This Week in Growth: 5 Marketing Bullets 3/11/2016

Growth Everywhere 5 Marketing Bullets

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Hey everyone, happy Friday! How can you possibly enjoy the weekend without first knowing the latest marketing news? 😉

Here are my top five favorite marketing pieces from this week:

  1. The 12 Ways to Build Social Proof (From Scratch): A Sumo-Sized Guide –Using social proof for more conversions and better credibility? Amazing! This SumoMe article shows you how to do just that without a big following or connections. If you’ve found yourself getting frustrated at your inability to grow your followers, that’s because this kind of growth is exponential, which means that it’s easier to increase 20,000 fans to 50,000 rather than 0 to 1,000. This is a super, mega, ultra-epic post!


  1. A Blueprint for Executive Hiring – Great article from Jeff Markowitz on hiring company leaders. These points are from a talk he gave on the five stages of executive recruiting, from vetting candidates to salary to how and when to make your offer. Like most things in the business world, having a process to work with makes the tasks much easier—and that’s what he gives you.


  1. Where & How Do Top Startups Get Their Links?This Moz article goes into detail about the importance of startups using solid SEO practices, including link acquisition and content creation, to see success. Author John Doherty believes that a good way for startups to get traction and grow their business is by getting links, and he shows you where to get them and what type of links are most effective (hint: the most common are from PR).


  1. RankBrain: A Study to Measure Its ImpactIn October 2015 Google came out with a new ranking algorithm called RankBrain and this study asks the question, “Does RankBrain actually improve search results?” The author compares this to Google News and Google Translate which also use the machine-learning approach because it can handle these complicated types of queries. Excellent read—and this post even includes an infographic that summarizes the study!


  1. 16 SEO Experiments That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO (Forever)These days, everyone seems to be an SEO expert—but are they really? This SEOSherpa post provides 16 pretty cool experiments on search engine optimization, and there’s even a great content upgrade (PDF guide on all the experiments in this article)! Author James Reynolds believes that these studies are going to change the way you do SEO forever. You’ll have to read it to see if you agree!


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