9 Proven E-mail Templates to Add to Your Conversion Funnel

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Have you ever frozen up in front of a blank page, afraid to write that e-mail to your subscribers? It’s hard. When you have thousands of people reading your stuff, every e-mail can be intimidating to write.

That’s why we’ve made a list of 9 e-mails that you can add to your conversion funnel today. They are:

  • Case Study
  • FAQ E-mail
  • Proven Content
  • Article
  • Video & Audio Content
  • Quick Tip
  • Parable
  • Q&A
  • Live Training

Let’s dive right in!

1) Case Study

People love case studies. These e-mails are storytelling and education combined. Use them to remove specific objections.

Single Grain case study_approach_intuit

Source: Single Grain case studies

For example, maybe you hear the objection, “I can’t do this because I have no time.”

No problem. You could write a case study e-mail all about how Janice, a single working mom with 3 kids, had success with your product by investing time on weekends and late nights to achieve XYZ result. All of a sudden, people have a lot more confidence that your product or service can work for them, too.

Live example: Copywriter: Andrew Warner at Mixergy. Click here to see a perfectly executed case study e-mail.

2) The FAQ E-mail


Source: Stock Unlimited

Include one Q&A email in your autoresponder. This gives you a place to answer common questions about your offer.

We've put together a PDF cheat sheet of this post, to help you execute these e-mails and make more money in your business. 

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In your FAQ e-mail, write out your prospect’s most common objections, phrased as questions.

Like this:

Q: “What if this product doesn’t work for me?”

A: Don’t worry, you’re always covered by our money-back guarantee!

Q: [Common objection]

A: Answer that removes objection.

And so on.

You can search through your helpdesk and support e-mails for FAQ ideas.

If you’re still not sure about your customers’ objections, you can always survey your past customers. Create a Survey Monkey and ask customers why they chose you. Ask what (if anything) made them hesitate before buying.

Survey Monkey

Source: Survey Monkey

This intel is a gold mine for copywriting.

Just copy people’s questions word for word, answer them in an FAQ e-mail, and watch your conversions jump!

Live example: Copywriter: Derek Halpern at Social Triggers. Click here to see a perfectly executed FAQ e-mail.

3) Proven Content


Source: Buzzsumo

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your autoresponder.

Keep in mind that, no matter how big your list is, when each prospect opens your e-mail, it’s still just a one-to-one communication. In other words, how do you e-mail your best friend or your mom?

Odds are, you e-mail people to share remarkable stuff that they’d enjoy. You send links to funny or useful videos. You send an idea or a tip to something cool you know they’d like. Do the same with your autoresponder.

This is called proven content.

With proven content, you literally just find an interesting link on the Internet that’s already proven to resonate with your audience and put it in your e-mail.

Free Bonus Download: Get more qualified leads by writing high converting e-mails with our proven e-mail marketing cheat sheet! Click here to download it for free!