Use Short-Form Video Content to Dominate Facebook Reels

If you’ve been sleeping on Facebook’s latest pivot, it’s time to wake up and smell the digital coffee. That’s right — this social media platform is making a strong comeback, but this time, it’s rolling with the times by focusing on short-form video content.

Facebook’s recent revamp to focus on “Reels,” its short-form video feature, reflects an industry-wide shift. This move shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the astronomical success of TikTok and the introduction of YouTube Shorts.

Let’s dig into this transformation and why it matters for your brand.

Kim Cooper
Director of Marketing, Amazon Alexa

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Grow with Facebook Reels

The Rise of Facebook Reels

This is probably not all that surprising, but Facebook assembles a lot of data about its users. Because Facebook owns Instagram, it has privileged awareness of Instagram’s consumer data, helping it understand the patterns of how people produce and watch short-form video content like reels:


Facebook is no longer the place where you simply check out what your friends are interested in. Instead, it has evolved into a platform that uses its massive data pools to showcase content that will pique your curiosity. It’s practically a personalized curation service, so why not take advantage of it?

To that end, Facebook has learned how to re-attract younger audiences to the platform — by carefully prioritizing and presenting content in a format that their target demographic will resonate best with. You guessed it. It’s Facebook Reels:

Facebook Reels example

So what does this mean for marketers?

It means that the stage has shifted. We have to stop treating Facebook like we used to aaaall the way back in 2022 and earlier. The space is now brimming with video content, amounting to nearly 140 billion reels being watched every day, and that number is growing larger each month: from May to October 2022, it shot up 50%.

This means that we ought to be adjusting advertising strategies for Facebook to place more emphasis on short-form videos.

The TikTokification of Facebook

Let’s take a moment to talk about TikTok, the short-form video giant that captured the world’s attention. There’s no denying that its interface has become the blueprint for other platforms, Facebook included. But this isn’t just a blind follow-the-leader move; it’s a calculated strategy based on where user attention is shifting.

60% of TikTok users are between 16-24 years old. With the way that younger generations are consuming content on TikTok, Facebook is realizing the appeal of short-form video content and is clearly pivoting its content prioritization strategy to appeal more to that demographic.

The takeaway for businesses is to realize the revitalized playing field we now have at our disposal. Facebook is trying very hard to reclaim its throne and, as such, is making major changes to fill the gaps of smaller densities of age groups using the platform.

Because of this, brand managers and social media marketers ought to see the newfound potential in Facebook for its deliberate push of content catering to younger audiences.

Storytelling: The Ultimate Engagement Tool

Why is short-form content so irresistible? The secret sauce is storytelling. Whether it’s the rise and fall of John D. Rockefeller or the inside scoop on how In-N-Out Burger became a fast-food sensation, we are hardwired to respond to stories. Brands like Disney and Apple have mastered this art, and there’s no reason why you can’t, too.


People aren’t just interested in Rihanna’s latest venture for the hell of it. They want life lessons, key takeaways, inspiration for their own lives, and actionable insights from the stories of people and companies.

And that’s why short-form video content, like Facebook Reels or TikTok, is a storytelling goldmine. But how can you use this format effectively?

Reels are, on average, 30 seconds or less. The challenge for brands is to create compelling stories interlaced with their brand’s messaging that will attract their target audience. But the emphasis has to be on the story.

If your branded reels lack the creative edge necessary to compel users, it’ll simply become another video people scroll by on their way toward the next video in their queue.

Focus first on making your short-form video content attractive, then focus on your branding.

Cross-Posting: The Untapped Potential

Alright, let’s switch gears here for a second and compare all the eligible placements you can leverage for your short-form video content.

Sure, your TikTok video might amass tens of thousands of views, but what about other placements like LinkedIn or Snapchat, for example? Don’t limit your short-form content to just one social network. After all, you worked too hard to come up with that content just to relegate it to a single platform!

But you might wonder if sharing the same video on LinkedIn versus Facebook or TikTok will garner the same kinds of results. Well, the answer is that they will probably be very different, but that’s not the point. Even a little more exposure via additional channels can make it worth it.

For instance, let’s say your TikTok video goes viral and scores 20,000 views, which is great. But when you post it on LinkedIn, it only gets 3,000. Before you write off those LinkedIn views as chump change, realize that there are 3,000 more people who are now familiar with your brand who otherwise wouldn’t have seen your content.

So, instead of obsessing over where you’re hitting it out of the park, appreciate all the bases you’re covering elsewhere. Even if your short-form video content performs weaker on one platform compared to another, it’s still generating valuable results that you can learn from.

Every view and interaction is a valuable data point. Maybe your LinkedIn audience is more into industry trends, while your TikTok followers are there for the laughs. Recognize these patterns, tweak your approach, and watch your engagement grow.

Last Words on Short-Form Video Content

Facebook’s pivot to short-form video content isn’t just a trend, it’s a reflection of where the digital world is headed.

Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram or now Facebook, the way people consume and engage with content has evolved. It’s high time to cross-post your Reels, Shorts or whatever the next big thing is across multiple platforms. If you’re not staying ahead of this curve, you’re probably falling behind.

With short-form video content, you can achieve not just reach, but meaningful engagement because you’re giving people what they really want — compelling stories, handy insights and, most importantly, a good reason to stop scrolling and pay attention.

The key here is to adapt quickly. Video content will always have its surges in popularity, but at the moment, we’re in a real wave of demand for video content.

To that end, start thinking of ways you can capitalize on the overwhelming appetite for video content while it’s a hot thing.

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Grow with Facebook Reels


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