11 Minutes, 54 Seconds of Guerrilla Marketing

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Do you know anyone who doesn't enjoy guerrilla marketing campaigns? Here are 6 great ones to entertain and inspire you! How can you think out of the box when getting the word out about your business, on- or off-line?

Spanair on Christmas

When 190 passengers landed near midnight on Christmas Eve, they discovered that their airline had gone the extra step to make sure they weren't left out of the Christmas spirit.

UNICEF and Dirty Water

With this unique vending machine, $1 can buy 40 days of clean drinking water for a child in the developing country… and a bottle of dirty water for a person on the streets of Manhattan. This water, bottled from dirty sources around the world, was labeled and sold so that UNICEF could spread the message about people who do not have access to good, clean water, and let others do something about it.


With a slogan like “Everyday Fabulous,” Ikea really had to prove that it could make every day fabulous – and it did so by placing beautiful furnishings and accessories all over the city streets of Manhattan.

Volkswagen and the Fun Theory

Changing people's behavior is as easy as making the right thing to do fun! Watch what happens when steps in a subway are turned into working piano keys.

Volkswagen x2

Speaking of making things fun, this “Fast Lane” at another subway station let passengers ride down a slide to get to the lower floors!

VrijVerzekerd Car Insurance and Damage

Wouldn't you look a little closer if you noticed a giant scrape on your car? What if you could peel that scrape right off? That's how easy this insurance agency says that they can take care of damages, too!

What is your favorite guerrilla marketing campaign? Leave a link!

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