This Week in Growth: 5 Marketing Bullets 10/7/2016

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Hey everyone, hope you had a great and productive week! Before you take off for your weekend, check out my five favorite marketing articles from this week for your reading (and learning) pleasure!

  • Which Site Seals Create The Most Trust? [Original Research] – This post is part one of two from a study that ConversionXL conducted to get a better understanding of the efficacy of trust badges on websites. It’s probably not surprising that familiar brands (PayPal, Google, Norton) are the most trusted badges for online shoppers, but you might not have known that different generations and different genders trust some badges more than others.
  • 9 Blogging Tactics for 2 Million Views in 2 Years – This is an interesting blog from writer Nat Eliason who blogs about everything, rather than focusing on one topic. As he says, he writes “for fun and to showcase my writing skills when I reached out to startups about doing content marketing for them.” But in just two years, his blog has been read 2 million times by 1.3 million different people in 231 countries. This post details what he has learned about creating a high-traffic blog.
  • Andrew Chen on Building Systems of Growth – Andrew Chen leads Uber’s Rider-Side Growth team, and this article sums up his appearance at the Mixpanel Office Hours event where he shared “his rubric for building a Growth organization. Because as it turns out, scaling a product isn’t just about one person’s tips and tricks. It’s about building a long-lasting system.”

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