Eric Siu • Apr 6, 2007

Top 5 Mistakes of a Blogger

With fifty nine millions blogs (according to technorati) there are bound to be tons of mistakes. Here are some common mistakes from bloggers that I’ve seen:

1. Spelling and Grammar
Take the time to edit your post and if possible have someone edit it before you try to have your visitors view it.

2. Generic
Customize your theme, personalize your writing, and simplify your navigation.

3. Irregular publishing
Post everyday, Post every week, or at least be post on a regular basis. So if you like posting Monday and Friday… then stick with it.

4. Inconstant
If your blog is about ninja turtles then write about ninja turtles.

5. No Biography
Take some time to make an about page. If I’m reading a blog on SEO, I would make sure the author is an SEO specialist rather than some 14 year old.

Now that you know some common mistakes, make sure that you don't make any of them.


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