, the report also provides in-depth insights to the client in the form of charts, images and tables. For C-level executives who might not have their hand in the daily goings on of their site, reports are a great way to review the ROI of SEO to either increase or put the brakes on the allocated funds.

Hence, SEO reports should always represent the true behavior of the search engine performance of a website. An accurate report with relevant suggestions is useful in the long run, compared to reports that are artificially enhanced to display only positive metrics.

Why Is an SEO Report Important?

An SEO report is essential for the following reasons:

  • Your clients can track the efforts that you or your team are making to improve the organic performance of their website. Better performance leads to higher budget spends, which leads to more profits.
  • Reports are the best way to identify critical issues on a website before it’s too late.
  • You can see the type of content that generates the maximum conversions. Hence, you can prepare more content similar to your best-performing articles to improve the ROI of your SEO campaigns.
  • Ranking reports are a great way to keep an eye on competitors so that you can make proactive changes on the website before the rankings decline sharply.
  • KPI-based SEO reporting leads to better allocation of marketing spend.
  • Regular reporting makes you check Google Search Console and Google Analytics every week at a minimum. Hence, you always remain at the forefront of any significant issues that might affect the organic visibility of the website.
  • You can find new keywords for which the site is acquiring traffic and include them in your SEO strategy.

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12 Best SEO Report Templates

Here are twelve of the most useful SEO reporting templates that you can customize to prepare high-end reports for your clients.

Template #1 – Simple Monthly SEO Report Template from Backlinko

Backlinko Monthly SEO Report Template

If you are a newbie Internet marketer looking for a simple SEO report template to offer to your clients, then this document is for you.

Brian Dean of Backlinko created this basic SEO report template. It covers most of the fundamental KPIs that an SEO should monitor for measuring the organic performance of a website.

What’s included in the report:

  • Comparison of organic search performance (YOY)
  • Performance summary (like increase in the number of traffic, leads or conversions)
  • Top organic search keywords and their comparison (YOY)
  • Top landing pages for organic search and their comparison (YOY)
  • Top keyword rankings for the current month

Free report link: Monthly SEO Report Template from Backlinko

Template #2 – SEO Report Template from Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Report Template

If you are looking for a fully customizable SEO report that offers a good overview on site health, critical SEO issues, organic traffic, backlink report, ranking visibility, and suggestions for the next month’s SEO work, then the Ahrefs SEO report template is best for you.

What’s included in the report:

  • A summary of the progress of SEO work done so far.
  • SEO health overview such as duplicate content issues and internal linking fixes.
  • Backlink profile such as an increase in referring domains.
  • Organic position report showing an increase or decrease in rankings.
  • Organic search report showing an increase or decrease in traffic.
  • Top landing pages and organic keywords that are bringing traffic to those pages.
  • Ranking insights such as the number of keywords ranking in SERP, number of featured snippet rankings, and number of image packs.
  • A summary of the next month’s work to carry forward the progress done so far.

Free report link: SEO Report from Ahrefs

Template #3 – Monthly Link Building Report from Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics Report Template

One of the essential SEO work reports that needs to be sent to the client every week or month is the link-building work report. This report highlights your link acquisition efforts to the clients site in a documented manner.

The link-building report from Agency Analytics provides an overview of the published links and offers a summary of the link-building efforts along with the plan.

What’s included in the report:

  • A summary of the link outreach efforts and results.
  • An overview of the work done in the month, along with the goals achieved.
  • A list of the published links with a corresponding chart and a graph that summarizes the link acquisition distribution based on the type of links.
  • A summary of the total backlinks, such as the number of referring domains, citation flow, trust flow, followed links, and text links.
  • A ranking report showing positive and negatives changes on the organic search rankings for the targeted keywords.

Free report link: Monthly Link-Building Report from Agency Analytics

SEOSandwitch Keyword Report Template

Keyword research is a crucial element of SEO. It forms the base of your entire SEO strategy and should be performed intelligently.

If you are looking for an innovative and efficient way to showcase your keywords to your client, then the SEO keyword research template from SEOsandwitch is the best for you.

This template presents keywords in a unique manner containing new fields such as the number of links needed to outrank the competition and the chances of acquiring a featured snippet.

