This Week in Growth: 5 Marketing Bullets 9/23/2016

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Happy Friday! Before you take off to enjoy your weekend, take a look at my five favorite marketing articles from this week (and let me know in the comments what your favorite marketing article is!):

  1. How To Get More YouTube Views on a Video’s First 24 Hours –  This YouTube video from Video Creators says that the more views a new YT video gets in the first 24 hours, the better it generally does in search and suggested videos. That sounds great, but just how do you accomplish this? This video (1:08 long) discusses that.
  2. The SEO Tips That Helped Tally 20 Million Visits A Month – It took food discovery platform Yummly just three quarters to get 10 million visits after it launched. Chief Growth Officer Ethan Smith goes into detail in this article about Yummly’s SEO strategy, their costly misconceptions and missteps, and the key tenets for high-performance SEO. “For any company that has lost confidence in or hit the wall with SEO, Smith’s tactics can help retrofit and reenergize your strategy.”
  3. Five Solid Google AdWords Insights from Analyzing Half a Billion Dollars in Ad SpendThis Search Engine Watch post analyzes (30,000 reports from advertisers who ran WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader for the first time in the last six months) and discusses the updated AdWords advertising statistics. The author noticed that small and medium businesses tend to waste money on “fatal errors like low account activity and failing to optimize for mobile search.”
  4. An A/B Testing Story – The author of this post says that “If you work at a software company where the economic engine fundamentally works, you should be doing A/B testing for the same reason you have an accountant do your taxes. It is a low-risk low-investment high-certainty way to increase economic returns.” Here is his (entertaining!) story of A/B testing and how it worked.
  5. Generate 100+ Blog Topic Ideas in Seconds – We all know that content is king (and good, regular blogs have a positive impact on inbound traffic), but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with quality blog post titles, never mind the actual content. This great post from Moz shows you how to generate 100+ long-tail blog title ideas that include estimates of search volume and competitiveness.

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