The Best Tactics for YouTube Growth

YouTube growth can be a tedious and somewhat bewildering challenge. You can produce all this video content consistently, and still your YouTube channel’s follower base is flatlined.

In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite strategies for YouTube growth.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been producing YouTube content for a while, you’ll find something here that can reorient your content creation approach, help you optimize your videos and grow your YouTube channel.

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Our Favorite Approaches for YouTube Growth

At some point, every video content creator has to endure the struggle of growing a new or plateaued channel that keeps people interested so they’ll come back. We’ve certainly been there.

So here are five ways to grow your YouTube channel that have worked for us – and they should work for you, too.

Focus on Consistency and Relevant Topics

To truly thrive on YouTube, it’s essential to be consistent and predictable in the type of content you produce:


Building a dedicated community of viewers requires you to select a niche or topic that genuinely ignites your passion and commit to it wholeheartedly. And by consistently producing content centered around a specific theme, you will organically attract an audience that shares your enthusiasm and curiosity for that subject matter.

For instance, let’s say your channel revolves around biking. In such a case, you should focus on delivering only topical content on biking and nothing else.

YouTube’s algorithms will de-prioritize your channel in its recommendations if it detects that you’re too varied and release unpredictable content.

By staying true to your chosen topic, you provide your viewers with a sense of familiarity and reliability, which helps to keep them engaged. When you maintain this consistency, you significantly increase the likelihood of them delving into more of your videos, exploring the wealth of knowledge and entertainment you have to offer.

Video Length Doesn’t Define Success

It’s time to debunk a common misconception:

The length of your videos doesn’t determine your success on YouTube.

The truth is different viewers have different preferences. Some crave concise and to-the-point content, while others relish in-depth and immersive experiences. Fortunately, the YouTube algorithm takes these preferences into account, tailoring recommendations to suit each individual user.

Whether your videos span a mere two minutes or a lengthy twenty, what truly matters is the impact they make on your audience. The secret lies not in conforming to a specific length but rather in crafting engaging and informative content that strikes a chord with your viewers, regardless of how long it takes to deliver it.

So, instead of fixating on video length, prioritize producing potent content that addresses what your audience wants to hear with a level of quality that keeps them coming back.

After all, true success on YouTube is measured by the resonance you create and the value you bring, not by adhering to a rigid duration standard.

Let your creativity flow, embrace the freedom to explore various video lengths, and focus on captivating your audience with content that leaves a lasting impression.

Create Engaging Videos that Encourage Comments

Part of what separates average YouTube channels from high-performance channels like Mr. Beast is the marriage of captivating content with gentle yet direct guidance to engage with the content:

Mr Beast YouTube

Encouraging viewers to leave comments can be a powerful catalyst for building a thriving community. One effective approach is to pose thought-provoking questions that directly relate to the subject matter you’re discussing.

For instance, if your video revolves around the intricacies of SEO, you could ask your viewers if they’ve encountered any notable Google updates that have impacted their search rankings and invite them to share their unique experiences.

By initiating these types of engaging discussions, you foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among your viewers, ultimately cultivating a loyal base of subscribers.

It’s important to recognize that the YouTube algorithm pays close attention to the level of engagement your videos generate, including the number of comments they receive. A higher quantity of comments indicates a greater level of viewer interaction and signifies that your content is resonating with your audience.

This, in turn, can lead to increased visibility and improved search rankings, opening up new opportunities for your channel to thrive.

Don’t hesitate to actively encourage your viewers to share their opinions, insights, and stories in the comments section. You’ll find they’re more often than not willing to cooperate and participate in the discussion. And your channel will be better off from it.

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Use YouTube’s Algorithm to Your Advantage

Mastering the inner workings of the YouTube algorithm can have a profound impact on the growth of your channel. While this intricate system is constantly evolving, there are a few strategies you can implement to maximize your chances of success on YouTube.

First and foremost, it’s essential to optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags by incorporating relevant keywords that directly relate to your content:

Equally important is paying close attention to audience retention and watch time. The algorithm favors videos that captivate viewers and keep them engaged for significant periods. Therefore, it’s crucial to create and deliver compelling content that effortlessly holds your audience’s attention from start to finish.

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Stop Asking Your Audience to Subscribe

It may seem counterintuitive, but trust us on this one.

You need to stop asking your audience to subscribe.

It’s not unusual for the majority of video views on some YouTube channels to come from new watchers – i.e. unsubscribed:


Asking your audience to subscribe to your channel is an all too common practice among YouTubers (sound familiar? –> “Don’t forget to smash that like button!”). This might seem beneficial for channel growth, but there are two main reasons why some creators opt to let their followers grow naturally without explicit subscription requests:

  • Just let it happen naturally: Fostering genuine and organic engagement is essential for building a loyal and dedicated audience. When viewers genuinely enjoy your content and find value in it, they are more likely to subscribe without being prompted. This organic growth ensures that your subscriber base is comprised of individuals who are genuinely interested in your content, resulting in higher engagement rates and a more loyal community.
  • Don’t act desperate: Constant subscription requests may come across as pushy or annoying to some viewers. In an era where consumers are bombarded with advertising and calls to action, taking a more subtle approach can set you apart from the crowd. By trusting in the quality and value of your content, you allow viewers to make the decision to subscribe on their own terms without feeling pressured or obligated. This approach fosters a sense of authenticity and respect, strengthening the bond between you and your audience.

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Final Thoughts on Maximizing YouTube Growth

Growing your YouTube channel requires a combination of predictability, high-power content, audience engagement, and an understanding of how the YouTube algorithm curates content.

By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your subscribers, boosting your audience growth, and maximizing your channel’s potential.

Remember, YouTube success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a thriving channel.

Stay committed to providing value, interacting with your audience, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of YouTube. Keep creating, keep optimizing, and watch your channel flourish!

If you’re ready to grow your YouTube channel, Single Grain’s YouTube experts can help!👇

Grow Your Channel


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