What’s included in the report:

  • The seed keyword.
  • List of related, long-tail, and question keywords.
  • List of synonym variations and the top competitor keywords.
  • The search volume, estimated number of clicks, and SEO difficulty score of keywords.
  • The chances of acquiring featured snippets for the listed keyword.
  • The number of links needed to outrank the competition.

Free report link: SEO Keyword Research Template from SEOSandwitch

Template #5 – SEO Audit Report from SEOptimer

SEOptimer SEO Report Template

An SEO audit is the first step before starting an SEO campaign from scratch. Conducting a thorough audit lets you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the domain so that you can see where you’re at and make adjustments to your SEO marketing budget.

The sample SEO audit report from SEOptimer is free to download as a PDF. You can convert the information into any other format of your choice and customize it according to your needs.

What’s included in the report:

  • Presents an SEO score after analyzing the domain on five fronts that are SEO, usability, performance, social, and security.
  • A title tag, keyword, and content check.
  • Presence of image alt attributes.
  • The total number of backlinks and a list of top links sorted by domain authority.
  • Search engine friendly URL checks.
  • Summary of broken links, sitemaps, and schema data.
  • Check on mobile usability and website speed.
  • Overview of social presence and site security.
  • Recommendations to fix the identified issues along with task priorities.

Free report link: SEO Audit Sample Report from SEOptimer

Template #6 – SEO Competitor Analysis Report from Moz

Moz SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is used as a roadmap to identify the amount of work needed to defeat your current organic competitors. Without proper competitor analysis, you won’t be able to fully grasp the strategies you need for better search rankings.

The SEO competitor analysis report from Moz contains all the relevant sections that are essential to have a bird’s-eye view on the strategies used by your competitors. It also helps to identify the gaps in terms of organic presence and backlinks between your target domain and the competition.

What’s included in the report:

  • Keyword gap analysis, which identifies the keywords for which your competitors rank but your target site doesn’t.
  • Link gap analysis, which identifies the referring domains that link back to your competitors but don’t link back to your target domain.
  • The top content of your competitors and the number of links pointing to them.
  • The title, description, PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) of the top-ranking pages for your target keywords.

Free report link: SEO Competitor Analysis Template from Moz

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Template #7 – The Keyword Ranking Summary Report from Link Assistant

Link Assistant Keyword Ranking Summary Report

Notifying your client about the changes in organic rankings of the target keywords is necessary to educate them on the progress of their SEO.

The report that you send to the client should reflect the increase or decrease in the rankings over time. The keyword ranking summary report from Link Assistant is pretty self-explanatory. It provides a complete idea on the overall ranking progress of the domain on all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

What’s included in the report:

  • Percentage improvement in the organic visibility of the domain compared to the previous period.
  • Domain visibility as a percentage on the top three search engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo!.
  • The number of keywords that are ranking in the first position, top 10, and top 50.
  • The number of keywords that have moved up or down in the organic rankings.
  • The number of keywords ranked in places, images, videos, shopping, and news.

Free report link: Keyword Ranking Summary Report from Link Assistant

Template #8 – Google Data Studio SEO Report Template from SEMrush

SEMrush Google Data Studio SEO Report Template

Google Data Studio lets you prepare interactive dashboards and beautiful reports. You can connect to data sources and the data will be fetched automatically.

The Google Data Studio SEO report template from SEMrush is a great way to prepare high-value reports with less effort. Since the data is retrieved automatically, all you need to do is to customize your report, add your comments, and select the sources. All the manual copy/pasting of data is not required.

What’s included in the report:

  • Organic traffic overview, like the changes in organic traffic over the last month.
  • The total number of SEO traffic conversions.
  • A summary of how organic traffic compares to other channels such as direct, affiliate, referral, social, and others.
  • Organic keyword ranking improvement summary.
  • A position breakdown of the keywords ranking in 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, and 21-100.
  • The number of backlinks earned or lost during the selected period.
  • A site health overview displaying the errors, warnings, and suggestions to improve them.

Free report link: SEO Report Template from SEMrush

Swydo Monthly SEO Report Template

If you are looking for a report that digs deeper, such as listing the pages that are bringing in revenue, and breaks down the total revenue earned on a week by week basis, then the SEO report template from Swydo is the best for you.

