A Clever YouTube Hack That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Ah, yet another whacky YouTube growth hack. They seem to pop up every now and again as a subversive method for generating mass amounts of views and hours watched.

For today’s post, we’re looking at a specific YouTube hack that’s centered around streaming live video. It might be something you’ve seen before, but there are a few key approaches for how to apply it to your own video content.

Let’s take a look at it.

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The Wild YouTube Hack That Can Help Viewership Soar

The growth hack in question revolves around using YouTube’s live video feature in a way that most creators haven’t considered before. Here’s the gist of it:

This service sets one of your videos to run live 24/7 on a virtual computer.

Yes, you heard that right — non-stop, round-the-clock streaming.

So how does this make a difference? Well, by keeping your video continuously live, it accumulates views, watch time and even attracts more subscribers over time. It’s like having an always-on marketing machine, working tirelessly to grow your channel.

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24/7 YouTube Live in Effect

The 24/7 live-streaming strategy works wonders in the world of kids’ content.

If you’ve ever searched for nursery rhymes or children’s cartoons on YouTube, like Cocomelon, you might have come across channels that offer a continuous stream of live content. And, believe it or not, these channels boast astounding viewership numbers: The Cocomelon YouTube channel has 163 million subscribers.


While some of these kids’ channels might not have millions of subscribers, their view counts can reach mind-boggling figures, sometimes even reaching billions.

The sheer effectiveness of this approach is definitely enough for us to think through how it might be useful more ubiquitously for commercial content creators.

The Secret Ingredient: Engaging and Lengthy Content

However, not all types of content are equally suited for this strategy. To make the most of 24/7 live streaming, your content must have two essential qualities:

  • engagement
  • length

Channels offering captivating, lengthy content, such as nursery rhymes or educational videos for kids, are prime candidates for this YouTube growth hack. By seamlessly stitching together related videos, these YouTubers create a never-ending stream of value that keeps young viewers hooked.

Why It Can Still Work for Short-Form Content Creators

If your channel primarily features shorter videos, you might be wondering how this YouTube hack could fit into your strategy. Well, there’s a clever workaround that can still bring significant benefits to your channel.

Here’s the deal: Instead of running a live 24/7 stream like some of those other channels, you can build a playlist — the unsung hero of YouTube content organization.

Imagine that you’ve got a bunch of fantastic talks, courses or insightful snippets that you offer for free on your channel. These valuable pieces of content might be short individually, but when combined thoughtfully, they can create a seamless and engaging flow of content that builds on the previous one.

In the case of some channels, they’re finding creative ways of aggregating music from a mixture of musical artists and running them like a radio station on YouTube. Lofi Girl is an iconic example of this:


So, all you need to do is create a carefully curated playlist that stitches these videos together in a logical order.

This way, when viewers tune in, they get a continuous stream of value without having to manually select each video. It’s like serving them a buffet of knowledge that they can indulge in without interruption.

Of course, this approach might not offer the same round-the-clock live experience as some other channels. But don’t underestimate the utility of an intelligently designed playlist. It can work wonders in keeping your audience hooked and motivated to consume more of your content.

Remember, success on YouTube isn’t solely about following a one-size-fits-all formula. It’s about finding creative ways to connect with your viewers and deliver value in your unique style. So, give this playlist strategy a shot — it’s definitely worth testing.

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Quality vs. Consistency

In our case here at Single Grain, we’ve had listeners of our 5-minute-episode Marketing School podcast reach out to us about their preferred method of listening to the show.

Can you guess?

They frequently let the content in their podcast queue build up for a while and then proceed to binge the content all at once. It’s effectively the same line of logic that can be applied to stitching pre-existing short-form content together to make a 24-hour playlist that people can listen to literally all day long.

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Final Thoughts on 24/7 Live YouTube Hack

This sneaky YouTube growth hack has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach content streaming and engagement. Whether you have long-form or short-form content, there are ways to leverage this strategy and reap the benefits.

As content creators, we must always stay open to innovative ideas and test them rigorously. So, if you’re intrigued by this YouTube hack, go ahead and give it a try. Let us know how it works for you and your channel.

Remember, growth is about exploring new possibilities and staying ahead of the curve.

Happy creating, and see you at the top of the SERPs!

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