7 Counterintuitive YouTube Channel Growth Tips

When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, the conventional advice may not always hold true. We’re not saying it’s all bad, but it may not always be equally effective for everyone. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of unconventional tips you can try out to boost your YouTube channel growth.

From video length to engagement strategies, we’ll uncover the secrets to optimizing your channel and attracting a loyal subscriber base. Get ready to revolutionize your approach and spark exponential growth!

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7 Counterintuitive YouTube Channel Growth Tips

1) Stop Focusing on Video Length

Forget the old notion that longer videos are the only path to success on YouTube. The game has changed, my friend! The YouTube algorithm has become so smart that it understands what viewers truly crave, whether it’s a quick five-minute burst of entertainment or a captivating ten-minute journey.

So, instead of obsessing over video length, shift your focus to creating engaging content within that magical sweet spot.

And here’s a little tidbit worth knowing:

YouTube shorts are steadily growing in popularity by about 135% each year.

It makes a lot of sense when we see how favorable YouTube’s algorithm is treating them. You’d be amazed by the massive viewership and audience growth you can achieve through this format.

We recommended repurposing any long-form content that you develop into YouTube shorts that can be spread out over a long period; these ultra short videos can really pack a punch:

2) Transcription: Take Control of Your Content

Here’s a little-known trick to boost your YouTube ranking: take charge of your video content’s transcriptions.

Yes, YouTube automatically transcribes your videos, but guess what? You can take it up a notch by uploading your own SRT file with a verbatim transcription of your dialogue. YouTube’s algorithm will actually respond better to manually uploaded transcripts because it trusts the human rendition over what it can render automatically by default.

SRT files are what what you use to add closed captions or subtitles to video content after it is produced. Here’s how to do this in Rev, a great transcription platform:

Rev Caption Output File Format

3) Average View Duration and Thumbnails

Forget the conventional wisdom of chasing after likes and subscribes alone. If you want to secure long-term success for your channel, it’s time to shift your focus to the real heavyweights: average view duration and captivating thumbnails.

While likes and subscribes certainly have their place, they pale in comparison to the power of keeping your audience glued to their screens and enticing them to click through eye-catching thumbnails:

To truly conquer YouTube, you must understand the inner workings of the platform. YouTube and its partner in crime, Google, place a premium on user engagement.

After all, engaged viewers mean increased ad revenue, and that’s music to their ears. So, make it your mission to create content that not only captivates but also retains viewers’ attention, leaving them hungry for more. Prioritize crafting the perfect thumbnails that lead viewers to click.

Picmaker is a handy tool that aids you in the thumbnail-making process. It’s rife with templates and ways of manipulating image elements to create the right thumbnail for your style of content:


 MagicThumbnails is another great tool:

Magic Thumbnails - AI tool - home page

4) The Power of Clickbait and Trending Topics

Now, let’s tackle a topic that often sparks a modicum of controversy: clickbait.


While it may bear a negative reputation, the truth is that clickbait can wield an undeniable influence on YouTube. Take a look at some of the most popular channels out there, and you’ll find that they skillfully employ clickbait techniques to captivate their audience.

Now, hold on a moment.

Before you dismiss clickbait as a devilish trick, let’s set the record straight. Authenticity should always remain at the core of your content. It’s crucial to strike a delicate balance, ensuring that your click-worthy angles align harmoniously with the substance of your videos.

The secret lies in understanding the art of capturing attention without misleading your audience. Explore the trending topics within your niche and find creative ways to present them to the world. Craft captivating headlines that tease the exciting content within, leaving viewers unable to resist the urge to explore further:

Upworth headline example

Remember, curiosity is a powerful force, and when wielded with integrity, it can pave the way for genuine engagement and a loyal following.

5) Embrace Multilingual Content

Expanding your content into different languages can open up new avenues for growth. Channels that provide translations into languages like French, Spanish, Hindi or others have amassed millions of followers who prefer consuming content in their native tongue.

Consider Mr. Beast’s success in India, where he established a strong presence by catering to the local audience:

Analyze your target markets and explore translation opportunities to tap into untapped global audiences.

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6) Authenticity Over Production Quality

You don’t need flashy, professional-grade videos to conquer YouTube. In fact, viewers often crave authenticity and a more down-to-earth approach.

While it’s important to ensure that your videos are watchable and visually appealing, there’s no need to empty your pockets on expensive editing software or invest in elaborate production setups. What truly matters is delivering value, forging genuine connections, and connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Be yourself, because that’s what viewers truly appreciate.

Share your unique perspective, showcase your personality, and let your authenticity shine through. It’s the raw and relatable moments that capture hearts and create lasting connections. So, focus on delivering content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your passion.

When you focus on being authentic over maxing out the quality of your videos, you’ll create a channel that stands out amidst the sea of polished content, attracting viewers who appreciate the realness and honesty you bring to the table.

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7) Stay Focused on Your Niche

To achieve sustained channel growth, it’s essential to stay rooted in your niche. Avoid the temptation to jump from topic to topic, chasing the latest trends. Instead, double down on the subject matter that resonates with your audience and propelled your initial success.

If you consistently deliver content within your area of expertise, you’ll gain momentum and solidify your position as an authority in your niche. Dive deep into the topics that ignite your passion and bring value to your viewers.

Embrace your unique perspective, share your knowledge, and become a go-to resource for your audience.

Remember, it’s the depth of your expertise and the unwavering focus on your niche that will set you apart, fueling your channel’s growth and establishing your place among the YouTube elite. Stay true to your passion, and watch as your dedicated community rallies behind you, hungry for more of what you do best.

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Last Thoughts on Our Top YouTube Channel Growth Tips

For any content creator, old or new, it’s essential to adapt content strategies based on the ever-evolving YouTube climate.

And that’s just it. The key to successfully growing your YouTube channel is staying agile with what is working now. It might look completely different two weeks from now, but the perspective you ought to maintain is that it’s constantly changing.

Continually ask yourself what you can do to roll with the punches and act on it. If you do that, your YouTube game will be miles ahead of anyone else in your creative space.

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