4 Things Every Marketer Should Know

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So what should every marketer know? If you ask ten different people, it's guaranteed you'll get more than ten different answers!

But we compiled some of the best lists for marketers from different fields to give you a high-level picture of everything marketers should know!

From the human to the technical, from data to emotion – look at ways to engage people, analyze and optimize conversion, attract users with SEO, and make sure the legalities are still being followed. Each link is followed by a summary and an excerpt, but click through to the full lists to learn more.


What Seth Godin thinks you should know: you are marketing to people, who will make human decisions from human motivations. Find ways to show how human you are, too, and anticipate what they will want and why.

  • Marketing is the way your people answer the phone, the typesetting on your bills and your returns policy.
  • You can’t fool all the people, not even most of the time. And people, once unfooled, talk about the experience.
  • Good marketers tell a story.
  • Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done.
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Optimize Conversion

What Digital Scientists think you should know: one you are getting visitors, you should be able to convert more and more of them into being customers. You can, and should, test everything, and you should be able to keep improving – improving what  you offer, and helping people respond to what they want.

Conversion optimization isn’t really about improving just one conversion rate – it’s about many.
When you think about it, there are lots of different conversion rates on your site. As a visitor turns into a prospect, then into a customer, and then ideally into a repeat customer – there are many steps along the way. Each one will have an important rate for you to consider.

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Understand SEO

What InsideView thinks you should know: search engine optimization, and the terms that go along with it. Make sure you can at least follow a conversation about SEO, spiders, inbound links, and PageRank.

PageRank – Is a link analysis algorithm, assigning a numerical weighting for the total value and trust accumulated by your entire site (all pages) based on the quantity and quality of the links pointed at your site. Links are used by the search engines as the main factor determining trust, relevancy and the importance of a page and domain based on the quantity and quality of the links that point to it. Every link on the web is treated as a “vote” and that the more votes a page has, the more value its vote’s pass.

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Stay Legal

What an Arizona Internet Marketing Lawyer thinks you should know: make sure you know where you stand legally and how to represent yourself online. Don't forget about the little things, like copyright notices and double opt-in email lists.

Your site should have a Digital Millenium Copyright Act Notice that allows people to contact you, or your service provider, if they believe there is anything infringing on your site.

Is this everything a marketer should know? Of course not, but it's a great start. What are tips (or articles) that you think were missed?

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