3 Easy Link Building Tips to Grow Your Site Traffic

If you’re trying to find ways to grow your link network, you’ve come to the right place. Even amid the rapidly changing ways of what it takes to rank on search engines, building quality backlinks remains a cornerstone of improving your site’s authority.

In this post, we’ll go through a few of our go-to link-building tips that you can apply to your own online brand. With a little bit of deliberation, you’ll be able to grow your link network and position your site in front of more people.

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Increase Link Traffic

The Power of Links in SEO

“Why do links even matter?”

This is a question that often echoes in the minds of those navigating the digital realm. The answer lies in Google’s algorithm.

Think of links as votes of confidence for your website, signaling to search engines that your content is worthy of attention. Just like big corporations enjoy a certain advantage due to their inherent authority, a well-structured link profile can elevate your site’s ranking.

At its core, the concept of links in SEO revolves around the idea of authority and trust. PageRank assigns a score to each web page based on the number and quality of links pointing to it:

Illustration of the Pagerank algorithm with circles linked to each other and the perceived importance of each indicated by the size of the circle.

A meticulously crafted network of inbound and outbound links can function as a roadmap, guiding search engine crawlers through the intricate web of information you’ve woven. Each link you gain is like a far-off signal pointing people back to your brand. It helps search engines collate your content with other similar content (i.e., your link partners), which can help you rank better for specific keywords.

3 Link Building Tips

Now that you’re clear on the benefits of links, let’s go over three easy link building tips.

1) Creating a Hook: Linkable Assets

In the past, infographics were the darlings of the link-building world. Their visual appeal, coupled with information in a digestible format, made them highly shareable and attractive magnets for people to link to.

In fact, blog posts containing infographics got 178% more links than standard articles:

Infographic Statistics & Facts 13

However, the saturation of the market with infographics, along with the need for more comprehensive and engaging content, prompted a paradigm shift in the strategies employed to earn those coveted backlinks.

Enter the era of pillar content. This approach involves creating in-depth, authoritative and comprehensive guides that serve as the foundation of a specific topic.

Pillar content aims not only to educate and inform, but also to establish the creator as an expert in the field. By delving deep into the subject matter, addressing various facets, and providing actionable insights, pillar content becomes a go-to resource for anyone seeking comprehensive information, and this magnetism naturally draws in relevant backlinks.

However, the evolution of linkable assets did not stop at pillar content. The demand for interactivity and engagement has given rise to the development of interactive content like tools and calculators:

SG Marketing Impact Calculator

These assets take link building a step further by offering users a hands-on experience and the opportunity to interact directly with the content. Whether it’s a budget calculator for personal finance advice or an interactive map showcasing data trends, these tools create a unique and immersive experience that captures users’ attention and entices them to share and link to a valuable resource.

2) The Easiest Path: Release a Tool

Our journey takes an exciting turn as we unveil one of the simplest yet most powerful strategies for building backlinks that work: creating and releasing a tool.

Let’s take inspiration from giants like Ubersuggest, boasting over 140,000 backlinks:


And Answer the Public, standing strong with around 438,000 backlinks.

The key lies in creating your very own tool that offers some solution related to your vertical that other sources will find valuable and want to link back to.

Here’s the trick: Leverage platforms like Code Canyon to find tools that can be easily white-labeled (sold under your own brand name):


The more robust and useful the tool, the more likely it is to attract organic links.

The secret sauce? Identifying the unmet needs in your industry and developing a tool that fills those gaps.

Remember, the best things in life (and link-building) are often free.

3) Building Links Over Time: Patience Is Key

Now, a gentle reminder: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a robust link profile.

During the initial stages of your link-building efforts, it’s important not to be discouraged by the absence of instant success.

Just as a marathon runner may not experience significant progress in the first few miles, the early months of your link-building campaign might not yield the remarkable outcomes you envision. This is where the reminder to “keep your eye on the prize” becomes invaluable.

In general, it can take anywhere from 3-12 months to see significant results from a link-building campaign. Of course, there is no guarantee of success, and some campaigns may take longer to see results, depending on such factors as:

  • The quality of the links you acquire
  • The competitiveness of the niche you’re targeting
  • The age and authority of your website
  • The consistency of your link-building efforts

As you persistently work towards creating and promoting high-quality content, fostering relationships with other websites, and engaging in ethical outreach, you are laying the foundation for your future success. Each link secured is like a brick placed upon the grand structure of your link profile. Over time, as more links are added, the structure becomes stronger and more resilient.

The true value of your efforts may not be fully realized immediately, but with time, the fruits of your labor will ripen, and you will begin to witness the sweet rewards of your dedication.

Closing Thoughts on Our Link Building Tips

As we wrap up our link-building tips, remember that while the digital landscape is constantly changing, the core principles of SEO remain constant. Building quality backlinks is an investment in your website’s authority, one that pays dividends in the form of improved rankings and organic traffic.

So, gear up to embrace the world of linkable assets and creative tools. With a blend of innovative thinking, persistence, and a dash of strategic tool creation, you’re on your way to solidifying your website’s presence online.

Happy link-building!

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Increase Link Traffic


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