Best Practices for Maximizing Video Content ROI

Creating flashy and compelling video content is practically essential for businesses and influencers looking to make a mark in visual platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. Video generally gets a good ROI, making it one of the more productive marketing tactics to include in your strategy.

But how can you create videos that increase brand awareness and sales?

We’re going to break down the best approach to video content that will resonate with your audience and maximize your reach.

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Maximize Video ROI

The Short-Form vs. Long-Form Video Debate

One of the first dilemmas content creators often face is whether to make short- or long-form video content. We’ve experimented with both short-form videos tailored to specific platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok…

…as well as longer-form video content that we then repurpose into smaller, bite-sized bits of content:

Leveling Up YouTube channel home page showing rows of videos

We’ve found that there is a significant difference in both video types in terms of performance:

Longer-form video content repurposed across different channels yielded similar results as short-form videos.

What’s more, repurposing long-form video content was not only cost-effective, but also saved tons of time. This could be a big deal for marketers who have been doubling down on short-form video creation:

Infographic: Marketers Double Down on Short-Form Video in 2023 | Statista

Since short-form video content typically takes more individually divided attention, it can bog down the production process due to all the time spent with admin and ideation. That’s why we’ve been favoring long-form video since it’s easier to produce one lengthy piece of content all at once and then parcel that out into smaller parts after the fact.

The takeaway: Rather than creating unique content for every platform, concentrate on producing longer, high-quality video content that can be adapted for multiple channels.

The Importance of Content Engagement

There’s a big misconception out there about content creators that allege to be at the top of their game regarding the content they produce. Many YouTubers out there are great at fanning the flames. They’re masters of their channel and have learned the different levers they need to pull to get a rise out of their audience and, by extension, the platform’s algorithms.

What ensues is massive subscriber counts and millions of video views and interactions with their content. Sure, they likely have some idea of the material they talk about, otherwise they wouldn’t have secured as big a following as they have. But what about the other experts in their field that supercede their knowledge and skill? What about the content they produce?

Ken McElroy, a real estate pro, generates between $1 and $2 billion in revenue from real estate each year. The guy is a genius by all accounts. He knows his trade like no other and his wisdom is invaluable to anyone trying to leverage real estate for a profit.

But Ken’s YouTube channel generates moderate amounts of traffic with each video. Why is this the case if he’s so successful? It’s because his business’s focus is not on content so much as it is on business.

Ken McElroy YouTube channel about real estate and business

Content, for him, is ancillary. He and his team have larger fish to fry, and they don’t have the time to sink into making their content game truly sing. It’s not that their content sucks, it’s that they aren’t investing the time to play YouTube’s game to get the content in front of more viewers.

Some industry experts struggle to attract views on their YouTube channels, while others with a strong presence on the platform may not have the same depth of knowledge.

And that’s where the flip side of the coin is with content creators who know enough of their specialty to be able to offer sound advice on it, but their true focus is in leveraging their content for virality. It’s probably too extreme to call them “charlatans,” but in a lot of ways, they aren’t always as competent in their trade as they appear. It’s the purest form of opportunity cost incarnate.

In order to excel at one thing, content creators will spend less time at perfecting their trade so they can gain their audience. It’s a simple matter of how they delegate their own time and resources.

The takeaway: Pinpoint the sources of revenue for your business and lock in on those sources. Aim to grow them bigger. It might feel good on paper to see that your brand generates millions of video views each month, but how is that translating to revenue?

If you’re a B2C brand, it might be more worth your while, but B2B brands and enterprise companies might want to think again about how much value comes from sinking time and resources into dominating a social channel with brand exposure.

The Game of Content Creation

Content creation is just another marketing game in which video production has its own rules and strategies. While it may be frustrating for those who wish to simply share their knowledge, it’s essential to play by these rules if you want your content to thrive in the digital landscape.

The average internet user devotes 17 hours per week (15.18% of their waking time) to watching videos online.

While creating video content is integral, you’ll need to go about it the right way. Here are some key tips for creating exceptional video content:

  • Master the Basics: There are basic strategies for creating videos that will attract viewers and keep them engaged. Create eye-catching thumbnails, compelling headlines and intriguing hooks. These are your first contact points with your audience and can significantly impact whether they continue engaging with your content.


  • Embrace Storytelling: Effective storytelling is a potent tool in content creation. A high-quality script with an engaging story is more entertaining than simply stating facts, so more viewers will tune into your videos. This will better influence buying decisions and sales. Write a quality script that tells a captivating story, keeping your audience hooked from start to finish.
  • Consistency Is Key: Regular content creation and publishing are critical. It keeps your audience engaged and informed. Developing a content schedule and sticking to it can help build trust and a loyal following.
  • Engage with Your Audience: A good engagement rate is between 1%-5%. Interact with your viewers through comments, live streams or other forms of engagement. Building a community around your content can contribute to long-term success.
  • Analyze and Adapt: Keep an eye on your content’s performance. Analyze metrics to understand what’s working and what’s not. Some metrics to track include views and the amount of time your video was viewed. Make data-driven decisions to refine your content strategy over time.

Keeping Up with Video Content Creation

Keeping up with the evolving trends of video content creation is crucial to your strategy. Look around at how brands like yours are using different social channels. Learn from their productivity. It may help you anticipate the difficulty of driving traffic from those specific channels.

It’s important to remember that building a successful online presence takes time and dedication. The digital realm is constantly evolving and to stay relevant, content creators must be willing to adapt and experiment. The YouTube landscape, for example, is no longer just a place for informative videos. It’s a platform for entertainment and even some theatrics.

That said, the online video landscape is versatile. While informative videos on YouTube may not perform as well as entertaining content, educational videos are perfect for TikTok:

36% of GenZs and 22% of Millennials want to learn about products by watching short-form videos.

The path to success might not be straightforward, and sometimes it might seem like you’re winging it. However, understanding the game, honing your skills, and creating content that captivates your audience are crucial steps in achieving your goals.

Create Video Content the Right Way

Creating high-quality video content in the digital age is not just about sharing knowledge or expertise, it’s also about understanding the nuances of creating videos that convert.

It’s important to engage your audience through compelling video storytelling and captivating hooks. A great marketing video needs to be greater than the sum of its parts in order to perform well.

While keeping up with the changing video trends will forever be like trying to hit a moving target, embracing these best practices can significantly enhance the success of your strategy.

Just remember what you wish to accomplish with your content, and don’t lose sight of the thing that gives your brand true credibility: expertise in your field.

If you’re ready to deliver captivating videos that drive significant brand engagement, Single Grain’s video creation & marketing experts can help!👇

Maximize Video ROI


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