Technorati, MyBlogLog, and BlogCatalog Explained

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What Is Technorati?

Technorati is a search engine that functions in real-time. This means that when bloggers update their blogs Technorati automatically updates. Technorati currently tracks over 104 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media, such as video, news, movies, music and games.

How to Join Technorati

You can join Technorati and bookmark your favorite blogs and various social media items. Most members join because they are blog owners and they want to claim, or submit, their blog to Technorati. WordPress users can choose to have Technorati pinged when they add a new entry, but some blogging platforms do not offer this feature. Members can go to Technorati and ping their own blogs, to update the search engine.


Technorati monitors the links between blogs to determine the importance of a particular blog, photos, videos etc. Essentially, they are monitoring the entire blogging community and the discussions that result.

You can use Technorati’s search box to locate articles on virtually any subject and you can search this massive search engine to find blogs that will interest you.

What Is MyBlogLog?

MyBlogLog is basically a social community for bloggers and those that read blogs. However, they do offer many benefits to their users.

The Benefits of Becoming a MyBlogLog Member

  • When you join MyBlogLog you create a profile page that features your bio, your blog(s) and you can also feature your business (or personal) site as well.
  • You can find other blogs that interest you and become part of their community.
  • MyBlogLog is a great place to network for both business and personal reasons. When you network and join communities you are publicizing your blog and establishing an Internet presence.
  • All bloggers know that they need readers and they will find them at MyBlogLog.
  • Having a blogging community support you is extremely helpful and it is easy to create a community at MyBlogLog
  • Free Stats- MyBlogLog offers free stats that tell you where readers came from, what they read and what links they clicked on. It is a great feature. You can pay for more in-depth statistics.
  • Widgets- MyBlogLog lets you create a customized widget that will show which members of MyBlogLog have been to your blog. Reader’s avatars are featured and by clicking on the picture you are brought to their MyBlogLog profile. This is a great feature for networking and publicizing your blog.
  • MyBlogLog picks up your RSS feed and it is available on the MyBlogLog web site for everyone that has joined your community.
  • You can send private messages or a public message to all of the members in your community.

What Is Blog Catalog?

Blog Catalog describes itself as “the social blog directory on the Internet”. If you want to promote your blog, network with other bloggers or find blogs on a particular subject you can do it all with Blog Catalog.vv You submit your blog for approval and the Blog Catalog Team will review your submission. If your blog is not approved they will tell you why and you can re-submit later. If you continue to network with other bloggers and members it will increase the success of your blog when it is approved.

Blog Catalog offers widgets that are essentially the same as MyBlogLog’s. You create a customized widget that will tell you which Blog Catalog members have visited your blog. Each avatar leads back to the member’s profile page. These widgets allow you to learn more about your readers and their blogs. They also allow your readers to learn about the members of Blog Catalog that have visited your site. Again, networking is very important and Blog Catalog makes it easy.

Other benefits include private messaging, the ability to post comments and your RSS feed is featured on your profile page.

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