This Week In Growth: 5 Marketing Bullets 10/21/2016

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Happy Friday, everyone! Before you take off for your weekend, check out my five favorite marketing articles from this week.

  • The Unscalable Reality of Inbound Marketing – The pros and cons of inbound marketing for B2B lead generation. It should not be the only option for high-growth SaaS companies, but when used with other powerful methodologies it can be very fruitful.
  • High Quality Leads 1: Leads from Review Platforms – Great post from Patrick Barnes who writes about what he discovered when he was VP of Sales: leads that came from review platforms had higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles. This is the first of a two-part series on High Quality Leads that are acquired by your customers promoting your business.
  • 2016 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 1 – This article (part one) from For Entrepreneurs details the data and insights on growth and operation of SaaS companies that resulted in a survey of 336 SaaS companies. This part focuses on “growth rates, go-to-market trends and cost structure. A new highlight in this year’s survey is data on balancing growth and profitability in SaaS companies, commonly known as The Rule of 40%.”
  • Overdosing on VC: Lessons from 71 IPOs – Used properly, Venture capital is like “adrenaline energizing many of the greatest companies of the past fifty years. Used incorrectly, it creates toxic dependencies.” Many startups believe that the more capital you leverage, the greater (and faster) the growth. This TechCrunch post looked at 71 tech IPOs to answer the question: “do companies that load up on venture capital actually outperform those that more efficiently deploy capital?”
  • The 11 Bad Habits Killing Innovation in Your Company – The author of this post writes, “Big companies have great execution habits to manage and improve successful business models and value propositions. But the habits that foster execution can easily kill new growth initiatives inside your company.” Some of the bad habits are “The current business model dominates the agenda,” “Outsourcing customer discovery and testing,” and “Integrating new ideas into the execution engine too quickly.” He provides remedies for each one!

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