The Science of Building Buyer Personas (infographic)

In the past era of TV commercials, print ads and large-scale media buys, advertisements took a “one size fits all” approach by necessity, as the cost of disseminating a single message made it imperative that the ad reach as many people as possible.

Today, though, we live in a “Big Data” world. And since we know more than ever about who are customers are, what they’re thinking and how they’re behaving, it’s possible to target advertisements on a much more granular level.

Take, for example, the case of Skytap – a self-service provider of cloud automation solutions. After launching a more tailored content marketing strategy, the company lifted sales leads by 124%, online leads by 97%, organic search traffic by 55% and North American site traffic by 210%.

One of the most important tools a marketer has for creating the types of targeted ads that result in increased sales and conversions – like the kind seen in the case of Skytap – is the buyer persona.

To learn more about what buyer personas are and how they can improve your marketing campaign results, check out Single Grain’s newest infographic – “Target Acquired: The Science of Building Buyer Personas.”

buyer personas

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