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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, meaning that most brands should get on the platform at some point or another. We are always looking for ways to understand YouTube’s changing algorithm so our clients’ content can gain the best exposure possible. In this post, we’re going to share some of the best YouTube marketing tips that we’ve gathered so far.

So with that said, let’s get started!

Kim Cooper
Director of Marketing, Amazon Alexa

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Gain YouTube Success

Don’t Be Fooled. Subscribers Don’t Matter.

When delving into YouTube content creation, consider this: Your journey on the platform mirrors being an actual employee. Just like any job, YouTube won’t hand you all the views and promotions right off the bat. They’re keen on consistency. It’s like a job trial: Prove you’re committed.

In the corporate world, employers want to see reliability. Similarly, YouTube wants to witness your commitment through consistent posting. Are you discussing the same theme over time? It’s about building your content identity, a reliable brand for your audience.

There’s a prevailing myth that your YouTube subscriber count is the ultimate measure of success on the platform. However, insights from George Gammon, an economist with substantial YouTube success, shatter this notion.

He emphasizes that the real game-changer on YouTube is the number of views your content garners.

Why YouTube views outshine subscribers:

  • Views show real interest and engagement in your content.
  • Killer content has the potential to blow up and reach a broader audience.
  • Organic views are the MVPs, making a more significant impact than just collecting subscribers.
  • Prioritizing views keeps content creators grounded, making sure their videos are the real deal.

Key Takeaway: Quality videos are your secret sauce. Forget obsessing over subscribers. Focus on making content that people can’t resist.

Beware of YouTube Jail

Alright, let’s dive into George Gammon’s YouTube saga in 2019. This guy went all in, dedicating three solid months to pumping out content like there’s no tomorrow. And, as you might suspect, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at first.

But here’s the thing – that period of hustle, those initial months of grinding without massive recognition, is a tale echoed by many successful YouTubers. The journey to YouTube stardom isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s about refining your craft, finding your unique voice, and consistently delivering content that resonates with your audience.

What George experienced is a poignant reminder that every content creator faces challenges, moments of self-doubt, and times when the views don’t quite match the effort. It’s in these gritty moments that resilience is forged, and success becomes a testament to unflinching dedication!

Key Takeaway: Don’t be discouraged by initial low views. Consistent, quality content can trigger the algorithm’s favor over time.

It is of paramount importance to produce content that hits the mark. While consistency is crucial, the quality of content reigns supreme. Creating two or three consistent hits establishes a momentum that is easier to maintain.

Remember: Video content quality always trumps quantity.

In the competitive world of YouTube, producing high-quality, relevant content is the secret sauce.

The Thumbnail Game

When you take a look at Russell Brand and his 6.7 million subscribers, his YouTube channel isn’t just about throwing thumbnails out there. He’s actually giving us a masterclass in how to generate followers and views.


Unlike some other channels that give away everything in their thumbnails, Russell’s thumbnails are more like a sneak peek, leaving you with a sense of curiosity. And if it feels like more and more YouTube creators out there are learning to do the same, it’s possible they took a page for Russell Brand.

Russell Brand YouTube thumbnails

When you see his thumbnails, they don’t give away the entire idea about the video within. Instead, it’s more of a teaser, making you wonder what’s behind that click. In a world where some thumbnails spill the whole story, Russell’s got this knack for sparking interest without revealing too much.

It’s like a friendly tap on the shoulder, inviting you to click and uncover the mystery inside. No smoke and mirrors here – just genuine thumbnail wit that pulls you into the story without spilling all of the beans outright.

Key Takeaway: Invest time and resources in compelling video thumbnails. They are the gateway to higher click-through rates.

Diversify, but Don’t Overdo It

The savvy move in all marketing is to diversify your efforts, even if it seems like brands similar to your own are crushing it on YouTube. Having said all of the above, even if everything seems to be pointing you toward YouTube, you’ve got to try to invest in other avenues.

Think of it as not putting all your eggs in one basket. The notion isn’t about steering clear of YouTube entirely, but about spreading your wings once you’ve nailed the game on one channel. Now, when it comes to your businesses, you need to stay laser-focused.

While there are plenty of digital channels out there to choose from, honing in on your primary business goals will ultimately guide you in where you want to go.

Key Takeaway: Diversify marketing channels strategically, but maintain focus within your business ventures.

Final Thoughts: Master, Scale, Diversify

So there you have it. These are just a few of the YouTube Marketing tips we’ve been keeping tabs on with big players on the platform. Knowing the arena you’re in, how it works, and what you need to do to “play the game” the way you ought to is the key to success.

Remember, it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the connection. Engage with your audience, respond to comments, and build a community around your brand. Quality over quantity, always.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of YouTube to boost your brand visibility and drive increased customer engagement, Single Grain’s YouTube marketing experts can help!👇

Gain YouTube Success


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