Why Marketing Videos on Your Homepage May Not Be Wise

When it comes to marketing your product or service, using video can be an effective strategy. However, not all types of videos are suitable for every situation. In some cases, videos can be a crutch that could be preventing your homepage from converting to its highest potential.

How could that be, you ask?

In this post, we’ll explain why having marketing videos on your homepage, specifically explainer videos, may actually hamper your conversion rates.

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Optimize Homepage Strategy

The Trap of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos used to be quite popular as a way to introduce and explain products or services.

However, relying solely on these types of videos can have drawbacks. With a few exceptions, the average conversion rate for pages with a video versus without are more or less the same:

Instead of adding value, they might hinder your conversions and frustrate potential customers. Here’s why:

  • Page Copy Trumps Video: If you need a video to describe your offering, it could be a sign that your copy is lacking. Compelling and concise copywriting can effectively convey your message within seconds, eliminating the need for a lengthy video.
  • Decreased Conversions: Requiring visitors to watch a two- or three-minute video before understanding your product or service can be detrimental to conversions. The longer the video, the higher the chance of losing your audience’s interest and decreasing conversion rates.
  • Cost and Time Considerations: Creating high-quality explainer videos can be expensive and time-consuming. Allocating significant resources to produce a video that may not deliver the desired results can be a waste of valuable time and money.

Optimizing Your Homepage for Conversions

To truly understand the significance of prioritizing and optimizing other elements on your homepage, let’s take a closer look at a few established websites.

1) HubSpot

The CRM platform HubSpot knows the power of a captivating yet concise headline. Their homepage boldly declares what they do and who they can help: “Grow better with HubSpot.”

With just a few words, they grab the attention of visitors and instantly convey the value they offer.


2) Ubersuggest

Another prime example is Ubersuggest, a widely used SEO tool. Their headline, “Want more traffic? Ubersuggest shows you how to win the game of SEO,” leaves no room for confusion.

They cut straight to the chase, clearly stating the benefits of their service. They enhance their message with a few well-placed screenshots, giving users a sneak peek into the tool’s inner workings.


3) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another keyword SEO tool.  They manage to succinctly present what their tool can do in less than ten words: “Everything you need to rank higher and get more traffic.”

It could take the reader as few as three seconds to comprehend exactly what the product is, as opposed to an explainer video which would take a lot longer to present the same message.


There are alternative methods to captivate your audience and drive conversions without solely relying on explainer videos, such as:

  • Write compelling headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Supplement your copy with strategic visuals .
  • Showcase one or two of your best customer testimonials.

These are all powerful tactics for creating an engaging and persuasive homepage.

Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between simplicity and effectiveness. You want to communicate your message clearly, spark curiosity and guide visitors toward taking the desired action.

So before investing your time and resources in creating an explainer video, consider optimizing your website copy to achieve better results.

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Enhancing Copy to Communicate Effectively

Investing in improving your website copy isn’t just a smart move; it can also have a significant impact on your results and how users perceive your brand.

Here are a few tips to help you effectively communicate your message and create a memorable user experience:

  • Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline: Your headline is like the “hello” of your website, the first impression that matters. To truly grab your visitors’ attention, think about what makes your product or service unique. Imagine that someone has voiced their pain points to you. Offer them a solution that involves your product or service. Now turn that into your homepage’s main header.
  • Convey the Core Message Concisely: In a world filled with information overload, it’s crucial to cut through the noise and clearly communicate what sets your offering apart. Write your copy in a way that concisely explains what your product or service does and how it benefits your customers. Highlight the key features and advantages that make you stand out, but remember to keep it simple and avoid overwhelming readers with unnecessary details.
  • Use Visuals and Screenshots: A picture is worth a thousand words, and in digital media, visuals are your allies. Integrate relevant images or screenshots that complement your copy and provide a visual representation of your offering. Strategic use of visuals can help users better understand your product or service and enhance their overall experience on your website.
  • Include a Call-to-Action: Once you’ve captured your visitors’ interest, it’s time to guide them toward the desired action. Incorporate a clear and compelling call-to-action that prompts them to take the next step. Whether it’s signing up for a free trial, downloading a valuable resource or making a purchase, guide them smoothly toward the destination.

Remember, effective copywriting is about creating a connection with your audience. By crafting headlines that speak directly to their needs, conveying your core message concisely, enhancing it with visuals, and guiding users through a compelling call-to-action, you’ll create an experience that resonates with your visitors.

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Last Word on Marketing Videos on Your Homepage

While marketing videos, including explainer videos, have their place in certain contexts, they may not always be the best choice for your homepage.

In some cases, your product or service may be so visually awe-inspiring that the best possible option is to showcase it through a video. So take our sentiments about marketing videos on your homepage and evaluate if there’s a place for them with your own brand’s site.

In the end, regardless of what we say, the true source you should listen to is your own data. What is your own conversion data telling you about page copy performance versus video performance? You may find that no amount of page copy edits will elevate your conversion rates higher than a video can, in which case, you’d be smart to put a video front and center.

With some determination and scrutiny, you should be able to iterate your way toward the perfect conversion-rate-optimized homepage that converts like there’s no tomorrow.

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Optimize Homepage Strategy


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