Creative Marketing Strategies: How to Market a Cannabis Company

With the legal restrictions surrounding cannabis, how do you market it? I visited a client in San Francisco to learn how they got creative with marketing strategies.

In this episode of The 7-Figure Playbook, an entrepreneur vlog, I met with The Green Cross, the “premier medical cannabis dispensary with storefront and delivery service in San Francisco.” Because you can’t really advertise online for that (at least for right now), you have to find creative ways to get the word out there.

People say that print doesn't work anymore or billboards don't work anymore, but I think that's wrong. I think that it just depends on the niche that you're in. Click To Tweet

Marketers like to make these blanket statements or people read some kind of article saying, “Oh, it’s all about advertising where you can measure everything.”

The Green Cross has a bunch of bus ads. We saw multiple bus ads here in San Francisco — and clearly it makes sense, because that’s where their demographic is.

Check out the video below to hear the whole vlog!

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Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: Creative Marketing Strategies: How to Market a Cannabis Company TRANSCRIPT

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