Five Ways To Prepare For The Next PageRank Update

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I'm sure you've noticed lately that there have been a lot of new blogs popping up in a “making money online” niche. The great thing about this is that there are quite a few of these that have some potential. There are many future “A-Listers” in the making and one of the more important aspects of how much money they will make down the road (after gaining readership and traffic) is obtaining a decent Google PageRank and maintaining it.

The last PageRank update was in April. The experts say that a PageRank update takes place, on average, every three months. That's perfect for the younger breed of bloggers out there because there is still a decent amount of time to prepare for the next update and at least gain some PR out of it. Below you'll read about five ways that you can boost your PageRank starting today!

1. Look for a list of DoFollow blogs – Basically, blogs that have the DoFollow (sometimes called NoNoFolllow) plugin mean that you can leave a comment on one of those blogs that are on the list and Google counts it as a link to your site. Two important things to remember here:

a. When leaving a comment on a DoFollow blog, make sure it’s sincere! No one wants junky, generic comments just so you can snatch up a link. Keep in mind that a lot of the time the crap comments are moderated out, so don’t waste your time with comments like, “nice post”, or “cool blog”. Spend some time submitting a great comment and not only will the author appreciate it; but you might even get some extra traffic from it!

b. When you’re ready to leave a comment, put one of your main keywords in the “name” field. This isn’t necessary, but it sure as heck won’t hurt your keyword rankings if you are going after a certain one to garner more “organic” traffic from it. For example, if I own a blog about SEO, then when I leave a comment on a DoFollow blog, I would put something like “SEO Tips” in the “name” field. Overall, these extra links that you pick up from leaving a comment will help you with many different things (Technorati, Google, more traffic, etc…)

To find a list of DoFollow blogs, the easiest way is to Google it. There are many great lists of these maintained out there, so you won’t have any trouble finding one pretty quickly.

2. Get links from power players in your niche – This is a very important aspect of gaining PageRank. You see, when Google crawls for ranking purposes and they see a link from a PR6 site coming in to your site, it will score you more points. It can do wonders for your search engine rankings. There are a few ways to obtain these big time links.
The easiest way is to pay for them. On most of the “A-Listers” blogs you can buy link on their site for a monthly fee through a link broker such as AdVolcano, Text-Link-Ads, or even a private sale. Purchasing a link is not always an option though, as they can be very expensive for a highly popular site. No worries though.

You see, a lot of these “big player” blogs/sites have a review exchange or something similar going on, which usually involves you writing a review of their blog/website, and then they will link to it from their site using the anchor text of your choice. For about ten to fifteen minutes of your time, you can write a review and get a very nice link back to your own blog for free. Start doing reviewing these, because it’s well worth it.
Last but not least, there is one more way to get linkbacks from these big sites/blogs. It’s free and only involves your creativity. Can you guess what it is? Content! Write a fantastic article and there is a good chance that it will get picked up in one of their “speed-linking” sessions or if you’re lucky they might even write a post about your article. This can bring you quite a bit of traffic and it will also do wonders for your future PageRank. That leads me to my next point…

3. Content, content, content – Without good content, a blog is doomed to fail. Google loves unique content and will index it rather quickly, especially if it contains strong keywords and an original perspective. This is a strategy that will help you over the entire life of your blog. The more content that you put out equals the more times Google will find it and index it – and in turn you’ll get more links, traffic, and readership. If your stuff is good enough and ranks high in the search rankings then you’ll surely garner some good PageRank out of it several different ways over. So keep those articles coming, they all help!

4. Directory submissions – This can have a tremendous effect on your Google PageRank score as Google recognizes a lot of directories as “expert” or “authority” sites. So getting an inbound link from them is huge! There are a few ways you can go about doing this. There is a website out there called Add which lists 945 directories that you can submit to, which is pretty handy tool to have around. Another option to make the process a little faster (believe me, it’s very boring and tedious submitting to directories) is by downloading a free program called Directory Submitter Standard. This free program is a miracle. It speeds up the tedious process of submitting by quite a bit. You can submit to five directories using Directory submitter in the time that it takes to manually submit to one. Again, gaining inbound links from directories will score you big points when the next PR update comes around.

5. Article marketing – Article marketing is an often forgotten way to build quality backlinks. As you can see from the above four entries, link building and link popularity are key to landing you a great Google PageRank. Basically, article marketing can gain you tons of exposure in the writing world, and you even have the possibility (if the article is good enough) of gaining hundreds or even thousands of incoming links from relevant sites/blogs after they pick up your article. There are literally hundreds of article marketing websites out there, so with a couple of quick Google searches on the subject, you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your needs.

Hopefully some of these strategies aid you in your quest to obtain a decent Google PageRank when the next update comes around. Start doing all of the above steps and you’ll surely nail down a great PageRank out of the deal. The best part about the above mentioned steps is that not only will you gain PageRank, but you’ll also receive extra traffic and readers, short-term and long-term. Combining all of these strategies is a sure way to grow your blog in many different, yet important ways. When it all boils down, PageRank equals money!

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