9 Companies that Are Doing LinkedIn Right

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At first glance, there is not as much you can customize about your company page on LinkedIn as there is for Facebook fan pages or Twitter profiles. However, many companies are still gaining large followings on LinkedIn and connecting to their followers in a number of different ways.

From construction companies to consulting firms, this group is proof that any company can make LinkedIn work for them.

Here are 9 company profiles to inspire your company's LinkedIn presence.


Greenpeace LinkedIn page

Anyone writing a company description can learn a lot from Greenpeace. Their short, action-packed snippets focus on concrete changes that the company makes, and the reasons behind those actions. With so much white space, the text is both more readable and more scannable. The writing is also approachable and jargon-free, allowing anyone to clearly understand what Greenpeace does. Even the specialties listed are clear and meaningful.


YMCA LinkedIn page

Groups are a great way for users to connect on LinkedIn, and advertising your company group in your company profile information is an excellent way to increase adoption among your fans. The YMCA group currently has nearly 4,000 members, compared to only a few hundred in similar groups. As employees interact with fans within the group, the company becomes more personal and less corporate.

ProStructure Consulting

ProStructure Consulting LinkedIn page

If your company is small, unifying your employees is a great way to send a common message to people viewing the company profile. ProStructure Consulting made its company profile stay consistent by with a unifying visual theme. Simple layout or background color choices can let employees keep their individuality while also showing their connections to each other and to the the business. Though this wouldn't be practical for a large company, it works well for a small one.


Bechtel LinkedIn page

As a number of people are continuing long job searches, posting job openings on LinkedIn is a great way for a company to increase its following, especially among the people who would want to work with the company. LinkedIn is not just a site for consultants anymore – even construction workers can find jobs on LinkedIn with companies like Bechtel.


Dell LinkedIn page

LinkedIn allows companies to post their products and services on their company profile, but many companies don't spend the time to update information about a significant number of products. However, some, like Dell, post a number of products, allowing users to recommend those products to their contacts. The social proof is clear, and could be even more beneficial for small companies offering a small number of products or services.

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods LinkedIn page

The right section of company profile pages show information including media mentions, helping to prove the legitimacy of a company. Though there is little doubt that Kraft Foods is a leading company in its industry, media mentions can make the difference for a small company, showing their involvement in their community or recent innovations.


Google LinkedIn page

Also in the sidebar, you can display information like Fortune 100 recommendations and affiliated companies. YouTube and Google show their affiliations with each other, allowing users who are already interested in one to be shown a link to the other. Showing how companies are connected can help two separate companies have independent internet presences while still gaining exposure to the audiences of the other.


Facebook LinkedIn page

The ultimate in social media irony: Facebook's LinkedIn page syncing with its Twitter feed. By connecting Tweets to a LinkedIn profile, the tweets are also shown on the recent news section of its followers homepage. These short status updates can keep users in contact with a company without going back to the company profile. However, be regarding – if your company tweets more than 20 or 30 times each day, you might want to keep the stream off of LinkedIn.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. LinkedIn page

Syncing blog posts also helps users connect with what is going on inside a company. Like tweets, blog posts and short previews show up on the recent activity feed for readers to interact with. Apple uses its blog posts to mostly announce new products and services. Making announcements through blog posts helps keep followers interested in new products, recent developments, or just office news. Blog posts can also be used to teach users useful skills and establish your company as an authority.

In fact, you can even run ads on LinkedIn's platform.

If you want to keep reading about companies using social media right, check out the earlier posts in this series about companies using Facebook right and using Twitter right. Do you have any other recommendations for how companies can use LinkedIn to connect to its fans?

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