Netflix’s Masterful Instagram Marketing Strategy

When it comes to social media marketing, companies continuously search for novel ways to make their brand stand out. One such innovative approach that some brands have found success with is by expanding their digital footprint on one platform with multiple purpose-driven child accounts.

In this post, we’re going to pull back the curtain and take a concentrated look at this type of instagram marketing strategy (although it can technically apply to most types of social media platforms). We’ll follow the case of Netflix and a couple other larger brands and take lessons from the way they configured their social accounts.

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The Multiplication Method

Netflix, known for its plethora of original content and worldwide user base, leverages a unique Instagram marketing strategy. Their approach? Owning a myriad of Instagram accounts, strategically divided based on country, genre, and medium.

Think of it as segmentation but on steroids. Instead of one primary account to promote their vast catalog, they’ve multiplied their online presence by creating specific accounts for various demographics. For example, there’s Netflix Japan, Netflix UK & Ireland, etc, all tailored to cater to audiences in those specific regions:


But it’s not just about countries. Netflix’s strategy also delves deep into genres like “film” as a broad topic and even so far as to drill down to specific shows, like Stranger Things:


They’ve spawned accounts that make their Instagram presence hyper-focused and directly relevant to a particular audience segment. Talk about market penetration!

This strategy isn’t just about quantity, but also about the quality of interactions. By creating multiple accounts, Netflix manages to multiply its impressions without inflating its marketing budget.

What We Can Learn From Enterprise Leaders

The concept isn’t entirely new, nor is it unique to Netflix.

Other global conglomerates, including Coca-Cola and Disney, have similarly multiplied their accounts. The logic is straightforward – by diversifying your accounts, you can tap into niche audiences and provide them with content tailored to their interests.

Check out the way Coca-Cola classifies its Instagram accounts (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):


Moreover, with how interconnected social media has grown, cross-promotion has become a clear, winning approach to homogenizing a brand’s audience across a spectrum of social media accounts.

Consider a brand that has numerous accounts across various platforms. If one account promotes another, it boosts visibility, leading to rapid growth in followership.

On platforms like Instagram, where engagement is kind of the whole point, this kind of cross-promotion can be the catalyst for exponential growth.

Localization: Beyond the Multiplication Strategy

While Netflix’s multiplication of accounts stands out, they are not pioneers in another critical aspect of their strategy: localization. Many businesses, long before Netflix’s rise to prominence, recognized the power of localizing their content based on regional preferences.

This goes beyond mere translation – it’s about cultural relevance, understanding regional nuances, and catering content accordingly.

A U.S.-based business, for instance, may not operate in places like Iran due to government sanctions. Still, for those operating in multiple countries without such restrictions, creating localized social profiles in each region’s language can dramatically increase engagement and brand loyalty.

Localized Social Media for Franchises

As franchises expand and establish footholds in diverse locales, the need for localized social media accounts becomes paramount. The reasons are deeply rooted in the nuances of digital marketing and customer engagement.

For starters, every franchise location, although bearing the same brand name, often operates within a distinct community.

Each community has its unique attributes, events, preferences and even challenges. A one-size-fits-all approach to social media not only dilutes the message but also fails to engage with local clientele meaningfully.

Let’s take a simple example of a franchise coffee shop that operates in both Miami and Seattle. While the overarching brand and theme remain consistent, the Miami outlet might want to promote iced coffees and beach-side sips, given the city’s warm climate. On the other hand, the Seattle outlet might emphasize cozy indoor seating and hot brews, considering its cooler, rainy weather.

That’s where autonomy between the two franchise locations is advantageous in appealing to the local residents in a specific area.

Additionally, franchises can leverage localized accounts to highlight specific promotions, events or partnerships unique to that area. Celebrating a local festival, collaborating with a nearby business for a joint promotion, or even addressing a local issue can all be managed effectively through a dedicated local account.

If your brand happens to be one such franchise (or if you’re toying with the idea of expanding your brand by franchising), it precludes you to have a firm social media policy put in place so that when the day comes that you’re juggling tens or hundreds of locations, you have a clear system as to how the brand identity of each location will be distinguished on social media.

The Virality Game

The pursuit of virality is nothing new in the digital marketing realm, but it remains a golden goal. The key is not to chase virality blindly, but to understand the mechanics behind it.

So, what is the best way to achieve virality with your content?

Start by repurposing content across platforms – from Instagram reels to YouTube shorts and even TikTok. Experiment and innovate until a pattern or a “series” emerges that resonates with the audience. Once that’s identified, you can then start multiplying your accounts, pointing from your genesis accounts over to your new accounts. It’s like forming an interconnected web of accounts that each refer to each other.

In essence, Netflix’s Instagram strategy and similar models adopted by other global leaders underscore a fundamental principle of modern marketing: understanding the rules of the game and then playing it masterfully. Brands can choose to stay on the sidelines or immerse themselves in the ever-evolving game of digital marketing.

But as Netflix’s success indicates, those willing to innovate, adapt and engage are often the ones that rise to the top.

Last Word on Netflix’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

Maximizing your social media reach as much as humanly possible is key.

Netflix’s Instagram marketing strategy offers a powerful lesson in understanding audience segmentation, the value of hyper-localization and the art of cross-promotion. While this strategy might not be suitable for every brand, especially those without diverse product offerings, it serves as a testament to the potential of innovative thinking in the world of digital marketing.

Whether a brand is looking to create an Instagram marketing strategy or refine an existing one, understanding and adapting proven strategies from industry leaders can pave the way for enhanced engagement, brand loyalty, and business growth.

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Amplify Instagram Engagement


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