What’s included in the report:

  • Improvement in the number of total impressions, CTR and clicks.
  • Listing of the top keywords, their average position, CTR and clicks.
  • Listing of the top pages on the site, their average position, CTR and clicks.
  • A summary of the organic performance, including bounce rate, goal conversion rate, sessions, average session duration, transactions, and revenue.
  • Organic search performance in terms of weekly revenue.
  • Top 5 product performance by revenue.
  • Conversion breakdown in terms of devices like desktop, mobile and tablets.
  • A historical table showing the data for the past 6 months.

Free report link: SEO Report Example from Swydo

Template #10 – What Is SEO? Client Education Template from Moz

Moz What Is SEO? Client Education Template

This report template is a bit different from the others on this list. 

SEO is a tricky subject. You might be amazed to learn that most clients have an incorrect understanding of SEO. So, you will have to make sure that your clients understand the basics of SEO in order to understand the reports you send to them.

If they don’t understand the value of SEO, then you might have a hard time convincing them to provide a good budget for organic marketing. Therefore, I suggest that every SEO marketer provide an SEO education document to their clients. This will help keep your suggestions and the client’s understanding of the suggestions on the same page.

What’s included in the report:

  • A summary of what SEO is and the need for it.
  • Some reasons why SEO is so difficult.
  • An overview of how SEO supports ongoing marketing efforts.
  • An explanation of the working of SEO.
  • An explanation of the SEO pricing so that the clients understand what they are paying for.
  • A solid explanation of how SEO helps the client make more money.
  • Some red flags that the client should watch out for because not every SEO company is the same.
  • The SEO plan to support the client business.

Free report link: SEO Education Template from Moz

Template #11 – Link-Building Progress Report from Linkody

Linkody Backlinks Report Template

We all know that almost 50% of our SEO work is concentrated on links. No matter how informative and comprehensive your content is, if it doesn’t have enough backlinks, it won’t rank high in the SERPs for its keywords.

Links help a resource to rank at the top for several search queries that are closely related to the seed topic. Hence, a significant part of the SEO work strategy is focused on acquiring high-quality and relevant links.

The Link-Building Progress Report from Linkody offers a comprehensive summary of the value obtained by the link-building work. It helps to inform your clients of the work you did to improve the authority of the domain.

What’s included in the report:

  • The Moz Domain Authority (DA), the citation flow, the trust flow, the Alexa rank, and the total number of backlinks.
  • A listing of the number of links acquired during a period along with the date, link status, DA, and spam score.
  • The total number of links added during a period.
  • The average DA of the acquired domains.

Free report link: Backlinks Report from Linkody

Template #12 – Complete SEO Audit Report from Hobo Web

Hobo Web Complete SEO Audit Report Template

A complete SEO audit is important in order to plan your next SEO move. This helps the client to understand what’s wrong with their website, what their competitors are doing that they aren’t, and which metrics play a crucial role in improving the organic visibility of the website.

The SEO audit report from Hobo Web covers all the essential data that you need to present to the client in the best manner.

What’s included in the report:

  • A to-do list to improve the organic visibility of your website.
  • A list of critical errors such as page speed, bounce rate, mobile UX, etc., that are impacting the organic performance of the domain.
  • Technical SEO suggestions like the presence of keywords in the title, URL, and page content.
  • Suggestions to improve the internal link structure.
  • The backlink score and recommendations to improve it.
  • Keywords and their ranking positions on Google along with the search volume, CPC, and the URL.
  • Advice to improve the page copy.
  • Number of suspicious links and links to be disavowed.
  • Competitor analysis summary showing an effective comparison of the target domain vs the competitor domains.
  • Site performance graph and summary for the last 12 months.
  • List of crawl and redirect errors.
  • Suggestions to improve overlapping and boilerplate content.

Free report link: SEO Audit Report from Hobo Web

Delivering easy-to-understand and comprehensive reports are important to show the value that your SEO services offer to your clients. You should not leave any stone unturned to prepare customized and effective SEO reports. Use any of the twelve free SEO report templates discussed in this article to demonstrate your expertise. Happy SEO reporting!

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