10 Very Creative Ways to Build Links

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We all know that link building is tedious, frustrating and, for the most part, no fun. On the other hand, we know that building links can bring valuable traffic, exposure and long-term success to your site. Day in and day out, I'm sure you come across articles on link building, and they are usually the same old, boring routine.

This article is for those who want to work on building links, but are up to trying out a few new ways to go about doing it. Keep an open mind, as these methods, while not as common as others, are definitely worth your time and effort.

1. Testimonials

When you purchase a service, product, or whatever else from a company online, especially from bigger sites, 99% of them will allow you to send in a testimonial. If you write one compelling and believable enough, there is a good chance that they will publish it. Make sure you add your link into the testimonial, and it may be the cheapest (free) high PR backlink you'll ever get. This method isn't guaranteed, but it's definitely worth a try.

2. Utilize Hired Help

If you have an advertising budget, and are willing to spend money to ensure the long term survivability of your site, consider hiring a consultant to do the link building for you. Pay a virtual assistant $9/hr (or whatever) and have their main goal be to get you backlinks (directory submission, blogroll exchanges, etc..). This can help you manage your time better and take a break from the dubious link building process. The money spent will be very much worth it in the long run. (Hint elance.com)

3. Piss Off Someone Who Matters

This may sound harsh and unethical, but it's really not, as long as you don't cross the legal line. Sink your teeth into a popular blogger or webmaster, post about it, and watch the links pour in. Be careful not to cross the lines of slander or defamation of character. This can, and has been done many, many times throughout history. Always make sure you can justify your reason for slamming them – have sources, witnesses or friends that will back you up. This can be wildly successful.

4. Give Away Money

Holding a contest is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain backlinks. Make sure that in order to enter, the webmaster/blogger is required to link to your site, whether it's a blogroll link or even a short review. Hint – the more money you give away, the more links you'll get. Giving away $100 will probably get you several hundred, if not a couple thousand dollars worth of backlinks.

5. Be the First on the Scene

With the multitude of new web startups, you can usually find out about them right away, and make sure you fire off a pre-made email interview template to them ASAP. Posting the first interview, or best interview, can garner hundreds of incoming links, even from big sites. This is surprisingly easy to accomplish, as most startups are willing to share information to create buzz.

6. Design a Plugin for WordPress

There are a lot of people out there that start blogs or sites that have the technical know how to design useful WordPress plugins. If this relates to you, then what the heck are you waiting for? Take the chance, and whip up a brand new plugin and order a few paid reviews on it. Even the slightest success can multiply your incoming links by a lot. The funny thing is, even if your plugin just plain sucks, you'll still have a ton of links from people that like to tell you how bad it is. Strange world, isn't it?

7. Sponsor a WordPress Theme

With the amount of bloggers that use WordPress these days, there are always new themes popping up. Visit one of the popular webmaster or design forums, and take a chance at sponsoring a new theme. When you sponsor a theme (it costs anywhere from $5-100), you usually get a link built in to the footer of the theme, so whenever someone uses it, it's an instant backlink to your site. There are people who have done this and been almost unbelievably successful with it. $5 could land you several thousand links, if not more. If the theme gets super popular, your credibility rating skyrockets.

8. Write an E-book, and Give It Away for Free

Writing an ebook may seem like a dreaded task for some people, but chances are, you are skilled in at least one area. Take this expertise and knowledge, pump it all out in paper, package it up as a .pdf, and distribute it for free. If the ebook is even slightly helpful, you'll get your moneys worth of backlinks in no time flat. Offer free copies at one of the popular webmaster forums. This method works great, and if written well enough, can lead to even greater opportunities. (Hint – if at all possible, slip at least one relevant affiliate link into your ebook for a nice residual income!)

9. Order Up a Press Release

For as little as $20-$50, you can hire someone to write and distribute a professional press release for your site. Press releases have the potential of being picked up by major media outlets (especially if your site is groundbreaking or super creative). At the very least, Google and other search engines love press releases, so natural incoming links are almost guaranteed. A professional press release also gives you an air of credibility that just may convince someone to link to you.

10. Build ‘How-To' Lists

This may not seem creative in itself, but think outside of the box. We all know that  101 ways to cheat at World of Warcraft types of articles are wildly popular, and usually result in massive amounts of backlinks from relevant sites/blogs and social bookmarking sites. So take it a step further and make an unforgettable, maybe even controversial how-to list. Example: “10 Ways To Kill Your In-Laws”. You get the point.

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